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    My biggest fear was not getting accepted. You know, I used to freeze alot before too, rarely happens now. What was it about doorways? still dont know... but I think it has something to do with the physke of each person, if of course this make any sense #113. Seriously, being written so early in the morning...
  2. gravdav

    To tell or not to tell..that is the question...

    I do scream out in the night, cussing.. This, after hearing voices in my dreams though, I would say or think. Thank You I will inquire, since I've never mentioned this to my doctor.
  3. gravdav

    To tell or not to tell..that is the question...

    I take 4 - 25/100 mg Carbidopa / Levodopa per day, 3- 100 mg Amantadine, 1 per day Azilect 1mg per day, 3 - mg Ropinole, 1 - Caribidopa / Levodopa ER 25/100 per day and 1 Clonazepam 0.5 per night. When I take my daily walk, it is only after, that my fingers start tingling to pins and needles type of feeling. I'm wondering if my height and arm length have any thing to do with this I'm 5 ' 11 and have a finger tip- to finger tip reach of 82" [six-foot eight].
  4. gravdav

    Stroke following dbs surgery

    I hope he gets better, too.
  5. gravdav

    Best week ever...

    Thank you, Wifeofpwpd
  6. gravdav

    Best week ever...

    That is my positive,,, "the Not Forgotten Joe". Thank you for letting me say what I want. I do appreciate that stance. I'm just saying that life is not always, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet!
  7. gravdav

    Best week ever...

    People treat this "disease" as if it were 'Aids", distancing themselves from it, shelving it, or in my case, having "IT" adopted! So, how does one talk about one's life without butting heads? You dont! It's part of life.
  8. gravdav

    Best week ever...

    When I first came to this site, it was was for two reasons; the finding of my son to give my "Medical History." The other reason was to 'Share" if asked about my DBS and having had Parkinsons all my life since born. These to reasonings triggered my "Happiness".... Now, if I try to talk I get the old soap box routine.... PARKINSON's is not a disease it's a LIFE! ...and everything within this life is relative!
  9. Thank u CECE, SOMETHING WEIRD IS GOING DOWN... THEY WERE GONE THIS MORNING AND NOW THEY ARE BACK.... i'm talking about the "Readers View" not this part, but i guess the forum read by the non members..
  10. To those who say that my person has backdated a new DX years, months and even back to my birth of PD to look more "authoratative." Well, what kind of last gasp crap is that? That is a remark made proprosterously insane because, I've felt these symtoms throughtout my life, each has impacted my life; it was the primary doctors telling me that nothing was wrong with me. What was I supposed to do when they kept tellng me that nothing was wrong and it was in my head. And as far as going back to my birth, yes i'll make that stretch because if i knew at nine years old, then i say that ive had is since birth. because as GRUNT85 says, a person never wants to fit in. my dx came way to late, but i was very happy when it did!
  12. Thanks, hmmm, I wonder why i cant, i tried some other forums where i posted and each showed... HMM CHECKED ON THIS POST, IT DONT SHOW.... ON "READER'S VIEW" CECE #36 IS NOT SHOWING IN THE "READERS VIEW"
  13. Why do my comments not appear in the "Readers View" #33 and #34 6:57 am and 7:34am
  14. Backdating, is that what you call it? My findings may be worth nothing to you or the non-taking meds' 'marine' pm, but these finding are mine to share how i want.. And another thing, I was "happy" when I was dxed. oops, this was supposed to go to Daven
  15. ????? .... How would you know? When nobody believes in a person anyway...your way of thinking is biased and totally speculative!