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  1. LAD

    MDS suggests amantadine: who here is on it?

    I was just prescribed for me. Haven’t tried it yet. I do have tremendous confidence in my doctor.... LAD
  2. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Way to go! I exercise but I can’t run unless someone is chasing me! HAHAHA LAD
  3. LAD

    Good morning!!

    Gobble gobble til you wobble wobble! Happy thanksgiving to all! LAD
  4. LAD

    A journal became a blog

    My first blog entry talks about Brian Grant and how his story influenced me.... I got to meet him at a PD event this weekend! yes... he’s a big dude! LAD
  5. LAD

    Welcome to the club

    When I’m dancing with my hubby... I forget!! LAD
  6. LAD

    Good morning!!

  7. LAD

    what to do during winter

    Hang a punching bag up! Or a stand alone bag...it is a good workout for balance. also check out briangrant.org..great resource for exercise LAD
  8. LAD

    "Levodopa Phobia" Case Studies

    Meds are a personal decision. Educate yourself and do what works for you. Exercise is the best medicine without side effects! LAD
  9. LAD

    Good morning!!

    A friend sent me this yesterday! LAD ps Superdcooper- did you see my DC was memorial picture ?
  10. LAD

    Good morning!!

    So sorry Linda ... we had been thinking of you. I’m glad you’re sorting it out. Prayers to you. Lori
  11. LAD

    elect leaders who have integrity

    guys like these have my respect and gratitude LAD
  12. LAD

    This & that!

    i dabble in photography. I got this shot at WWII memorial..,
  13. LAD

    has anyone seen this?

    Yep 👍
  14. LAD

    elect leaders who have integrity

    For the first time ever, I was not going to vote. However my 18 year old got to vote for the first time and His enthusiasm got me to the polls! LAD
  15. LAD

    A journal became a blog

    https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/2018/11/06/the-writing-on-the-wall/ new post