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  1. sammary

    Internal Tremors

    Is Internal tremors the same as a muscle twitch like you can see the muscle twitching under your skin?
  2. sammary

    creaking joints

    I also get this in my neck and knees as well as my wrists.
  3. sammary

    Feeling scared - Nerve Test tomorrow morning

    Yes please let us know as I go for one tomorrow.
  4. sammary

    Tummy Twitches?

    Does anyone get tummy twitches or tremors that make you feel nauseated?
  5. sammary

    Husband is not supportive.

    Is it possible your husband is in denial? Maybe he is angry not at you but at life itself that has dealt you some crappy cards. Or he just doesn't understand the disease would he go to a support group with you? If you or a caregiver does not understand the disease it makes life much harder. My mom was supportive but there were days she just needed to get away from my dad and she was angry at life. My father has been inflicted with a couple of diseases one being parkinson's and the other retinitis pigmentosa so he is blind as well both run in my fathers family. My mother is one of the strongest woman I have ever met. Do not let the disease take over your life or it will wreck havoc on everything including your relationship. Find a support group and ask your husband to go with you and maybe after that go out for a nice dinner and make your life as normal as possible your husband will come around he may be in shock because its not something you plan for.
  6. Hi asinger, I have been going to my doctor for 4 years now it started with stifness on my left side I would be on the couch for 3 days not moving after the 3rd time of that happening he sent me for a stress test that came back normal.My eyelids have also been twitching for 4 years I was diagnosed with myokemia and familial tremor because it runs in my family. I now have leg cramps and stifness in my neck, legs, left arm and my shoulders oh ya and also twitching in my muscles the doctor tells me its anxiety.Isn't anxiety a symptom to? so my doctor is not piecing it all together either.I have 6 people in my family with pd and they still don't think I have it. Doctors won't diagnose you unless you have the classic signs.I know it is frustrating and takes a toll on your body and mind but I am just going with the flow and eventually they won't be able to deny it.
  7. sammary

    Muscle weakness and atrophy?

    I have not been diagnosed yet but that is the way my legs and hands feel. Sometimes I can be sitting on the couch contemplating whether to get up because it feels like my legs won't hold me. It is a weird sensation and a little scary.
  8. sammary

    Anxiety makes shaking worse?

    I believe its the anxiety that brings it out and makes it let you know its there. My father played hockey most of his life I grew up in a hockey rink lol. My dad said in school when he was sitting at the desk and about to take a test or something he would shake and always bounce his leg. Also on the ice if there was an argument with a ref or between hockey players he would start to shake like a leaf. My dads side is ridden with the shakes and everyone of those people have high anxiety. So yes I believe it makes it worse and is definately a precursor to the disease.
  9. Hello everyone I was just wondering what was the first thing that brought you to the doctor?
  10. sammary

    Early Parkinson's

    Discovery yes I am from Grimsby and actually work in St Catharines. Yes I have tremors in both hands but more in my left and barely noticable in my right. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with familial tremor which is also essential tremor. Also with myokemia in my eyelids which I think might be a possibility of dystonia now because of the cramping muscles. I think the calcium helps a great deal and I have the magnesium you put the tablet in the water and it dissolves.
  11. sammary

    Burping issues

    I did have the barium meal test and that came back normal would that show spasms? My doctor didn't pursue anymore after that test came back normal he says just anxiety.
  12. sammary

    Burping issues

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has burping issues? like the burp is there you just can't get it out. I had a barium meal test and it came back normal. I have been dealing with this for about 2 months now and I keep drinking pop just to make myself burp can it be anxiety?
  13. sammary

    Early Parkinson's

    BILLS I had twitches more like muscle fasculations all over my body that is what sent me to the doctor it scared the heck out of me knowing what has been going through my family like wildfire. My dads MDS said that she has seen it before where it is a familial parkinson's. All this time I have kept reading its not hereditary. I believe that stress plays a major role in the onset of it. If you have some major stress it makes the gene kick in that is my theory anyways. My doctor referred me to a neuro who was to perform the emg but he turned my referral down as it was to long of a wait and he told my doctor that muscle fasculations don't amount to anything there is a 0.1% chance it turns out to anything. So I was referred to someone else a pain clinic of sorts. My doctor told me to take calcium magnesium so I went and got the jamieson calcium chews with vitamin D and I take 2 of those a day and drink 3 glasses of 2% milk as well. My fasculations have subsided quite a bit but my calves are still tight especially at night and my hands still don't feel right.I still have the odd twitch in the bottom of my foot and back of my shoulder. Even with the history in my family they still don't want to say its PD my doctor believes it starts with a tremor but he says mine is not osculating like a pd tremor. I was diagnosed with essential tremor 5 years ago it was mild but it is getting more noticible especially when I am nervous. All I keep telling myself is PD is not a death sentence you just have to adapt to it and of course its scary but you can live a full life with it. My father kept his health up he was a hockey player and ate really well never smoked or drank so I believe he was predisposed to it but because he exercised so much and kept good care of himself it didn't show up until later mind you there are things we think could have been early signs like he would shake if he got excited or upset when he was younger but just put it off as adreniline. Try the calcium and magnesium its worth it just to see if there is a difference.
  14. sammary

    Early Parkinson's

    Hi Dianne I have went to my family doctor recently and he is sending me for a nerve/muscle conduction test for the purpose of him thinking its a pinched nerve.He did send me to a neuro a couple of years ago because of my eyelid twitching and essential tremor and if you wait more than a year to go back to your neuro you have to be referred again by your doctor. My doctor now does not see any reason for it he wants to wait until the results for the emg come back to him. I am not sure if anythink shows on the emg if all is clear should I demand to see a nero or mds? Or do I wait it out and see if anything else shows up? meaning when they can't deny me or think its just anxiety.
  15. sammary

    Early Parkinson's

    Hi I have not been diagnosed yet but I know it is definately a possibility as 6 people in my family have had parkinson's and it has not skipped any generations and its 2 people affected in every generation.Unfortunately my father has it and I am feeling muscle soreness and was diagnosed with essential tremor. I had muscle twitching all over but I started to take calcium supplements and drinking alot of milk as well and they seemed to have settled down except for the twitching in the back of my shoulder which I have had issues with for 4 years now and as well as my eyelids twitch that has also been a problem for 4 years and a neuro said I had myokemia now I don't think he was right because of my muscle soreness now.I feel great in the morning but as soon as afternoon comes I can feel slight cramping in my calves and arms but not to bad. I have told the doctor about the history of my family but he seems to just sluff it off. He is sending me for a nerve and muscle conduction test only because he thinks I have a pinched nerve. I hope that is what it is because I am very scared and it has caused me so much anxiety I have panic attacks. My father is Tremor dominant so I am not sure if I would follow the same pathway. I have hand cramps its not a bad pain just an annoying ache, I drive a bus so for the past 2 years I have felt like my fingers get stiff in the position of the steering wheel and my neck and shoulders ache. I am just terrified of what is going to happen to me. Has anyone else had a emg and if so what were your results? Thankyou for reading my long post