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    PD induced Camptocormia

    A belated thank you for your reply. They say "Better late than never". Has any progress been made in treating patients with PD induced Camptocormia in the past year? My neurologist, who in the past had ruled it out, is now suggesting that I may want to consider it. He was very specific that there was no guarantee, but the odds of success have improved to 50%. He cited recent discussions of DBS as an early intervention tool and overall better outcomes of DBS. Unfortunately for me, there are no specific studies of DBS for Camptocormia, that he can reference. Are you aware of any? Has your thinking changed from the earlier reply you gave to my post? Thank you.
  2. kurush01

    PD induced Camptocormia

    Can you recommend any treatment, doctor or COE any where in the world to treat Camptocormia? I am a 68 year old male. I have been suffering from Scoliosis Kyphosis and Degenerative Disc Disease for 25+ years. But I managed with exercise and pain pills for all these years. I was diagnosed with PD in 2009. The drooping from the waist started in 2013 and in mid 2014 I heard the word Camptocormia. It has exponentially increased my original pain to the point where I cannot walk or stand for 2 minutes a time. Amazingly my GP, Neurologist, Physiatrist, PT or Cardiologist had never heard of it. Can DBS help to minimize the pain? Thank you. Kurush Maneckshana