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  1. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Whew! 20 degrees F is COLD!! (But isn't it nice? No more of that overly hot weather that we had for so long.) Thanks job, Dianne and Scoop for the welcome back, and thanks Lori, for that perfect quote that your friend sent you. jb, I had to look up the "Golden Bear State." Had never heard CA called that before!
  2. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Whew! 20 degrees F is COLD!! (But isn't it nice? No more of that overly hot weather that we had for so long.) Thanks job, Dianne and Scoop for the welcome back, and thanks Lori, for that perfect quote that your friend sent you.
  3. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Hi, sweet friend. Thanks so much for your concern and prayers. I've enjoyed hearing of all you are are doing, and I think it's wonderful!
  4. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Hi, Parkie family. My laptop broke down (died) over a month ago, and I hadn't been strong or well enough to get out and find a new one until last week. Once I did go try some new ones out, it overwhelmed me to choose among them, so it took a week or so to make a decision. It's been like life is opening up again to have a new one and be able to once again have access to touch base with you all (y'all 😏) and other friends and family. It's been a very difficult time in the last few months not being able to keep up with everything else, also. I had gotten weaker and weaker over the last few months and was shuffling when I walked (like Tim Conway did when he played an elderly man on the Carol Burnett show years ago). I eventually collapsed in the kitchen like a rag doll one evening, with my heart beating hard and my breathing labored. The EMTs here at the retirement community came and checked me out and sent me by ambulance to the nearest hospital ER. I was admitted and had three infusions of blood after they found that my symptoms were due to my body being almost depleted of its blood. Had endoscopies done which led to a possibility or two of what caused abdominal bleeding, but they often do not know for sure what causes it. Have not been strong and have had problems with my memory, so I don't know if it's a return of that problem, progression of PD, problems with the meningioma in my brain enlarging, or something else going on, but I've decided to give up driving. Hard to think of doing, but I think necessary. Am so glad to be in a continuing care community. And even more glad and thankful to have the assurance that the Lord is walking through this with me. Much love to you! Linda
  5. Linda Garren

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    P.S. What a beautiful way you expressed your faith in your above post.
  6. Linda Garren

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    I haven't yet had the Lyme (no "s" on Lyme, just FYI) test because it has been so discouraging and time consuming to try to deal with, and I can barely keep up with seeing all the docs for other things I have. It's been very, very, very difficult. if I eventually find a Lyme specialist, I'll surely let you now. I take 50/200 Sinemet 5 times a day (every 4.5 hours). It has worked out well. I started on a lower dose. as your son would most likely be. Not everyone reacts to the meds offered in the same way, so the MDS would work with your son over time to find the best dosage of Sinemet and add or switch to other meds that might help him, depending on his response to Sinemet. Some MDS's will give a Sinemet "challenge," having their patient take a low dose of SInemet and wait a little bit to see if helps their symptoms or not. That has seemed to help a number of people quickly be diagnosed. I also deal with clinical depression, so I take meds for that (Wellbutrin and Cymbalta, the combination of which has been perfect for me for years), and I have had trouble sleeping, so I take 10mg Melatonin and .5mg Xanax each night. It has worked perfectly. I also have Polycythemia Vera and take a chemo pill for that daily. My MDS stresses the importance of having an adequate amount of copper in our bodies because it helps our nerve connections.. I'm sorry that I can't think how else to explain what it does (brain fog this morning), but you could look it up on line as to how it has been found to be very important for Parkies. Does your son have at trouble getting to sleep at night, and does he have dreams where he wakes up finding that he has been physically acting out the dream? Does he have times when his muscles tense for no reason (restless leg, restless body syndrome)? That is another frequent symptom of PD. Does he have balance issues? Does he misjudge when to turn down a hall or through a door when he is walking toward it and ends up walking into the wall instead, shortly before getting to the hall/doorway? There are so many things that I've found that are actually humorous that are symptoms of PD, that being one that always made me laugh. With Sinemet, I don't do that any more.
  7. Linda Garren

    Good morning!!

    Thanks for thinking of us and for the encouragement, jb. The hurricane has slowed to 5 mph, a good thing except for the fact that it will mean a lot of flooding--and over a very large area. I keep watching the reports to see if it's sneaking up to the Chesapeake Bay which goes right up the middle of our tiny little squinched state (which doesn't seem so little except looking at it on a map where it can hardly even be seen). BUT...farther up the Bay, in what is now the Baltimore Harbor, is where our National Anthem was penned by Frances Scott Key while a prisoner on a ship just off shore when he looked out and saw our flag raised the next morning signaling our victory.* So I guess sometimes good things come in small packages. We're small, but we count.** *204 years ago this evening, on Sep. 13, 1814, at the "twilight's last gleaming" at Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key proudly hailed the star spangled banner. It was famously still waving the next morning. It still waves--and the republic for which it stands still stands--today.* (Bill Kristol) The War of 1812 was a conflict fought between the United States, the United Kingdom, and their respective allies from June 1812 to February 1815. Historians in Britain often see it as a minor theatre of the Napoleonic Wars; in the United States and Canada, it is seen as a war in its own right. (Wikipedia) **Besides, which, the Maryland countryside is just beautiful (and horse country), and the crab cakes at little crab shacks and places of fine dining around the areas of the harbor and bay are especially scrumptious! Interestingly, too, the northern part of Maryland was Union, and the Southern part was Southern. Those traits and traditions still seem to hold even today in many ways.
  8. Linda Garren

