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    how to keep him seated in chair

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I will research the options you have suggested. He rarely sits on the sofa so he would need something for the dinner table chair and a high-back chair he sits in when watching TV. Thanks again!
  2. ahosangadi

    how to keep him seated in chair

    Hello Quietstill, so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I so appreciate your getting back to me so promptly. His back pain makes sitting very uncomfortable, but the sliding out of the chair is related mainly to the slumping and rigidity.He gradually slides out a the chair or is not able to get into a "sitting position" properly. He mentioned that he needs something to "strap himself in" but didn't talk further about it. I hope I have given enough information? Thanks again.
  3. Hello, my brother-in-law now needs help staying seated in his chair. Please can you give us ideas on belts/harnesses, other devices you have used (pros and cons) to keep from sliding out of a chair? He mainly needs it for sitting at dinner table and when sitting in a chair to watch TV. He can't drive anymore and only goes short distances in car when someone else is driving. He is still working but now half-days. He has a lot of back pain too, so he can't sit for too long at a time. Any help or advice you can give will be most appreciated. Thank you so much.
  4. I am writing this on behalf of a relative with pd who lives in India. He used to be very active in the forums and gained a lot of help and support from the NPF community. He is currently having technical difficulties accessing the site and asked me to post his questions. I live in India and was diagnosed with PD in 1999. I am currently experiencing severe lower back pain. The pain started about 6 years ago, but was not severe then. The pain started becoming severe in January 2013. I underwent laminectomy of L4 vertebra in March 2013, after which the pain decreased. I would still have some pain, but it was mainly muscular, not nerve pain. In early 2014, the pain became severe again. The symptoms are worse in the off periods. An MRI of the back, done in August 2014, shows right paracentral disc herniation with thecal sac compression at L2-L3, L3-L4; and disc herniation with thecal sac compression at L4-S1. Several degenerative lumbar changes (“twist in spine”) were noted. Sacroiliac joints, prevertebral region, and vascular structures are normal. My doctor says surgery to correct the spinal misalignment is not an option because of the risk of anesthesia complications due to interaction with my PD meds. For pain management, I took paracetamol 1000 mg/day. After 5 days, it was reduced to a half tablet (500 mg)/day because it caused gastric irritation. I now take it on an SOS basis if the pain is unbearable. I was told to take bed rest for a month, then resume back-strengthening exercises once the pain subsided. But the pain has not subsided.. The bed rest reduced the pain, but my muscles are now weaker than before. I am on the following meds: o Sinemet Plus (100 + 25) 5x/day o Mirapex 0.25 mg 3x/day o Artane 2 mg 3x/day o Sinemet controlled release at night o Zandopa 1 tsp 3x/day o Homeopathic medicine I am seeking your advice on the following: How and when can I resume back-strengthening exercises without exacerbating the current condition? Should I wear some type of lumbar support? If so, what type of brace (brace, support band, full-body brace)? Are there any other pain meds I can take safely?