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  1. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Happy Birthday LAD! Saw my first flock of geese heading South. I'm also thinking I've seen my last hummingbird for the year. Corn and beans are disappearing from the fields.
  2. Peace

    Good morning!!

    jb-I'm sorry about your sister's horse. But I do know the worry of thinking winter is on the way and knowing how hard it would be on them. It really is a relief when they have been spared another winter by passing naturally and peacefully. I'm sorry about your pain. I can relate some but yours definitely sounds much more intense. Sometimes I'll lay in an uncomfortable position just because the thought of the pain that will come with movement isn't something I want to deal with. When my brother was growing like a bean and having "growing pains" he would have a pain in his leg, then his shoulder, then his arm. Us sister's started calling him Traveling Pain. HaHa, still makes me laugh. We weren't very sympathetic. Anyway, I digress. The point is now I feel like Traveling Pain. It seems to relocate but is worse when it's around the shoulder, neck area. So, I'm sorry jb and for you too Dianne. Pain just sucks. What's weird is I use to think how great it would be to go back to when I had no pain (and didn't realize how lucky I was) but now it seems such a part of me that it would be strange for it to be absent. Though I'd be willing to try it of course! Keep looking for a solution until you find some relief jb. Dianne- I must have missed something. I didn't know you had to give a deposition. That would be nerve wracking for anyone but for someone with PD the effects would be intensified. Good to see you Linda. LAD, I'm sure you've heard it but the song Chain Breaker by Zach Williams is so powerful. I close my eyes and let it just sink in. I've been having trouble with word recall. I'm trying not to get to worried about it. Thinking of you all.
  3. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Beautiful scenery in that picture Tom. That's quite an adventure. Did any of the 4 legged kids go with you? Lad- You have sooooooo got this. You're awesome. Diane-I enjoy my weekend naps. When I wake up on a weekend morning I'm already thinking about getting some chores done and then getting to take a nap. Such joy in a small thing. Marcia-my knees are a little stiff but my pain is in my feet. When I get up in the morning or after I've sat for awhile the pain in my feet is bad. It surprises me how intense the pain can be. I'm so lucky that it only takes walking a short distance and the pain stops. jb- I always thought gardening was suppose to be relaxing but at harvest time it can be kinda stressful. Everything ripens at the same time and then you have to figure out what to do with it all. I mean who needs 20 cantaloupe or 40 squash? I freeze alot, dehydrate some and I like to give some away. We've eaten spaghetti squash 5 times this week! Sometimes with just butter, salt and pepper and then I've made a couple different casseroles with it. Take care everyone.
  4. My presenting symptom was toe curling (dystonia). Rigidity is a stiffness or tightness (without feeling like the muscle is contracted or tense) of muscles that can cause a lack of full range of motion. Rigidity makes me feel like I need to stretch.
  5. It was not my first symptom but I had problems with one leg always being tense. It made sleep difficult and sitting down to watch a movie almost impossible it was so irritating. If I thought about it I could make it relax but the very second I stopped trying to relax it the tension would return. It was not the same as my rigidity, it was a whole separate issue. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with it since starting levadopa.
  6. Peace

    Struggling with family relationships

    If I push myself physically then I get emotionally fatigued also. I did not tie the two together until I discussed it with Dianne on a different thread. I started paying attention and sure enough, when I let myself get physically worn down then I tend to have problems mentally, like tearing up over what should be a normal life situation. Gardener- you're not "giving up" just because you acknowledge that you can't do as much as you use to. I feel like such a stick in the mud when I have to tell my husband that I don't feel like going out or I can't continue to work on a project with him. I've accepted that none of my family will fully understand my fatigue issues because they can't "see" it. I believe only those with PD or similar health issues understand. What I don't understand is why we are fatigued but can't sleep?????
  7. Peace

    Good morning!!

