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  1. Dchovan

    Medication and dosage help.

    I have 5 rytary left do I take 1 per night this week.? Is that slow enough? Insurance denied it after paying for 2 years. Can I get by with stop sropping rytarry with that?. thank you again! Diane
  2. Dchovan

    Medication and dosage help.

    I was so excited to hear from you that I didn’t finish my reply. Two neurologists have told me thru suspect I have MSA, bit that diagnosis didn’t change the way I’m treated. I am slow, on a walker, fatigue easily, difficulty chewing, swallowing and speaking and sleep issues, incontinent, also lose my balance easily but i try to go someplace every day. I have 2 excellent caregivers during the week and am blessed with loving friends and family. I work with a trainer 3xs/week, speech therapist 1 or 2xs/week. I am nowhere ready to give up. thank you thank you for your time and expertise-. sincerely', Diane
  3. Dchovan

    Medication and dosage help.

    Yes, it helps a loT! It confirms what I’ve been feeling all a!long, - that I’m taking too many different meds. . Now where do I start . With the rytary?
  4. Please help, need help with medication scheduling. Would you please give recommendations on how and when I should take them. Medication: sinemet. 25/100. 2 pills. Time: 8am-11am-2pm-5pm-8pm Sinemet cr. 25/100. 1 pill. Time: 8am- 2pm- 8pm Comtan. 200mg. 1 pill. 8a-11a-2p-5p- 8Pm Sinemet CR. 25/100 1pill. 8am- 5pm Selegiline IC 5mg Lexapro. 30mg. 1 pill. 10am Miralax 1 capful. 10am Detroit. LA. 4mg. 1 pill. 8pm Rytary ER 61.25. 2pills. 10pm Klonopin. 0.5 mg. 1-2pills. @bedtime Melatonin 50mg @bedtime Is there anything you that you see needs adjusted or decreasesd, any help would be greatly appreciated. especilly regarding Requip is it better at night or morning? Please give your opinion on taking 3 types of Sinemet I’ve been diagnosed with MSA in fall of 2017. Parkinson’s in 2015. Thank you, Diane
  5. I am a 63 yr old woman dx May 2015. My meds are as follows - 20 mg Lexapro (generic),,1 x day at 7am, 8 mg Requip extended release (generic) 2 x day at 7am and 5 pm, selegeline 5mg 2x day at 7 am and noon and Rytary 36.25 mg-145 3 caps at 7am, noon, and 5 for a total of 9 caps/day. i can't it my finger on it exactly, but I feel like I'm taking too much medicine. My MDS switched my meds around a couple of times since seeing me in January. At that time I weighed 153, now I'm down to 134. Would this make a difference in dosage? If I were to reduce the amount I take - how would I safely begin titration? Thank you in advance - your advice is always concise, thought out and greatly appreciated. dchovan
  6. Dchovan

    More/less Requip?

    Mark, Thank you. I'm cautious to allow time between taking my supplements and PD meds. Thanks for the reminder. I'm wondering what is the average or typical daily dose of Requip in your opinion. I had gotten to 6mg 3x/day before I began reducing it. One dr told me 10, another said it takes much more. thank you!
  7. Dchovan

    More/less Requip?

    I'm in a dilemma and you have first hand experience and your advice always is sound. I'm 52 yr old female dx May 2015. I suspect I have atypical PD, my neurologist hasn't confirmed this but she is leaning towards it. Currently my meds are 4.5 mg Requip 3x daily 2 25/100 Sinemet 4x daily 5mg selegeline 2x daily 20 mg Lexapro 1x daily Plus a. Long list of supplements. I was trying to reduce the amount of Requip I was taking but my symptoms have worsened especially around my Face and mouth affecting speech and swallowing. So do I go back up on the Requip dosage or tough it out and continue to reduce. I just feel I should be getting more relief. Also my balance has worsened dramatically along with stiffness while I've reduced Requip. Any help you give is greatly appreciated.
  8. Dchovan

    Requip results

    I am a 62 year old female, dx May 2015. Weakness on left side, slow mobility, dysarthria, sleep disturbances, and incontinence. Currently taking 2 25/100 Sinemet, 4mg Requip, 5mg selegeline in morning. 1 1/2 Sinemet 4mg Requip 5 mg selegeline at lunch. And 1 1/2 Sinemet 4 mg Requip at 5:30pm.I began taking Requip starting with .25 mg three times a day and gradually titrating up until now I'm at 4 mg 3x. At what dosage do you think I'll be able to see some relief from my symptoms? I know that you don't have the PD crystal ball, I'm just counting on your valued experience. Thank you in advance.
  9. Dchovan

    PD meds - reaction?

