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  1. scaredsenseless

    Summer adventure season starting

    My husband has tremors and I think that is why he gets the added pad downs. Thanks for helping TSA understand!!
  2. scaredsenseless

    Do any of you here sleep - I get little or none

    My husband's Neurologist is a very big believer in Melatonin as well. It must be taken every night NOT JUST WHEN YOU CAN'T SLEEP. She also recommends relaxation tapes and to make sure your medications are taken at the same time every day (very important).
  3. scaredsenseless

    pd and fluctuation of blood pressure

    My husband has difficulty with low and high blood pressure readings. We constantly monitor his blood pressure and the doctors have to review his medications. It is very difficult!
  4. scaredsenseless

    PD is not the end

    My husband is in a group for exercising. As the Physical therapist says No Two people have the same like symptoms. It is so true as you see the different issues with each person. People have a tendency to lump everyone in a big category. Great advice!!
  5. scaredsenseless

    33m. Worried of YOPD

    The best advise I would give as an older person is be diligent about your health. Continue to fight. If you feel you are not getting answers you need to find a health care person who will listen. Also make sure you have someone who can go with you. We often hear only some of what the medical staff is saying. Write down questions and symptoms. Good luck!!! '
  6. scaredsenseless

    CBD Oil

    Thank you for this information. My husband has developed Fidgety issues at night. He feels like he could just crawl out of his skin. He is not sleeping and as you state this causes his Parkinson's symptons to be worse. We live in a Medical Marijuana state and we are thinking of looking into this issue. Thanks for the update!!
  7. scaredsenseless

    Six months "testing" marijuana. Observations, questions

    Regarding Medical Marijuana. We live in a state that approves Medical marijuana. Can a dosage that does not cause you to be high help??? Anyone know? My husband and I are extremely conservative but we are at wits end. We would like to try him with something that wouldn't get him high but would this lessen the effectiveness? He is not sleeping at night which means I am not sleeping at night as well. His Parkinson's is so much worse when he does not sleep.
  8. scaredsenseless

    Medical marijuana?

    Thank you Oakman. My husband has been experiencing the figitty at night. He feels like he wants to jump out of his skin. We have tried relaxation tapes, etc. We are thinking of trying the medical marijuana route. I wonder what the neurologists think??
  9. scaredsenseless

    Do any of you here sleep - I get little or none

    I got a relaxation tape for my husband. Some nights it helps and some nights it does not.
  10. scaredsenseless

    Early PD and vigorous exercise

    My husband is 70 years old. He was diagnosed about 5 years ago. He is so diligent about doing what needs to be done to stay well. Our Neurologist department has LSVT exercise three times a week. He tries faithfully to get to these exercise classes. He also went through the LSVT exercise program. THE EXERCISE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. He used to shuffle and he no longer does that. He seems to be having some difficulty with his speech. His voice becomes horse and he speaks quite. He has also become less of a conversationalist. His Neurologist suggested he go to speech therapy. He has gone through the LSVT LOUD program and it has helped. I would like to know why LSVT charges $45.00 for their DVD for practice. Seems as if they are taking advantage of Parkinson's patients. Just Note: He recently suffered from a bout of whatever is going around. IN MY OPINION - HE IS A GREAT GUY BUT WHEN HE GETS SICK...... HIS BODY SHUTS DOWN. HE SEEMS TO HAVE TO USE EVERY EFFORT TO FIGHT THE SICKNESS AND HE BECOMES A ZOMBIE. IT TAKES HIM LONGER TO GET OVER IT. So anyone who is suffering any flu, cold, sickness. Take note: if you have Parkinson's your extra slowness is most likely being caused because your brain is fighting the illness. Take it easy. Caregivers note: Be patient, make the Parkinson's patient take extra care of themselves. The one thing that I stress for my husband is to please make sure you put your medication in pill boxes. I only take a Blood pressure pill and thyroid medication and if I don't have those two pills in my pill box........ I don't recall if I took it this morning or not. As I say to my husband, if you are on a plane you need to put the oxygen mask on first in order to help yourself to help others. It is the one things that I insist. MAKE SURE YOU FILL THE PILL BOTTLES AND TAKE YOUR MEDICATION ON TIME. A very happy new year to you all and read and learn what helps other patients and remember. Every case of Parkinson's is different. But we can all learn from each other. God Bless
  11. scaredsenseless

    Do you talk about dementia, or is it the elephant in the room?

    My mom had dementia and I was her caregiver (believe it or not at this point it was perhaps 25 years ago. I wish I had handled her situation different. I have watched people who are caregivers fight with their dementia victim. I did the same. You feel they should be trying more. She knows better. If I had it to do over again I would treat them more like my 2 Year old grandchild. I would divert them when they become upset or argumentative. If they don't remember you or think you are someone else. Talk to them as if they are another person. They are not going to remember the conversation. Take the good times as they come. The days that he is bad.... Take a deep breath. Talk about something different. Don't fight the dementia it will not help. I hope this helps. I am sorry for your issue.
  12. scaredsenseless

    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    I am still unsure how to use this site and how to answer to you both. Thank you so much New normal and coacht. Your information is wonderful and very enlightening!!! I am a firm believer of prayer and I will definitely be adding all of you to my prayers this evening. My husband and I have a joke about how long it takes me to pray. We start out together and he always waits for me to finish. Tonight the prayers will be longer and when he jokes about it to myself I will be thinking of you all!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
  13. scaredsenseless

    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    Thank you for your welcome. I really need somewhere to vent today. I have always been a very strong woman and I have always been a positive person but today I could just sit and cry. Unfortunately, I do not want my husband to see my depression. My husband who will be 68 very shortly was diagnosed two (2) years ago. In the beginning it was just his hand and leg shaking. I was optimistic that this hopefully would be the only problem. Unfortunately I have watched little things happen. He becomes quiet in crowds (He was always very happy and personable). He started to find at his part time job that the cash register confused him. He read the prescription that he was taking and it stated that it could cause confusion. After speaking with the Neurologist Physician Assistant he cut down on the medication (it wasn't helping his shaking anyway). He is now on Trihexphenidyl (2 milligram tablets 3 times a day instead of 3 milligrams tablets 3 times a day) along with Azilect. In the past three months I have noticed that his Speech is getting worse (It is like a stutter). He becomes flustered easily and confused. I have composed a letter to this Neurologist asking for confidentiality about my concerns. (if my husband thought that his mind was going - he would not be able to handle it). My mother had dementia and we lived with that for 10 years. He would be devastated if this is happening to him. Today I am finding his problem with being flustered and being easily confused hard to take and I am utterly depressed. There is a better medication that they say only lasts for about ten (10) years in which your body becomes immune. We were holding off on that medication but if it would help now I think he needs it. Does anyone know if this would be of help to him? Thank God for this sight I feel I have no one to talk to. I have a sister but she has always been a gloom and doom and would only cry if I told her what I was going through.