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  1. My best friend's husband has Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia, along with a few other health conditions... I've known this couple for 15 years and have walked this walk with them watching as the progression of PD has truly begun... He's still very physically active, but the dementia is what's beginning to really cause concern... As you all know, the pill regiment is very strict and usually based on the patient themselves... Here's my concern: Because he doesn't take his first round of meds until he wakes up (what ever time that might be), it makes using a regular pill reminder very difficult because it could be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours off... (I.E. he gets up at 9 a.m. versus 7 a.m.) I'm been trying to find something that will work with him and his day to day schedule but can't seem to find what they need... He does have a smartphone, but always forgets to carry it and hasn't actually carried it in months; so it will have to be a physical device of some form... Is there something you all can recommend for this? Most of the devices I see online are designed for either a smartphone or someone not dealing with dementia, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Re: Ihtrever - he currently does not use the computer much... He does use it from time to time, but not consistantly... Re: Beau's Mom - I do know they are moving him to a smart phone in the near future, but only has a flip phone at the moment... After reading my question again, allow me to clarify what I'm looking for... I am looking for things that he can use on a smart phone, but with reference to the calendar, I was looking for something that stands alone... Something that would either hang on a wall or sit on a desk or table on it's own... The computer that he uses is in another room from where he spends alot of his time... So I was hoping to find something that could be in the main part of the house where he spends his time... I hope that helps in the search... Please ask any other questions you may have, as I am very much hopeful to find something they can use... Thank you for your help!
  3. Good day! My best friend's husband has PD and is quickly moving out from the early stages... He's been able to continue with his day to day activities, but they're both noticing that things are starting to get missed... He's a very independent man, and I would like to try to help him to keep doing what he can... One of the things that has been getting missed the last couple of months is regular monthly appointments: such as paying a bill, or picking up laundry, etc... He's also started missing medications, but I was able to find him a vibrating watch that his wife thinks will help with that... What I'm particularly interested in is an electronic calendar of sorts that will allow them to put dates on to remind him of what he needs to do, but it must have an audible alarm on it... He wears a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the other, so the audible alarm is key to the product... Has anyone seen anything like what I'm describing? I've done some searches online, but just wasn't able to find something like a calendar... Much of what I found was day to day products and I think some of will help them... But I would really like to find something in the form of an electronic calendar, if anyone knows of something... Thank you so much for help!! StormCat