    I am a 62 yr old female, dx May 2015. I am currently taking 1/2 .5 mirapex, 1 1/2 Sinemet 25/100, and 1mg Requip 3x's a day. We are increasing the Requip every two weeks by .25 mg. I was taking Azilect, but had a reaction to it after 2 weeks. About five or six hours after taking the azilect , I got tightness in my chest and a headache and numbness and tingling down my legs along with shortness of breath. I also take 10 mg of Lexapro. My neurologist has put me on selegilne, 5mg once a day for a week, then 2x day starting tomorrow. I'm concerned about a reaction to the selegilne as well, so far I seem to tolerating it, was just a mild headache goes away after a few minutes. I guess I'm looking for reassurance that we are on the right track with my meds. And which med would we increase if necessary. Symptoms being - stiffness, slow movement, difficult speech. Thank you in advance for your help. You provide an invaluable service to us.
  10. Dchovan

    Change in medicine

    I am a 62 year old woman, diagnosed a year ago with Parkinson's, with symptoms leaning towards being idiopathic. For the past seven months I have been taking one half tablet Mirapex .5 and one half tablets of sinemet 25/100 three times a day. My neurologist, who is a movement disorder specialist, has added Requip .25 3 times, increasing this by .25 in 2 weeks. We have a schedule in place to increase as needed. He also added Azilect.5 mg for 1 week to be increased to 1 mg at the end of the week, taken once a day. In 4 weeks we will begin reducing the mirapex and sinemet until I'm not taking them any longer. My main symptoms are rigidity, fatigue, slow movement, minor balance issues, slow, slurred speech; some swallowing difficulty. Does this course of action make sense to you? Would you have any idea how long it will take before I see some improvement in my symptoms? Thank you for your time.
  11. Dchovan

    Amino Acids

    Dr. Okun, I am a 61-year-old woman diagnosed with PD in May. I am taking a proactive approach with exercise, positive outlook, and lots of supplements. I am curious about amino acids and wonder if taking them would benefit me. If so, where do I start? My vitamin d and homocysteine levels are good. Thank you, Diane
  12. Dchovan

    Amino acids

    Kathrynne, I have been reading up on supplements and came across information that amino acids would be beneficial to dopamine production. So my next question is, which ones do you recommend? Vitamin d level and homocysteine level are both ok. Thank you, Diane
  13. Dchovan

    Amino acids

    Kathrynne, Thank you for the information, I'll be sure to follow your advice. These are the amino acids I have: L- tyrosine 500mg, Theanine 200mg, Arginine 750mg, Phenylalanine 500mg, GABA 700mg. I'm not sure where to begin - once a day, twice a day? Or even if these are the correct ones. Any help to navigate this disease is appreciated -
  14. Dchovan

    Amino acids

    I was diagnosed in May, I am on mirapex .5 mg and sinemet 25/100 3x a day. I take a long list of high quality supplements and would like to begin on amino acids. Your thoughts on introducing these are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  15. Dchovan

    Starting on Sinemet

    I am a 61-year-old woman diagnosed in May with PD. I currently take 10mg accupril 1x, 10mg lexapro 1x, and 1.5mg mirapex 3x's. I have rigidity in my face and neck, slurred speech, slow movements,and rigidity in left arm and leg. I take supplements, get weekly massages, and do acupuncture. I have been hesitant to start the Sinemet, hoping to hold off as long as possible. Can you tell me what improvements I can expect if I were to start taking it? The dose is 25/100 3x a day. Thank you for your advice.