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  1. Dr. Okun I happened upon this article and at first sounded too good Have you heard of AtreMorine and is as good as it sounds? https://livebetterparkinsons.com/author/vivir-mejor-parkinson/
  2. Michael Ehlers

    LSTV Big versus Sinemet

    DR Okun, I wanted to pass on some info concerning this topic. My ankle has been rolling over and posture/gait went bad, and I asked for some Physical Therapy. So they sent me this young man named Logan Waddel. He is a PT specializing in PD. He has me doing these exercises to help with balance, posture, gait etc But better news is that he attended the Sunflower symposium in September 2016 in Cincinnati. His speech is worth listening to. Go to http://ucgardnercenter.com/for-patients/educational-conference/sunflower-revolution-2016/ Go to the 4th presentation The Benefits of High-Amplitude Speech & Exercise Training Logan Waddell, PT, DPT and watch it.
  3. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr. Okun, Were you telling me (as myself) to have a complete trouble shooting workout? Also do you see any concern about my settings thanks
  4. Michael Ehlers

    Attaching a file to a post

    Yesterday, I converted the PDF file to Word. That worked Thanks all
  5. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    I would suggest you see your team for a complete troubleshooting workup.
  6. Michael Ehlers

    Attaching a file to a post

    And the answer is
  7. Michael Ehlers

    Attaching a file to a post

    Hi Can anyone tell me how we can attach a file (preferable a PDF file) to our post please? Thank you
  8. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr. Okun, I see the surgeon Feb 16. Would he get the imaging of the lead location etc, or can the programmer do that? Also that's one thing UC does differently I only get A (the very first program and B(the newest setting). I do not get an A, B, C, D, option. She says she's been doing this 14 yrs It would be nice to get 4 options This Friday I get my new brace that will prevent my ankle from rolling and help the drop foot. I'm praying this really helps everything. She printed off my settings last week. Is it okay if I attach them for you to just look over?
  9. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr. Okun, today is 1/30. The only change that my programmer made on 1/6 was a change on my right side of my head that was supposed to help with my speech. I was a stutterer since the 3rd grade. Well now besides not going anywhere without a walker, now my speech is about the worse it has been my entire life. I am currently having a Physical Therapist come to our home 4 times a week. We started our 3 week today. Since I have a dropfoot and my ankle now rolls, I will get a brace 2/10 that should prevent the rolling and help with my drop foot. I have big hopes fir this thing. I had DBS 9/26 so it's still not been 6 months yet. At our 1/6 meeting, the programmer asked my wife what she thought my best setting was so far. My wife said the original one, which had no name and was not bipolar. Since we started bipolar a while back, named group B, the original setting is now Group A. So instead of going back to Group A, the programmer must have ignored my wife's few and just made the additional change to Group B hoping to improve my speech. Question: Does every patient who has the capability of using the bipolar programming have to have it, or do some do better staying with the non bipolar, even though the bipolar offers so many different options. Realizing that the programming part of DBS is the part I know the least about. At least with the original setting I had dyskinesia and we were able to start reducing my Sinemet. The programmer was self taught and I have only heard good things about her and supposedly doing this for 10+ years at the University of Cincinnati with the staff and my surgeon Dr. Mandybur all having experience and well documented praise. I guess I expected more positive reaction from DBS than what I am getting. It is just frustrating and scary wondering why my PD symptoms are not a lot better if not worse in some areas. I'm and concerned how before DBS I was walking and 4 months later I went to a cane and now to a walker without improvement in other areas like patient in this forum talk about. 1 more thing. In the past weeks I had to go from 3 mg Requip to 4 mg Requip at bedtime. And because I'm not sleeping very long (2:30-4:00 AM) I had my Clonazepam changed from 1 to 1.5 mg. And since that didn't help just started on Trazadone .5 That's a lot of negativity in 4 months time. Thank you for listening to me rant Mike
  10. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr. Okun, I don't have any issue changing groups or turning the unit off and on. I do all that myself. When I am at her office she has a larger screen that allows her to create or change groups and set maximum values to the settings. And of course it allows her to manipulate all the settings. I think this week I will turn off the unit and after a few hours see how things are, then after taking notes go back to group A and note what is better or worse. And then let her know what I found, when I see her Friday. Thanks, Mike
  11. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr. Okun, I think that is a very good idea. But I have a few concerns. My programmer is not a doctor, she is a CNP. She is the only one who does this for our area, and I'm talking a pretty good size city. And I asked where she learned, and she told me she taught herself. I have only had 1 choice to choose from, either group A which is single polar or group B which is bi-polar. At first I had A, then we switched t a new B. I didn't like B so she had me go back to A until our next meeting Then she went to a newer B which is what I am on currently. I can either do nothing or switch back to A. I don't have a choice of 4. My next meeting is 1/6. Is there something wrong with the method I am on?
  12. Michael Ehlers

    DBS Update - 8 years

    Kim, Very interesting. I don't know if I am constant current or voltage. I am only 3 months into post DBS surgery and the programmer is still trying to find what works best. Had a group A and on my second group B right now. Apparently with bipolar settings you can pinpoint certain areas. The programmer said she can make me do anything she wants, so I asked her if she could make me cluck like a chicken? No word on that yet, but she seems to think she can make my balance worse or better. We will see Thanks
  13. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr. Okun, I haven't been to this forum for a awhile so I want to give an update and maybe get some promising news. Had DBS implanted 9/26//16. Had first bipolar group setting ( that was not pleased with so went back to original subpolar A setting and things seemed okay but I know we are in this for the best results. 12/5 Took a fall and broke 2 ribs and punctured left lung. Didn't really feel that bad. 12/6 Had appointment with programmer. Tried a different bipolar setting for group B. Being a good patient and trying to give this time. 12/15 fell out of bed, and landed hard on right side, decided to have UC ER take me in. No rib breaks just bruised. Only benefits I currently see from DBS are weight gain from 124 to 147 in 4+ months, and a reduction in Sinemet. Went from 3 25/100 pills every 2 hours to alternating 2 pills and 2 1/2 pills every 2 hours. So went from 27 Sinemet a day to 21 pills per day. 22% less. Because of 2 falls I am currently using a walker because 1 more fall could be it. I am suppose to do physical therapy to increase balance but can't do much yet until ribs heal. So used walker Christmas Eve and day and did well but the next day 12/26 my right foot/ankle were very swollen and painful. 12/30 saw PCP and had 6 X-rays of foot/ankle. No break but painful foot and very unsteady joint. Hoping for better things in 2017 and hoping ribs heal so I begin physical therapy. I read were bad balance is usually related to weak calves, so my fingers are very crossed that I can get to do physical therapy, and get back to DBS as it should be. I just hope my balance isn't all due to DBS. Mike
  14. Michael Ehlers

    Oakman's DBS Adventure

    Only the original one, but need to ask first. They do things here (UC) slowly but very well.
  15. Michael Ehlers

    Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr.Okun, Went to my second programming session Tuesday 11/8 and she put in my first group setting. She mentioned stimulation from the battery and 4 different kinds from the implant wires. I must have missed a class, what was she talking about. Thanks