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  1. papa57

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    I have no wisdom here. I agree with SS......leave no stone unturned.
  2. papa57

    I have it!

    You bet you can go about your business! Your circumstances leading up to this point sound very familiar. The only difference was they had me go through a DatScan (?)....a radioactive isotope injection with MRI. Also put me on Carbidopa Levadopa right away. The logic was, if the C/L worked.......its PD. There was concurrence along the way by a second MDS who just watched me walk, did some hand and leg movement tests, etc. Many of us have very positive results from being active physically......meaning exercise. So its STRONGLY encouraged. I got about 5 years before I retired, and actually much more than that when you consider symptoms were occurring much earlier. So if you're certain its PD.......you've come to the right place.
  3. papa57

    Mired in Muck

    Agreed. Keep politics out of it ......unless you're lobbying for $ for PD research. Part of this is my need to muscle through it, get my head straight, and part of that is the timing of the meds. My exercise regiment is not the best lately either. I also need to learn that I'm not in control. I can only manage what I can at the moment. To find grace as SuperdeCooper stated. What I believe I'm personally learning in all of this is this all takes courage. Some time ago, shortly after the initial diagnosis (3 1/2 yrs ago) my DW and my MDS both told me.......this is ultimately your life.....you need to decide what to take or not take for meds, how to move forward, etc. I also need to lighten up.
  4. papa57

    Mired in Muck

    Thanks DaveN.
  5. papa57

    Mired in Muck

    Thanks all for your supportive comments. I try my best to be supportive of the group forum.......thanks for reciprocating!
  6. papa57

    Mired in Muck

    Agreed. I relate to everything you've stated. Family first as well. Attitude is all we can really control and obviously mine went south for awhile. It would just be good to be on a firm path. Maybe if I just try to remember to focus on one thing at a time.
  7. papa57

    Mired in Muck

    Just reaching out to the PWP community. I'm really stuck. I continue to exercise and take my meds. I retired last February, which has been difficult for me. I've worked at some job since age of 15........now I'm 60. My spouse and I have discussed moving to an area with better access to community events, support systems, etc. We live in a very remote area due to my past job as a forester. I've taken steps to find a part time job in a community 3 hours away. It seems to be working. My MDS agreed it would be good for me to be actively engaged with people vs. sitting at home thinking the worst. Where we live is a small community and people are quick to segregate you if you don't "fit in." I've reached out to my MDS, National Parkinson Foundation Call in support, my primary care physician, etc............all great support. I'm supposed to be going to a therapist at the end of next month. It helps to talk things out. Quite frankly I'm afraid of what the future holds. My dear wife is a great support, but she also has her own priorities. Where do you find the courage to continue forward?? I guess sometimes I look for things to be a little easier/better. I continue to fight, but feel like I'm running out of gas.
  8. papa57

    Working with Parkinson's?

    I worked up to last Feb. and retired. I've had issues for about 10 years, with official diagnosis about 3 1/2 years ago. It sounds like you're doing great! As already been said, keep exercising, stretching, etc. There are great video clips on You Tube if you look for different kinds of exercise. Cardio seems very important. Exercise daily!
  9. papa57


    Well today was a day of anxiety here. It started out as a low but constant level. Was home alone which was making it difficult. Anyway it seemed to be an "off" day. Late afternoon it peaked so I called a PD nurse. It helps to talk. As I was making the call I had taken a regular sinemet and extended release per my MDS. According to the nurse, C/L generally wears off in 3 1/2 to 4 hours and anxiety may pick up as you wear off. C/L generally takes affect about a half hour after taking it. Long story short.......that seemed to be the case today. After having taken the dosage and talking with the nurse the anxiety subsided. It happened again late this evening. So for the moment it seems that as the meds wear off, I'm susceptible to peaking of anxiety.
  10. papa57

    Getting Out

    Yes, its difficult to be "prepared" for anything. Lately if I just mentally tell myself to RELAX....pause.....and breath it works quickly.
  11. papa57


    Anxiety seems to be the word for the day. I too have real issues with anxiety. About the time I think its not much of an issue.........it rears its ugly head and hits me. Go figure. I can become anxious anticipating something that I'll be involved with a group of people........or conversely I can develop anxiety being alone with no sounds in the house and start to wonder how I can handle the upcoming winter on isolated days. Staying busy definitely helps.
  12. papa57

    A little something to think about

    Thanks LAD. Can't say I'll sign up.......but it sure looks interesting.
  13. papa57

    Do any of you here sleep - I get little or none

    I've been using a combination of valerian root, melatonin, turmeric, and an antidepressant (sertraline) with pretty good results. Usually wake up 2-3x times per night to go to the bathroom,, which is obviously an age related issue as well. On occasion, make it all the way through the night, or wake up only once. A cheap pair of headphones with relaxation tapes is can be a big help. Hopefully this helps.
  14. papa57

    Good morning!!

    Sounds fantastic! Would like to join in sometime.
  15. papa57

    PD is not the end

    It's been rough sledding lately. It's good to find positive motivation here. Strong willpower tends to ebb and flow with me. Being able to write this......at this very moment is cathartic.