    I'm glad to hear that a rehab psychologist helped you so much LAD. I had never heard of one until Dianne mentioned it. It's something I will keep in mind. Saturday I started to go emotionally down hill again but it helped tremendously to just sit on the porch and take a break. Thanks to Dianne's post, I knew I had to stop and honor the "revised" me and realize I can't expect myself to accomplish everything I could pre PD. jb-the absolute best part of your post was when you said your symptoms were being handled nicely with the dbs surgery and equipment. I'm so glad to hear that. AND that Dianne is a Parky Whisperer-no truer words have been spoken. She's so gracious to offer a word of encouragement to us all though her own trials have been many. Marcia Good to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to retype your disappearing post. The combines will be out in the fields soon. If I see Christina the Paperbag Princess out there I'll tell her "Hi" from you jb. I would go looking before they harvest the corn but that'd be too scary. LOL I'm thinking of Steven King's Children of the Corn. I'm going to go lock my doors. Feet to the sky everyone! Good Night.
  8. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Thank you Dianne! Just reading your response and feeling like someone understands makes me feel better. I actually felt tension, that I didn't even know I had, leave my body when I read it. If I can't get over this myself, I am going to ask my doctor if we have a Rehab Psychologist in this area. Thanks again and a big hug to you. Take care everyone.
  9. Peace

    This & that!

    Nice poem Superde. This is a great thread to go to for a pick me up. Thanks.
  10. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning Everyone. Sorry to hear you've been feeling down em. Great looking family LAD. Hello jb and everyone else. Diane-speaking of non motor symptoms, I've been having a problem. Not real sure if it's PD related or not but I suspect it is. I've been pretty emotional lately and when something doesnt go as planned I have trouble making a switch to a plan B. Here's my latest episode: After doing all my research, looking on line at the gift registry, I left work and headed to the store to pick up a present. Just going to the store after work was something I had to talk myself into because I just want to go home when the work day is done. Anyway, I told myself how great it would be to get the gift bought and have it taken care of before the baby shower. I get to the store and the item is not in stock. No matter how long I stood there it would not suddenly materialize on the shelf. The thoughts of how I was ever going to get a present in time for the shower this weekend and how I'd have to drive to another town just flooded my mind. Again, I just wanted to be home. In isle 10 the tears started. I held them in check so I didn't make a scene. Does anyone else have trouble like this? I know it's stupid and I tell myself I'm being ridiculous but I just get overwhelmed sometimes with everyday life. I'm starting to detest myself for how weak I feel at handling what should be a low level issue. Anyone else? And Diane, can you concentrate real hard and send some peace my way? That'd be great. Thanks.
  11. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Thank you jb! It's always scary to show others what you've created. I don't know if I have any more poems in me or not but if one bubbles to the surface I'll post it. I hope you're getting along well and all the kinks are getting worked out in you're programming. I can understand how it could all get extremely frustrating. Have a wonderful day everyone. It feels good to finally have time to talk with you all again.
  12. Peace

    Good morning!!

    LAD I'm always in awe of people who can sing. Even at our beach get away I sat out of the singing and let you and your son entertain us. Even my 23andme profile shows my genes reveal that I can't carry a tune. Seriously it does! I purchased 4 baby chicks this spring to double my little flock. They were all suppose to be pullets but in the chick sexing business I've heard there is a 20% error rate. In the ridiculously long amount of time I spent picking out just the right 4 little ones that I wanted I grabbed one out of that 20%. I wrote a poem about her, uhm I mean him. I don't make any claims of knowing anything about the making of a proper poem but I hope I can add a smile to someone's day. A Rooster Named Rose A pullet of the Americauna gene, she was picked to be the farm's blue egg laying queen. As the little pullet grew, she changed from white to brown, And soon manifested a rose comb, that she wore as a crown. With outlandish feet and a 10 inch tail, the farmer thought she was growing just swell. But Rose had a secret, but it was too soon to tell, so she let the farmer believe that all was well. She continued to grow larger than her flock mates, only she knew that laying blue eggs was not her fate. As time passed by, of her secret not a peep, 'till one morn, when she woke the farmer from sleep. With a loud Cock-a-Doodle Doo!, Rose made the reveal of the long held secret he could no longer conceal.
  13. Peace

    Good morning!!

    I'm keeping them jb, because your right, they do look stunning together. Plus they make me think of Christmas every time I'm out in the garden and look down at my feet.
  14. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Stay strong jb. You have a huge cheering section out here. If you're really quiet maybe you can hear us. (we're doing the wave too!) Prayers for strength to all who find themselves in need today and for those with family members who need lifted up. Take care friends.
  15. Peace

    Good morning!!

    I'm carrying my penny with me jb.