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  1. Don’t do it. Your body needs sinmet and DBS works better in unison with meds. Whatever you do, don’t cold turkey and stop meds abruptly
  2. DBS is not the holy grail for fixing Parkinson’s. Most people get into it out of desperation. Sometimes, in my personal opinion most of the time, you may be better off without it when you factor in major speech and balance issues and surgerical side effects that comes with it later on. You gain some benefits by getting some side effects. Is that trade off worth it? You decide.
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    Post this question to dr okun
  4. Found out caster oil and avoiding hot water on hair can really minimize hairloss
  5. Avoid repeat battery replacement surgeries at all cost. These are unwanted surgeries that provide no value. Go with a rechargeable battery or one that offers longest battery life. It will pay off in the long run. As you get older, you want to avoid the stress of surgeries at all cost.
  6. Good article for those who considering DBS. Note the section about battery life. It’s really important to have a long battery life of at least 10 years to avoid repeat surgeries. Please take this seriously. I can personally attest to this having someone experience a battery replacement surgery gone bad having to re extract the device and having it implanted on other side causing major nightmare. Cables from the head had to be replaced too since they exposed. So don’t try to be cheap with DBS battery. Go with a one that gives maximum duration to avoid repeat surgeries or a rechargeable battery. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140711074717-134569387-the-parkinson-s-dbs-paper/
  7. Not a good idea. Eat vitamin b enrich food
  8. Not a good idea. Eat vitamin b enrich food
  9. Ask your programmer about service life extension. Service life extension can only be changed by the new clinician programmer. So your programmer may not have it just yet https://www.medtronic.com/content/dam/medtronic-com/us-en/hcp/therapies-conditions/deep-brain-stimulation/documents/dbs-activa-rc-product-brochure.pdf
  10. Medtronic extended the service life of Medtronic RC device from 9 to 15. Does the service life extension applies old RC devices that were implanted prior to the recent announcement?
  11. What should be done if Tenderness or redness develops after DBS battery replacement in the chest where stitching was done? Does the battery need to be removed or go on antibiotics?
  12. Didn’t they come out with a generic version of azilect / rasagaline recently?
  13. waruna01

    Tender Shoulders.

    UF takes foreign patients. I flew my dad there. He lives out of country
  14. waruna01

    Tender Shoulders.

    Programming doctors aren’t the best when it comes to troubleshooting DBS. There’s only couple of DBS troubleshooting clinics in the country. UF Florida DBS center have such a program. They do extensive tests, mri scans to make sure DBS was done properly
  15. waruna01

    Tender Shoulders.

    May be Possible if stimulation parameters are off or electrodes not placed properly. You should go to a DBS troubleshooting clinic like they have at UF Florida. They will make sure your DBS is performing optimally and not causing side effects. Operating the DBS at lowest setting may not be the best choice. You need adequate stimulation not minimal stimulation in order for it to work properly
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