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  1. zeke1109

    First DBS programming!

    My doctor wants me to come in the week of 11/28 for four straight days at 8am. I said that it will be difficult as it's just me, my 83 year old mom with a bad leg plus my caseworker who is overloaded with people and works 3 jobs. I can't just get that there that easy as services for people on disability don't start work until 9am .I asked for his offices help if they could just wheel me up to their office that would be a big help. My doctor doesn't care! He says 8 am is a reasonable time and if i want my programming I better be there. I don't know what to do now. I'm trying to find another programmer in the area (Hudson Valley area, pougkeepsie,ny, 12601) who maybe CARES a little more about his patients. Any suggustions? ZEKE
  2. zeke1109

    New Medtronics Web Site

    Kim Was curious about my first programming appt with my neurologist. He says he's experienced but when I called he asked when I had my 1st main surgery and then proceeded to make an appointment on the friday in the same week I just had my shoulder surgery! I still have a follow up on nov 23rd for checking the wires and having the staples removed (this was done together in order to save us from making 2 trips to Albany (2 hours). Now he's making appointments for the week after for 4 days in a row at 8am? He said it was the only way to squeeze me in. He doesn't sound experienced to me. Sounds like he's excited about trying this out on me! Anyway I can find information about what kind of experience he does have? I'm in the Hudson Valley near Poughkeepsie, NY.
  3. Hi all, It's been a while since I've been on here. When I first saw the parkinsons doctor I wanted to do my DBS he said I was a good candidate for it. He did say I had to get my weight down and bring my diabetic sugar down too so I could heal properly afterwards. I'm not just heavy though, I'm obese....320 now although I was 350 when I first saw him a couple of months ago. I'm 6 ft so now he's saying I have to get down to at least 210 lbs! The other problem he says that will disqualify me for DBS is my sleep apnea. I sleep 6-8 hours a night with dreaming but he said i still have a lot of broken breathing showing up in my sleep studies. I've tried 2 times with the sleep mask (both 3 month periods) and medicare won't cover the cost because I failed to sleep long enough with it on.....only 3 hours. I'must miserable with that thing on and it's not the full facial, it's just the little one. He suggested that I could get some sort of UPP surgery? Also, dental appliances. Anybody have any experience with any of this?
  4. I am currently at 321 pounds, down from 350. However, my parkinsons dr has told me at 6 ft i'm going to have to get down to at least 210 lbs for him to give the ok to go ahead with the DBS. Also, he says I have sleep apnea problems which, even though I sleep 6-8 hours with dreaming, he could still not recommend me as a good candidate unless I start wearing a sleep mask. Do you agree with these statements? I know I have to get the weight down but I haven't been 210 since high school! I'm 52 now.
  5. zeke1109

    Selegiline bad dreams paranoid

    Anybody have bad dreams where you are fearful or paranoid after starting Selegiline? I also started Sinemet CR 1 1/2 pills at night. I am getting a longer sleep with the CR (5 hours) but this could be causing the dream problems and feelings too. I do take some psychiatric drugs that note interaction problems but my neurologist said not to worry about it due to the low dosage.
  6. zeke1109

    Rytary, Neupro, and Azilect

    Drug symptom: Vivid dreaming (sunday/monday), bad dreams of being afraid or paranoid. Feelings continue for about an hour after waking then disappear. Selegiline 5mg/2x (just started on Friday) Taking Sinimet throughout the day and 1 1/2 pills of Sinimet CR (just started on Sunday) before bed. I do take some psychiatric drugs that state interaction problems at high doses but my neurologist said not to worry about it due to the low dosage.
  7. zeke1109

    Medicaid paying for Nursing Home Care

    Trust funds not only protect assets but create income that you can actually use towards things other than the nursing home. Like books, etc. You can't spend the principal but you can use the interest (around 2%). ....and, yes, as stated above via links you CAN find good medicaid nursing homes if you research. 2 million in assets? Wow! Wish I had that much.
  8. zeke1109

    Medicaid paying for Nursing Home Care

    Link to all the medicare nursing homes with only high rated in my area: http://health.usnews.com/best-nursing-homes/search?overall-min=5&medicare=y&location=12590 (5 stars) Here are 4 stars: http://health.usnews.com/best-nursing-homes/search?overall-min=4&medicare=y&location=12590
  9. zeke1109

    Medicaid paying for Nursing Home Care

    Also, you are actually allowed to have up to $14,800 in assets before you need to protect the rest. As for the bad medicare covered homes you can still find some high quality places like in this listed link: http://health.usnews.com/best-nursing-homes/area/poughkeepsie-newburgh-ny 2nd one down, st. joseph's seems ok to me. I've seen that the bad one's in my area are punished and things get turned around....in my area anyway.
  10. zeke1109

    Medicaid paying for Nursing Home Care

    Btw, I just realized I'm not even talking about MY OWN assets. This is my mothers $$$ coming to me in a trust when she dies.
  11. zeke1109

    Medicaid paying for Nursing Home Care

    Can I be eligible for Medicaid even if I make more money than the chart shows? Yes, some people can. Pregnant women, children, disabled persons, and others may be eligible for Medicaid if their income is above these levels and they have medical bills. Ask your Medicaid worker if you fit into one of these groups. Can't always answer a question with a black and white yes or no. Nothing here about assets either so my question was NOT correctly answered. As for the asset question about my brother, NO, he can't use my trust assets to pay the difference for a better home!
  12. zeke1109

    Medicaid paying for Nursing Home Care

    If I don't then the government gets it all. I'm trusting my brother. Wait, I'm confused about one thing. Yes, the trustee has control of the money but I will still have control of WHO the trustee is! She should have just fired the daughter.
  13. zeke1109

    Decrease PD symptoms....service?

    I help the older people with their medicare health and drug plans each year.
  14. zeke1109

    Sinemet Generic

    My doctor had me on both IR and ER at the same time at one point.