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  1. stump

    Mired in Muck

    Who said anything about censoring? Besides, part of being an adult is understanding that some topics are better discussed elsewhere. Like in a thread dedicated to the politics of PD (which is easily ingnored by those only wanting to help someone with a PD issue). Or on a different forum dedicated to discussing health care related political topics. FWIW, I'd have responded similarly if PatriotM had posted something similarly political, even though I generally agree with him on politics. Anyway, let's get back to papa57, and helping him with his current struggles.
  2. stump

    Mired in Muck

    🙄 Can we keep partisan politics out of this place?? Anyone thinking what happens in D.C. in a few weeks, or in 2020, or any other time, has more than a tertiary effect on their lives needs to reexamine their perspective. I've thrived under D and R administrations, and I've had hard times under D and R administrations. My happiness and prosperity is not dependant on the political climate.
  3. stump

    Mired in Muck

    If you have an unsupportive community, and a small one at that, maybe you should consider moving to a more populated and/or supportive area. I know moving is expensive, stressful and disruptive but unless you have something else keeping you in your current home it might be worth thinking about. Otherwise, not much wisdom I can offer. I'm not at that stage of life yet.
  4. stump

    Sports and Dopamine

    Adjusting by an hour isn't a big deal. Let your body tell you what to do, rather than some arbitrary schedule.
  5. So you never drift a little over the speed limit, or fail to notice a burned out tail/head light? I got pulled over twice in 10 minutes for a burned out headlight (second cop had a good sense of humor when he found out). The light was working when I left the house, but burned out on the way home. Guess you always keep a spare bulb in the car?
  6. stump

    Welcome to the club

    Kind of depends on what I need to do those days. So far that hasn't been a work day, thankfully. If I'm with family and friends that know about the diagnosis I just don't worry about it and let my tremors do their thing. If it were to happen on a work day I'd go home/call in sick if could. In 3 years I've only had maybe 3-5 days like that. And usually it's not the whole day, but one dose that really is bad, and the next one at least kinda works. The last time was not long before I had my meds increased. Having a couple days like that is probably an indication that meds are needing some adjustments.
  7. stump

    Welcome to the club

    Yes, that really is how it works. Eventually you'll have a day where you take your meds exactly on time, with proper separation from food, and everything. And they won't work. You'll have the tremors, stiffness, etc anyway. Those days are special. Wish it wasn't that way, but it is.
  8. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Got home Monday night. Need to find a good photo hosting site and upload some good pics to share here.
  9. A major difficulty you'll have is just a simple matter of math. PD is relatively uncommon overall (lifetime risk is under 2%), and young onset is only 5-10% of PD on top of that. So even in a highly populated area there will only be so many YOPD folks. Of those only some will be interested/able to attend sessions. Even those who do attend will usually only continue as long as they perceive benefit, which usually is a matter of months, not decades. Best of luck in getting a group going. I hope you can make it work and last.
  10. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Wrapped up my visit to Assam. Heading to Delhi. Tomorrow I'll be visiting the Taj Mahal. I'll try to post pictures but internet is expensive and unreliable so it may be a couple days (once I'm in the Netherlands).
  11. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    About like it was for heat in Hawaii last month. Only seen one wrecked car so far. Which is amazing that it's just the one.
  12. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Been in Pune, India a few days now. Driving (well, being driven) is quite the experience. On the drive from Mumbai to Pune I saw monkeys along the road, same as you might see rabbits or raccoons in America. And here I thought our highways could be crazy. The roads here are next level insane. What shocks me is few cars have significant body damage. I'm not kidding or exaggerating when I say that driving rules are at best a vague suggestion. It's nothing to have 5 vehicles (not counting motorcycles) abreast on a 3 lane road. And a couple motorcycles too. Lane markings, our norms for yielding, lights, etc are routinely ignored. Yet, somehow it all works. Food is excellent so far. People are very friendly, at least in the professional environment. Got to see the final day of the Ganesha festival which was a treat. Thursday I will be in Bangalore for the day. Then Friday night/Saturday morning I fly out to Assam to tour tea estates. Monday I fly to New Delhi and Tuesday will visit the Taj Mahal. Then Wednesday fly to Amsterdam.
  13. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    After 11 days in India I'll head to the Netherlands and between work and play will be there for another 6 days.
  14. stump

    Summer adventure season starting

    Leaving for India in the morning!
  15. stump

    Working with Parkinson's?

    PD is usually pretty slow to develop. I'd say you should keep working just as you have been as long as you can or until you would have retired anyway. Most likely you'll be fine to keep working until 65 if not older.