    Early onset PD

    Hi, Sjrcle. You're in a good place with people having had a lot of experience and information to offer from their journeys with PD. I'm sure they'll be posting. They're a very caring and supportive group. It may be that because it's a Friday and also because a lot of us have our eyes on the news regarding the hurricane and the ongoing confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh that there are not more posting today. I can offer one of the very most basic and important things to be sure to do as you search out a diagnosis for your son. That is to be sure the physician he is seeing is a Movement Disorders Specialist in a neurology department connected with a reputable research university, If you let us know where you live, perhaps some can give some suggestions. I live in Baltimore, MD, and see an excellent MDS at Johns Hopkins. It's worth a wait in order to get him an appointment with an MDS if you have to (there are not yet enough MDS's to go around to take on the quickly growing Parkinson's Disease patients, so that's why there can be a little wait). MDS's are in training toward the specialty, though, so that's an encouraging thing to know. All the best to you and your son. Linda
  9. Linda Garren

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    Since I have a Lyme-related condition rather than Lyme itself (for instance, I don't have joint pain or racing heart), it is hard to say. A person definitely diagnosed with Lyme would be better able to answer that. I do know that there are some people with my Lyme-related condition who also have Parkinson's. Perhaps when you find a Lyme-related doctor, he/she will be able to answer your question better. Be aware that some of the docs that may be recommended to you may be "iffy," so it's very important to do a search on ratings and reviews of any recommended to you. I didn't go to any that were recommended to me after reading about them. There is one at Johns Hopkins that I have been thinking of contacting that I would feel very good about, but I don't know yet if he sees people in clinic or is mainly a researcher. Either way, I think he could be a wealth of information. I have so much else going on medically that I've put it off. Was just in the hospital for several days due to abdominal bleeding, another issue. if I didn't have faith in the Lord that He is in control and has a reason for these things, it would be much, much more difficult to handle my feelings emotionally. He has lovingly provided so much that all I can do is thank Him every day. :-)
  10. Linda Garren

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    Look on line for IGeneX Labs in California. They will send you a kit that you take to any lab to have your blood drawn and then sent back to IGeneX to test. They are one of the best labs to get more accurate results than most. You'll need to find a Lyme-literate doctor. Be sure they are Lyme literate, or you''ll just waste your time and money. There are Lyme Organizations on line that can help you. Don't go to the LDSA. ILADS is the more up-to-date organization for Lyme Disease information. I'll be doing the same testing at some point, too, as I have a Lyme-related condition in addition to PD. Best wishes to you-- https://igenex.com/order-a-test-kit/
  11. Linda Garren


    Hi, Lad. I'd love to know the breathing technique if it helps a lot.
  12. Linda Garren

    PD is not the end

    Enjoyed reading your post, DB. Always nice to get time to be with family.
  13. Linda Garren

    PD is not the end

  14. Linda Garren

    FDA Approval process for Medical Devices

    Wow, Kevin. This is such important information. I hope everyone reads it.
  15. Linda Garren

    Bible Verses....

    The Holy Spirit's Power and Presence in Times of Crisis January 11, 2011 by Colleen Swindoll Thompson Are you going through a severe test? Maybe you have lost your appetite or you haven’t slept well for weeks or months. Fear and panic have replaced quietness and peace. You experience loneliness, discouragement, and isolation, complicated by unending physical or emotional pain. You’ve prayed and asked others to pray as well. And still, there is no relief. I experienced this kind of gnawing disquiet several years ago. I was enduring not one but several significant trials, which intensified weekly. On one of the lowest days in my life, I walked to a hill close to where I lived, slumped down on the sticks and twigs, and began to cry. Staring over the hills, I wept . . . then sobbed, until my hands and face were soaked. The sorrow turned into sighs and groans of anguish that no words could describe. In those several hours, the Holy Spirit was at work, providing a calm and quiet stillness as the Spirit interceded on my behalf. As I walked back to my home, nothing about the trials had changed, but I had changed. I had experienced the intimate ministry of the Holy Spirit. When our prayers and words cease to express the full measure of our pain, the Spirit provides reassurance, consolation, and relief by interceding on our behalf. Romans 8:26–27 promises: In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. Yes, I found this great promise to be true, especially in my darkest trials. Have you experienced Christ’s powerful care given through the Holy Spirit in your soul? The Web site of Insight for Living has articles about the Holy Spirit (see “Let’s Get Reacquainted with the Spirit” and “The Spirit Who Is Not a Ghost”). I encourage you to read them and to learn about the powerful, consoling presence of our God. About the author Colleen Swindoll Thompson Colleen Swindoll Thompson holds a bachelor of arts degree in Communication from Trinity International University as well as minors in psychology and education. Colleen serves as the director of Reframing Ministries at Insight for Living Ministries. From the personal challenges of raising a child with disabilities (her son Jonathan), Colleen offers help, hope, and a good dose of humor through speaking, writing, and counseling those affected by disability. Colleen and her husband, Toban, have five children and reside in Frisco, Texas.