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  1. My guess would be that if tremors begin to disappear, some WORSE symptom rears its ugly head.
  2. Whatever happened with this Microsoft device that was supposed to help tremors? https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/11/15624314/microsoft-project-emma-wearable-health-parkinsons-tremor-writing-vibrations
  3. Protein consumption doesn't cause a problem for "pump" users. If it becomes a big issue, I would look there...
  4. Hey J. Knew you were remarkably still in stage 1, but didn't know you were on Azilect that long. Very interesting.....
  5. I can't swear that Azilect does anything, but I'm now 5 years in, have been taking it almost the whole 5 years, and still most people can't tell I have PD. I certainly notice the signs and the increased tremble in my right hand, but few others do. Is it the Azilect? Who knows, but I ain't gonna quit it. I used to pay about $300 a month for name brand Azilect. Now I order thru a Canadian source and get real Azilect, not a generic, for $100 a month! You have to order a 90 day supply, but I now get 3 months for the same price I was getting ONE month, shipped direct to my door. It's the real stuff, manufactured by TEVA pharmaceuticals. If anyone is interested, contact: Discount Med Direct @ 941-355-7887 (If you tell 'em you were referred by my wife, Michele Glisson w/ Glisson Insurance, she may get a small spiff, which is always nice) Here is their website.. www.discountmeddirect.com
  6. I was told by my MDS that 6 doses of 25/100 pills is the threshold for when dyskinesia begins. I'm trying to hold off increasing my dosage, but my tremor is getting more noticeable monthly.
  7. MusicMan

    good news

    Sorry to reply so late...I don't come on here too much. I meant, don't expect much from Dr Okun...he seems to have his own agenda. Yes, I'm still doing well. I'm progressing a bit, but overall have very little to complain about. Still having fun and living life.
  8. MusicMan

    good news

    Don't expect much....
  9. I just have the feeling that I've been lucky so far, but when PD rears it's ugly head to me, it's gonna be hard and mean! At this point, I don't even think about driving with PD. I just wonder if, one day, it's gonna be like a light switch was hit, and I won't be able to drive.
  10. Actually, yes I can and still do
  11. Actually, wifey uses her car for her business, so I don't want to be stuck at home with no car.
  12. Hello all. I am 4-1/2 years into a PD diagnosis, still probably Stage 1, and I have a few questions regarding driving for the PD veterans (at least 5 years since diagnosis) on this forum. Currently, I do the vast majority of the driving between my wife and I. She is 5 years younger, with no health issues, but I just prefer to do the driving if we go out. Even trips, such as the 8 hours on the road to Savannah, or to the mountains, etc. I even drive when we go out at night to restaurants, bars, or parties. She also prefers that I drive. I say this because I have no driving issues yet, even tho I'm taking sinemet for tremor and some stiffness. I'm 62 and never had an accident, and consider myself a damn good driver. Anyway, my question is this: 1. When you realized you finally had to quit driving, was it a sudden thing, or did it kinda creep up on you over a long period of time? 2. Who has been driving for 10 years or more with a PD diagnosis? I have a 2012 Lexus, which I really love. I'm trying to decide whether to just keep this car for as long as I am able to drive, or trade it in on a new car. I hate to trade a nice, paid off car, for a new one if 2 years from now I am not able to even drive....that would be a big waste of money. But if I am possibly able to drive for another 5 or so years, then it might be worth it. Before anyone asks, my wife has her own brand new car, so she doesn't really enter into the equation. Thanks for any advice or info you all can give me. Bob
  13. I stopped taking it, based on the negative news...
  14. I backed away when they wanted to do 3 spinal taps over a 9 month period. Yikes! Even those on the placebo would be getting the spinal taps.
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