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  1. swva

    Sports and Dopamine

    I only get 4 hours relief from each dose. I sometimes take my dose early if I have something to do where I really need to be on or if I have a family gathering with a meal at my normal dose time. I wouldn't think that taking the dose early would matter much since you would feel better during exercise and you would likely go to bed afterwards.
  2. I am the same age and was diagnosed just a few months prior to you. I had many of the same symptoms but my tremor and stiffness are my primary issues. I had brain fog a few times before starting C/L but very seldom since. I take 800 mg of levodopa per day and it controls my tremors for the most part. I have stiffness in my shoulder and back at times too. I still work a pretty stressful job and hope to continue for several years. I have never had any concerns with driving. No brain fog or slowness of movement that would impact my driving.
  3. swva

    Early DBS Study

    Parkinson's disease: A daring Vanderbilt brain study offers new hope https://www.tennessean.com/story/life/health/2018/08/29/parkinsons-disease-deep-brain-stimulation-vanderbilt-study-tremors-cure/901722002/
  4. swva

    levodopa challenge

    Levodopa makes me feel better but not 100 percent. It will take some time for everything to smooth out. Pay attention to how long it takes to get relief after taking each dose and how many hours you get relief. You may need to adjust the dose or timing.
  5. swva

    33m. Worried of YOPD

    I say no PD. The video doesn't look like a tremor to me. My tremor first looked like my middle finger was vibrating and then increased in amplitude and spread to other fingers within a month or so.
  6. swva

    Medication/Food/Symptom tracker

    My Fitness Pal has an excellent food diary and it has a notes section too, but I haven't tried to export the data before.
  7. swva

    MDS - yes or no

    15 miles difference? See the MDS. My neurologist is about 40 minutes away and is not an MDS, but the closest University center with an MDS is about 4 hours away.
  8. 18 while on meds. 3 worse from my 15 score from 3 years ago. Not bad I guess. My dosage has more than doubled since then. I can still physically do everything that I could before PD. I just get tired easier and have a tremor. Without C/L, my score would probably be more than doubled, but I don't want to even try to see what no meds feels like.
  9. swva

    See an MDS or continue to monitor as per my neurologist?

    My tremor was not the typical pill rolling tremor, but it progressed from a small tremor that I could barely see in my middle finger to a full blown hand tremor in a couple of months. With no progression in three or four years, it sure doesn't sound like PD. Trust your Dr. and don't worry about PD unless it gets a lot worse or if other classic PD symptoms appear and don't go away.
  10. swva

    Diagnosed with PD on 46th birthday

    Welcome to the club that no one wants to be in. Feel free to ask any questions about meds, exercise or any of the other fun stuff that we get to deal with. Keep up the lifting and maybe throw in some biking or walking or running if the joints can take it.
  11. swva

    Trying Sinemet

    C/L reduces my tremor, relaxes my muscles, eliminates my anxiety, keeps me from chocking on my saliva when I nap. Pretty much makes me feel better.
  12. swva

    Got my 23andme results

    I used the site below to get additional information based on my 23 and Me data. It doesn't cost much and you get your reports back in minutes. https://promethease.com/
  13. I see a neurologist every 12 months and any time in between visits if there is a problem with my meds.
  14. swva

    Early Symptoms

    I never really noticed any slowness prior to my diagnosis. Tremor, stiffness, foot spasms, swallowing issues, and a little shuffling of the feet were my symptoms.
  15. swva

    Tremors only -- could it be YOPD?

    Early tremors in both hands and legs do not sound like PD or MS to me. I have PD and my wife has MS and neither of us have experienced those symptoms before.