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    Diagnosed in 2005 with PD. Symptoms were mild(stage l) for 8 years. Then medication began to wear "off" quickly. More dosage, more RX lead to unpleasant side affects. March 2014, my neuro suggested I might be candidate for DBS. So began the journey to learn, research surgery, Neurosurgeons, facilities etc. I was at the point with symptoms getting worse, could hardly wait for DBS. Oct 2014, almost a year now. Barrows Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ completed surgery . Awake ,6 hours, STN, both sides, neuro stimulator implanted on left side upper chest. All completed during one surgery. One year later,,.....still working on stimulation.
  1. Pureannc

    DBS Programming Sessions Per year

    I see my Neurologist for programming every 3 months or 4 times yearly.
  2. Pureannc

    Botox for dystonia ?....?

    Thank you for your comments. I pray my toes will uncurl on the left foot And there will be no need for the shots.
  3. Pureannc

    DBS surgery on TV

    Yes, bilateral STN and Metronic neuro stimulator placed same day at Barrows Neulogical Institution, Phoenix, AZ. About 6 hours. It was one year ago today!!!!!
  4. Pureannc

    DBS surgery on TV

    Michael, I did not think it was bad at all, very informative. I'll watch again sometime. My DBS was less than a year ago, so could remember a great deal of the surgery. Very similar, except I had the Metronic neuro stimulator placed during this surgery. Also I was asleep when they placed the halo brace. So did not hear them placing that or the drilling of the bilateral holes.
  5. Pureannc

    DBS surgery on TV

    I don't remember this procedure during my DBS either. They said something regarding the leads going in too far and it was a check or triple check about placement?.......
  6. Just checking to see if my "quote" button is working. It appears so.......
  7. Pureannc

    Neurology Now - Free subscription

    Thank you, Swimmer for sharing. I see this journal among others in my doctors offices. Glad to be able to read at my leisure.
  8. Pureannc

    Botox for dystonia ?....?

    Thank you for responding to my request. I will try the magnesium, as this was also recommended by my acupuncturist. Kim, I also have very sensitive feet and the thought creeps me out. I want to try other options before moving forward with the shots. I feel as though I am not at an optimal setting and more fine tuning is needed. The toes curling under on the left foot can also have a slight tremor in the same leg and foot. This was not happening 2 stimulation settings ago. New neurologist, new setting = some improvement, but more dystonian movements. Peace, I am taking Carbidopa/Levodopa 25-100mg 1 tablet @ 2.5 hours (5daily). Also taking Extended- release 25-100 2 @ bedtime, 1 upon waking. This is same medication as before DBS. I stopped taking Requip, before my surgery. I had bad side effects from that RX.
  9. Pureannc

    Botox for dystonia ?....?

    My Neurologist is recommending Botox shots in the bottom of both feet for toes curling down. This dystonian condition does not happen all of the time, but is intermittent, and more often on one foot. Can anyone share their experience with this? Do they help? For what length of time? Will this be an ongoing treatment etc...... Thanking you in advance for your input.
  10. Pureannc

    DBS and you...?

    My neurologist told me the neuropsych test was like the SAT on steroids and laughed. Turns out he was right. Like Kim, I felt that I had tested poorly. Turns out I was wrong, scored very well. Do not worry or fret, just do your best.