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  1. Peace


    It's always interesting how PD affects us all differently. I get the toe curling when I walk but not when bicycling. I hope you're able to get back on your bike soon.
  2. Peace


    That can actually be the most beneficial way. Research shows that if you ride on a tandem with someone who is a stronger pedaler, and makes you work a little harder than you would on your own, the benefits were increased. Have the other person pedal at a rate just above your comfort zone.
  3. Peace


    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Taking extra levadopa is an excellent idea. I'm going to try that.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss Troy. Thank you for sharing your story.
  5. Peace


    Do any of you ride a bicycle for exercise? I've seen articles written on biking for PD and like most of you, I've seen the video of the gentleman with PD ride a bike and his movement issues disappear while riding. I've also seen all of the Davis Phinney bicyclers. Not once have I heard of anyone having negative symptoms due to riding a bike so I'm just curious if anyone has had my experience. Right after I get off of a bicycle I can't walk. Well, I can, but only with extreme concentration and very slow. My legs just do not want to follow my brain's command to walk. It's not what I thought "freezing" would be like but maybe that's what it is. It doesn't happen when I use a stationary bike. It's equally fascinating and irritating. Anyone have this happen? Does anyone know or would like to venture an explanation as to a cause? I'd love an explanation about the neurological components involved in producing this reaction to bike riding. Maybe it has something to do with simultaneously balancing and pedaling since it doesn't happen on a stationary bike. Thanks for any thoughts on this and share any odd things that happen to you that you've never heard mentioned before.
  6. Sending hugs your way jb. Take care and I pray all will be well with you soon.
  7. I'll be praying for you Linda.
  8. Good Morning! Omaha Tom, do you still have wind? Because now I have it so it must be coming from you! Thanks for your post. You are so right about animals. They get us up and moving which is a really good thing. I'm definitely leaning towards getting another horse. I think the activity of taking care of one would be good for me and I'm also thinking riding may help with some issues I'm developing with balance. Plus, in 5 or 10 years I don't want to have that as one of my "should have dones" when I think back. Besides, they just smell good. It's like aroma therapy to me. Have a blessed day everyone. Keep flipping those tires LAD!
  9. Hello Friends! I've been trying to thaw out. We recently had enough rain and above freezing temperatures to get rid of the ice. It's nice to be able to do chores without the fear of falling on my rump. My husband put yaktracks on my boots which helped a lot. Does any one know how frustrating it is to need an extension cord that can be seen perfectly under 3" of ice but can't get to it? Very frustrating to say the least. It was connected to the deicer for the chicken water but I wanted to also plug the heat lamp in but darned if I could get it out from under the ice. Oh well, I just confiscated the one my husband uses to plug in his truck. Needless to say, when he got home he got mine out from under the ice! LOL I thought maybe I was done having horses but I'm getting horse fever. I still haven't decided but I sure like looking at the ones for sale and dreaming. You know, dreaming of riding off into the sunset on my trusty steed, not the dream (reality) of catching then convincing them to actually leave the barn without having to negotiate with a 1000# animal. I liked reading all the posts and seeing what everyone has been doing. Dianne, I got an extra copy of My Degeneration to pass on to others to give them an understanding of Parkinson's. And TexasTom, I've never been one for jogging but after watching your video on slow jogging I gave it a try and I can do that! I see we have a Tom in Omaha also. Omaha Tom and jb, I'm fighting the nasty weather also. It's raining today but will be back down to only 9 degrees tomorrow night with more snow in the forecast. Take care everyone and keep the apathy and depression at bay.
  10. LAD Here's some additional thoughts for you. My concern is meeting people for the first time and being afraid they will discount me and not care to get to know me when they realize I have issues. If you didn't know the person before they had PD, take the time to really see the person, not just the visible symptoms of their disease. Know that the person loves, dreams and laughs just like everyone else. Who knows, we may have the same sense of humor or maybe the same interests as you. One of us could be your next best friend but unless you take the time to talk to us you may never know it!
  11. jb: I'm getting by pretty easy this year. My family has decided to do the soup thing instead of the traditional holiday meal. My soup will be a spicy cheesy chicken soup that you eat with tortilla chips. I did find red and green holiday tortilla chips at the store today and thought "that's perfect" so I bought them. After a snowy November, December has been really mild. This is fine with me though a light snow on Christmas day is always a treat. The thread has been quiet lately. I hope you're all doing well and just busy with the normal seasonal activities. Don't push yourselves to hard. Please take a break when needed so that life's priorities (taking care of yourself, family, friends) will rise to the top and all of those unimportant things that want to worry us will sink down below the radar. Either PD or the medication (c/l) is causing my facial muscles to want to tense up---like gritting my teeth. I have been asked "why are you grimacing" a few times lately and I hate it because I'm concerned I'm taking on a "don't approach me" look and that's not the message I want to send out. If anyone needs a recommendation for a good book let me suggest Dancing with Elephants by Jarem Sawatsky. Mr Sawatsky has Huntington's Disease which he describes as a combination of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia. His story on how he is coping with his disease is inspirational. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas everyone. May the New Year bring to us all that Dianne mentioned. For truly that would be enough. Marcia-I hope Santa brings you a new computer because we need you on here with us.
  12. Yes, it is like coming home. It's a safe place to land.
  13. Welcome back Linda. It sounds like you had a scary ordeal. I'm glad you have your continuing care community and the Lord by your side. We're all glad to have you back. Take care friend.
  14. Tom-simply put, you amaze me. Way to go. Marcia-No mores stairs for you. Hello JB, LAD, Dianne. Good day to everyone. Dianne-you are going to be GREAT in your new role at your church. They are blessed by having you. Have any of you seen the latest post from Peter Dunlap-Shohl about taking care of his wife's horses? It is hilarious. I hope the link works. It's worth the read. It will give you your daily dose of laughing. http://offandonakpdrag.blogspot.com/ Wishing you all strength for the day and beyond.
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