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  1. LAD

    Welcome to the club

    When I’m dancing with my hubby... I forget!! LAD
  2. LAD

    what to do during winter

    Hang a punching bag up! Or a stand alone bag...it is a good workout for balance. also check out briangrant.org..great resource for exercise LAD
  3. LAD

    "Levodopa Phobia" Case Studies

    Meds are a personal decision. Educate yourself and do what works for you. Exercise is the best medicine without side effects! LAD
  4. LAD

    Good morning!!

    A friend sent me this yesterday! LAD ps Superdcooper- did you see my DC was memorial picture ?
  5. LAD

    Good morning!!

    So sorry Linda ... we had been thinking of you. I’m glad you’re sorting it out. Prayers to you. Lori
  6. LAD

    elect leaders who have integrity

    guys like these have my respect and gratitude LAD
  7. LAD

    This & that!

    i dabble in photography. I got this shot at WWII memorial..,
  8. LAD

    This & that!

    Some days can be difficult but stay hopeful. Find peace, love & joy during the holiday season. Peace- LAD
  9. LAD

    has anyone seen this?

    Yep 👍
  10. LAD

    elect leaders who have integrity

    For the first time ever, I was not going to vote. However my 18 year old got to vote for the first time and His enthusiasm got me to the polls! LAD
  11. What started as a journal became a blog...DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING LAD https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/
  12. LAD

    A journal became a blog

    https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/2018/11/06/the-writing-on-the-wall/ new post
  13. LAD

    A journal became a blog

    I did a live feed on Facebook .... crazy ..here’s a snippet LAD
  14. LAD

    A journal became a blog

    My blog has made it to 18 countries! Not sure how🤔 LAD
  15. LAD

    A journal became a blog

    https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/ new post 😊 LAD
  16. LAD

    Good morning!!

    I was thinking of Linda too?! LAD
  17. LAD

    Dat scans and z score

    Post this in the ask the dr forum
  18. LAD

    How does the Mask begin?

    Well said Patriot! Find an exercise you love to do and stick with it ! LAD
  19. LAD

    New Caretaker/Drug Interactions

    You can also get books for free on the National Parkinson Foundation website store. You can get online copies or hard copies on lots of topics including medicine LAD
  20. LAD

    Good morning!!

    My son is a student at PITT very close to where this happened. So scary and tragic. LAD
  21. LAD

    Industrial Design Research Survey

    Your link does not work
  22. LAD

    I have it!

    If you don’t exercise...start! But start smart! Attutude & mindset is important. You can manage PD. Reach out Anytime LAD
  23. LAD

    Mired in Muck

    Hope thing are looking up! LAD
  24. LAD

    How does the Mask begin?

    Nicely said Dianne! Life is different but it’s still good. PD is manageable if you are proactive and have a positive mindset which may feel impossible to you right now. You will be ok. If you are not exercising regularly- start smart! PD specific programs are great and there’s lots of choices. Find something you love to do and stick with it. Educate yourself but don’t go down the internet rabbit hole. Reach out anytime! Stay hopeful & stay strong! And make silly faces to combat that mask! LAD