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    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    I think I probably misunderstood your post, Miracleseeker, sorry. You are, of course, completely correct - we should neither expect, nor want, anything in return. It's often the way, though, that people co-depend. Thanks for the interesting food for thought, and sorry for misinterpreting your post.
  2. kaihoukan

    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    Miracleseeker, I think that co-dependency is what the human race is all about. We should all do the best we can to always help each other. Co-dependency is a bit like symbiosis, it's normal enough. Good luck with everything, and I hope you always accomplish whatever is needed.
  3. I think that finally, the jig's up for white sugar. It's really bad stuff! Macrobiotics makes a realy big deal out of it - it's a total no-no. It's scary to see that there is so much nutritional ignorance abounding - white sugar is in nearly all processed foods. They even put it in tinned soup! Thanks for such a useful post, Kathrynne Holden.
  4. I am amazed at this - I never knew such a form of help existed. My friend is getting a little vocally indistinct and also has problems with swallowing. I don't know if you can get an SLP in the UK, but I certainly hope so. Thanks for this very interesting and useful post, Dr Mahler.
  5. kaihoukan

    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    Hi, Whatnext, I think that it is natural that we fall prey to despair in such dreadful circumstances - so I think it is good to remember that there are ways to ameliorate this awful disease. There are, apparently, a number of people who are now symptom-free. (Please note that this does not necessarily mean that they no longer have Parkinson's, but means that they no longer suffer from it.) Howard Shifke seems to be one such person. He has seemingly conquered his symptoms by daily practice of Qi Gong. Also, I think it interesting to see that PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fileds) is becoming more widely used. In short, there are many ways to positively affect people suffering from Parkinson's. Btw, that doctor sounds like a real piece of work. I feel sorry that you had to endure that. This is a general question to you all: Is it ok if I post my URL here? I don't want to seem like some nasty spammer My best friend has Parkinson's, I have done a lot of research for her, and now I want to see if I can help others with some thoughts, ideas, and encouragement. It's a non-profit, non-advertising page, its only purpose is to help people with Parkinson's, their carers, and their loved ones. Whatnext, if it is possible to get counseling, then please proceed with that. I'm guessing most of us could do with some counselling regarding this awful ailment, I know I certainly could! It seems to me that Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, or yoga would massively help most people, but Tai-Chi or Qi Gong might be easier to do than yoga. Some people swear by supplements, eg, Tibetan healing supplements, or just plain ol' multivitamins. My guess is that B12, Magnesium, Selenium, and a whole bunch of other things may help. Others might say that adhering carefully to a properly managed macrobiotic diet will eventually make one symptom- free. (Macrobiotic diet is a tough one, though! No sugar, no coffee, no milk, no chemicalised food, etc.) To make a long post a little shorter, research the web as much as you can, there are many ways to approach this disease. And please remember that you are not alone - this forum is a wonderful thing for all of us to share and benefit from. So, please try to keep your spirits up, Whatnext. I wish you and your husband the very, very best of luck.