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    Xanax and Parkinson's

    Thank you for this advice. Would you elaborate on "not be timid with dosage"? Thanks again.
  2. HenryM

    Xanax and Parkinson's

    My wife has a dx of PD post 6 months. Her speech and swallowing continue to decline. Her neurologist prescribed Azilect and she has been taking it for 4 months with no noticible improvement. In anticipation of her next appointment, I asked the neurologist to discuss a plan of treatment for her swallowing difficulties and continued speech decline. His response was to prescribe Xanax and he wants her to begin taking it prior to her appointment which is in 9 days. I am unable to find any reason in the literature for this approach. Can anyone shed any light on this? She does not suffer from anxiety. Thanks in advance.
  3. Can you tell me how long it took for you to notice an improvement in your voice with Sinemet? My wife was dx with PD in April 2014. Her voice and swallowing issues are her major QOL issues. She has been on Azilect approximately 5 months with no improvement . Her neurologist is reluctant to prescribe Sinemet early on. Thank you in advance.