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  1. maral77

    10 good years???

    My dear husband was diagnose at age 72. We suspected something not right about two years earlier. When he went for a physical he had absolutely no problems, all vitals right on, we asked then why he had tremors, was noticing difficult in walking. Doctor basically at that time brushed it off. Two years later he was diagnosed. He passed away this January and it was two years before that his speech, had to have a wheelchair, and memory started to progress. Again all his vitals BP etc was right on. This year it rapidly started to progress, refused eating, completely shut down. New Years Day I went to see him which I went every day, he was smiling we had some drinks and 10 days later he completely shut down. He died the 28th. Cause Thrive refused to eat, and Parkinson's. Kidneys were the first to shut down. So he had a short time as he was in much pain was on morphine and died a peaceful death. Being a avid reader and learning everything I could on PD being his caretaker, it appears what I have read that PD can progress much faster than someone developing PD in Younger years. Miss him terribly but so grateful he did not suffer long.
  2. maral77

    Parkinson's Disease & Dementia

    https://www.alz.org/dementia/parkinsons-disease-symptoms.asp It is common. I read several articles on the Web and this is one. My husband just passed away Sunday after 13 years with Parkinsons. He had dementia along with just about every other symptom.
  3. maral77

    A little something to think about

    My DH always answers the question "How are you today Al? With "I am fit as a fiddle!!!" Even if he is having a bad day. Their response is always " Oh so glad you are having a good day." It brings a smile on their face with his comment and it makes him feel good with theirs. Being in a Nursing Home he is asked this every day by nurses, staff and residents.
  4. maral77

    Big News?

    There has been talk back in the 1800's when it was first discovered. Do not take any stock in it, great if one day they do, but it has taken this long and still nothing. Hopefully one day not in my DH time, that they will crack it and truly find something. So far there is no positive cure.
  5. maral77

    Husband keeps falling need suggestions

    Soft mats are also illegal. I am very aware that I cannot put him in a bubble wrap, I was merely reaching out for maybe something that the NH and myself have overlooked. Apparently not, so he will keep falling and one day I will get the call that he is dead from brain injury or bleeding to death. The falling is due to PD, have talked to many family members who I have met while DH has been in the NH whose loved ones are or were in because of PD. Four of them for fact. Three are no longer with and all three died from falls, the one remaining falls alot also. Not saying everyone with stage 5 will die this way, but odds are no matter how much exercise whatever will fall. Thanks everyone and I will leave this post. Aware of all the laws, reasons for why safety measures can no longer be in NH so will just pray, keep going in every day and as I did with my dear son who just passed away Aug 4th, I knew he would not outlive me, so therefore I know DH will die as everyone has to but am sure it will be from a fall. As all his vitals and tests otherwise as the nurses and doctors say has vitals and blood work of a 20 year old.
  6. maral77

    Husband keeps falling need suggestions

    Oh yes he had 21 days of Rehab then thanks for our insurance and Medicare no longer, but also found out now that with his doctors prescription that it is crucial he starts it once again, that it will. He has to have a "Speech/Swallow therapist" so when we go will request the full.
  7. maral77

    Husband keeps falling need suggestions

    Thanks Linda guess everyone else has been lucky and have never had this problem. I did find out that with his doctors prescription to have a half rail put on his bed the Nursing home has to do so. I understand and everyone I talked to and called and asked said the long rails are not allowed. He goes on the 2nd to see his neurologist so will go from there.
  8. Ok DH is in a Nursing home as I have posted. His PD is progressing, and is having many falls. Out of bed at night and also tries to stand up from his chair and falls. Beside myself as with Fed and State Laws passed they are not allowed to use mats on the floor, longer rails across the bed, no alarm that would go off when trying to get up or out of bed. They put swim noodle on edge of his mattress and being a big guy he rolled right over them and onto the floor. Now for the chair they put what is like a brake on the back of his chair so if he stands up the chair will not roll away from him but lifts slightly backwards which in turn suppose to make him fall back into the chair. SO has anyone had a loved one where you have had these problems or know of someone. Trying to figure out something where his falls will be less. Any info anyone has would be helpful.
  9. maral77

    Update on DH

    Just another update on DH. He had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. I brought him home for the day and he sat outside on the deck that my dear son built him the last time he visited us. This son passed away August 4th, and I am in deep grieving. But it was so peaceful sitting outside and I knew my son was looking down so pleased that his PaPa AL was enjoying the deck. On Labor day he had visitors that brought in Pizza and we had a great day telling jokes and laughing. This was at the Nursing home. Tuesday the Nursing home had their first Classic Car show out in the parking lot with about 30 cars. Two of the cars were once my DH. The neighbor now owns them, and with his help he brought them to the show. DH did not know this was going to happen, so he was in tears and so happy when the nurse wheeled him out and the first things he saw was his neighbor and the cars. I just cannot give enough praise and am so happy I chose such a great place for DH to spend the rest of his life. I can tell he is having new symptoms and the Home is right on them and I know they are from Parkinson's as does his doctors and nurses. He all in all is doing real good.
  10. maral77

    It is Seven Months Today

    Well when I had to call 911 for the police to come to get him up off the floor because he fell and I could not begin to do it myself. And this was happening often. Also he no longer could dress or undress himself and he could not even help do this himself in anyway, it was a real strain on me at almost age 80. Had to be fed, could with much difficult get to the bathroom using a walker but had to help him remove his pants etc and help him get sat down on the stool, alot of times we did not make it so meant having to change him. Just many many many things. As I said above he is now in the wheelchair and can stand up and walk a short distance with a walker but the nurses have to hold unto him. It is a difficult decision, but it was hindering my health. Assistant living was no option as he needed 24/7 care.
  11. maral77

    It is Seven Months Today

    Just a brief post cannot believe that is a half year that I decided I could no longer take care of my DH 24/7. It was the most difficult decision that I have ever made. But thanks to God that I did. He loves it, they have something going on every day. Today was Gardening and later everyone came in and had popcorn and lemonade. His PD has remained the same, except one new symptom which is slight drooling which are at times bad, other times not so bad. His speech has gotton much better now he has so many residents and nurses to chat with every day. His tremors come and go. He is in a wheelchair, but everyday they get him up and uses his walker and walks with the nurses. I could go on and on but I am feeling so much better myself, and I go every day for four hours and visit and take part in the afternoon events with him. Alot of the residents look forward to my coming, as so many have no one. So I feel I have found my mission making not only my DH but many of the residents a better day.
  12. maral77

    Symptom increase in the heat???

    My DH cannot tolerate the heat . He is now in a Nursing home which is seven months today. He loves to sit outside. We live in MN. When he was still here at his house, he would zone out when he got over heated. We would have to rush him back into the house, put the fan on and cool him down. We soon found out that heat does indeed affect PD. He worked outdoors a lot, also was a Pipefitter at the UofM and worked down in the tunnels which were extremely hot. Never bothered him and he retired at age 65. Five years later he was told he had PD. So now when it is anything over 80 degrees with humidity he knows he cannot go out. The Nursing home is aware of this, and also have three other residents there with PD that react the same.
  13. maral77

    For caregivers only

    In some aspects I have been there, my DH is now in a Nursing home. The horrible stories I could tell you before I finally had to admit I could no longer care for him, and for many reasons there was no other objects. I am still in a stage where I feel guilty for giving up so to speak. I still wake up thinking I have heard him fall out of bed. Everyone tells me how I did all I could and that DH is in a better place. I do agree that he is in a marvelous facility that love him to pieces and is taken care of so well. I go to visit almost every afternoon, when I leave I cry all the way home. He is in the beginning of Stage 5 but not bedridden, is in a wheelchair, and able to still get up with much help to do short walks with the walker. He has some discomfort with pain, but so far with the Facility getting him to stand and do the brief walk and other sitting in wheelchair leg exercise it is not to bad. I know it will get worse. I cherish every day when I go in to see him, some days he cannot speak at all, or if he does no way can I understand him. Then when he says he has gone to the bar lol, slept at someones house etc etc I try to find humor to myself knowing this is all not true. He still eats good, has loss alot of weight. his BP goes up and down, and a few other issues they monitor and watch daily. My doctor told me.. your DH has PD on his right side which is reaching up to Heaven, on his left side is the DH you know and remember. Cherish the left side when he is talking good etc. I try to hang onto that. I do not know exactly but having been DH caretaker for 13 years and the last two years being where I just wanted to throw up my hands and walk out.. I can feel for you. My emotions come and go and DH has been in the Facility only 4 months.
  14. maral77

    Professional caregivers?

    I did alot of research in both the Assistant Living and having in home care before I decided to place DH in the Nursing Home. Caretaking at our home was out... he needed 24/7 care in everything, and there was no way we could house a 24/7 caretaker, so that would still have left me with if he fell, getting to bathroom, eating etc etc. Assistant Living also would not have handled all his needs, and for myself I did not need any assistants and was not ready to pick up and sell everything when he would have been in the Memory part of the facility and that just was a no way. I am so glad he is now getting 24 hour care, everyone loves him, I go every day and have such a relief that he is in loving and caring hands. He is also liking it, it took alittle time but although he cannot talk where anyone can understand him, he seems to be able to communicate so that the nurses all know his needs, and he waves and smiles at the residents as he buzzes himself around the facility. Almost every thing like getting his hair cut, nails trim, doctors except for dentist comes right to the facility. So I do not have to worry about getting him out to most of his appointments. The few I do they have their van that they get him to the appointments and I meet them. It is the best thing I did, and wish I would have done it two years ago. It would have been much less stress on me and most certainly a better qualified life for DH.
  15. maral77

    Sinemet & Eating Meals

    My DH has been taking Sinimet and Rivastigmine for a very long time. For the Sinimet his neurologist said he could take it with or without food and I just googles and everything I read said the same/ Nothing on his bottle to say otherwise. NOW with the Rivastigmine YES that says and so does his neurologist say to take WITH food.