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  1. Hunter Dan

    Seeking hiking/backpacking partner (TN)

    Maybe we can work something out for a short 3 to 5 day thing , kick the tires on it a bit see what comes of it . My older son was stationed at Fort Campbell on the Kentucky /Tennessee border . How far from that area are you ? PM me if interested . Dan
  2. Hunter Dan

    Seeking hiking/backpacking partner (TN)

    I am also considering thru hiking the AT , although my time frame is not locked in as I have teenagers in the house . One will be graduating next year and one the year after . I am in Western NY but would consider heading down to do a 3-5 day hikes . I am 54 and diagnosed in 2015 . I currently try and hike 5 to 7 miles a few times a week . I started gathering things for extended hikes last year with a trip down to Pittsburgh and the REI store . Picked up an Osprey pack , water purifier and other assorted items to add to what I already have . My wife wants me to do the AT ,but would feel bad for taking off and leaving her to tend to everything on her own . Dan
  3. Hunter Dan

    Missing Meals?

    Missing a meal or eating junk food doesn't seem to noticeably effect to much. Unless it's more than a meal or two in a row , besides the feeling like I ate terrible . Stress and anxiety throw the tremor into overdrive . Everyone will say avoid stress at all cost , but unless you live in a bubble stress is a reality of life . How you cope with the stress is the key . And for that the answer is probably as diverse as any question addressed on the forum . Preemptive strikes on stress only last so long ( exercise and such ) . I haven't found a " in the moment " relief to stress yet that is effective . I know when my family tries to deflect or keep stressful situations away from me , it stresses me even more . I would rather be involved than be treated like I am sick and need to be shielded . I will be following this also ,maybe someone has an effective way to deal with the in the moment stress . Dan
  4. Hunter Dan

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    You really don't have to go to SS on an off day . You have to describe your symptoms when they are at there worse . I have good days where I feel guilty that I had to stop working. Then on most other day's I know exactly why I can't . As Golden01 said your Doctors documentation is key . And explaining it to the SS Dr. which are usually contracted out and I'm sure been advised and trained to look for the scammers . Even my family Dr. when he originally suspected PD , told me he was a general medicine guy that knows PD but not as well versed as a specialist . It is a crap shoot , but with paperwork in order and the proper teminology while being asked about it helps . Buzz words like I'm certain instead of I guess so . It is a mentally challenging and frustrating process . Especially when we all know someone who was awarded SS and works harder on side projects and in their yards than they ever did at work ! Good luck !!!! Dan
  5. Hunter Dan

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    When I got my denial letter they weren't real specific , basically it said that I was denied because I didn't fit the criteria based on chapter and paragraph of the specific social security law . And gives you a description of how to appeal and so on . What I found out later from a friend whose sister works for social security , is it's all based on the wording and unless you lost a limb there's around an 80% denial rate . Let's say you go to the social security dept today and it's a bright sunny day so your having a good day , so you give them your symptoms at that time ( DENIED ) . When you go in you have to give them the description of your worst days and all the symptoms you have and those symptoms on the worst day possible . Then you will see a social security Doctor who will be examining you for those symptoms . most likely he or she will be a general practitioner that knows what parkinsons is but that's as far as it goes for knowledge . So you have to take the time to explain every symptom in detail . Write it down !!!! The DR I had was close to 75 yrs old and said tremor about 8 times during the visit . My response was yes but also ,and then went to the next symptom . Don't know if he was even listening at times . At the appeal I went in front of the judge on a cold rainy western New York day , tremor was in high gear along with my speech being affected . So I suppose in a demented way it was a good thing I had one of my worse day's as a few weeks later I was approved ! As far as the VA I was stationed at a Air Base that is on the EPA's super fund list for contaminated ground water that supplied the wells that supplied the barracks with water . The VA is the same , symptoms on your worse day . They rate Parkinson's at around 30% but also rate each symptom . That's how I achieved 100% . The VFW or VA counsler can help with paper work . Letters from your DR and evidence of exposure is key . I was Aircraft maintenance as well so exposure to the contaminated water and exposure to chemicals . Vietnam era exposure to agent orange is pretty much automatic as long as there's proof you were in an area to get exposed or being stationed at a base that stored it . Dan
  6. Hunter Dan

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    My original application was denied , I was told it would be a 2 year wait for the appeal process . But I had also put in a VA claim . Once the VA rated me at 100% ,my appeal was bumped up and had a hearing at 8 months . Had to stop working at 51 due to balance issues and the fact that my job was 80% of the time in elevated situations . also had a couple falls at work while carrying pipe and dropped some tools from the elevated areas . Coworkers don't seem to like dodging falling pipe wrenches . I was on the fence personally as to whether I was "bad" enough to stop working . but a couple close calls on a ten foot ladder and coworkers getting nervous that I'd hurt myself or them ,I knew it was time . Dan
  7. Hunter Dan

    john pepper

    I have noticed for myself on days where I have a positive attitude and keep my mind occupied on other tasks I barely feel my symptoms . On the other side of the coin there are days when I feel whoa is me kind of attitude every symptom I have rises to the surface . So for me keeping active and keeping myself occupied is my key to happiness and symptom control . Easier said than done in winter . Spring ,summer and fall much easier . Dan
  8. Hunter Dan

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    My handwriting isn't as good as it was in the past . But not terrible yet , as my major symptoms hammer the left side of my body and I am right handed where the symptoms are still minor . Dan
  9. Hunter Dan

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    I have been taking it for awhile now and haven't noticed that the PD has progressed . With that being said I don't depend solely on medication . Since I was first diagnosed in 2015 I have not increased any of the dosages on any meds . I have continued to stay active with exercise and other physical activities such as ice hockey once a week and hiking when the weather cooperates . Because of the balance issues I don't work anymore because my job required me to work at higher elevations . So to answer the question I am doing fairly well , but I can't say the meds or the activity is the reason, or the combination . But I can say they haven't had any negative side effects that I am aware of . Dan
  10. Hunter Dan

    Golf for PD - Good video in the story

    Thanks for sharing ! just shows whatever peaks your interest may be your therapy ! Dan
  11. Hunter Dan

    Weather and PD

    I was wondering if anyone from a cold winter climate decided to relocate to a warmer climate ( EX : New York to Florida or Arizona ) . And if so have you noticed an improvement in your symptoms especially the rigidity in the winter . It has been extremely cold in the northeast early this year and I feel like I got run over by a bus some days . Dan
  12. Hunter Dan

    Rasagiline and other drugs

    I was nervous when first prescribed , as I too try to be as active as possible . I read all the side effects and hesitated about a month and a half before taking it . I Hike , play hockey am in the woods with my dog , hunt , fish and have not had an issue . I have been taking it since October of 2015 . Dan
  13. Hunter Dan

    Big News?

    I have been trying to do some research , there are over 600 neurological disorders . Most are treatable but so far I haven't found any information on any of them being cured . I'm not saying it hasn't happened i'm saying I haven't found evidence of any cured . I will keep hoping there will one day be a cure or at least a better treatment but won't hold my breath ! Dan
  14. Hunter Dan

    newly diagnosed outdoor active female

    Hiker , coming to the party a bit late but welcome , But only for the fact that I don't do much computer time in the nicer weather ! When I was first DX I kind of went into a bit of a shell so to speak. For a short period I was leary of doing things for fear I might intensify the disease . But with a small bit of research realized that is exactly opposite of what I should have done . Once I realized that I went back to being active ,almost to active to the point I was getting tendonitis from over use . The key is not to panic stay active and reduce stress as much as possible .I find my tremor gets out of control when I get stressed . One of my goals is to hike the Appalacian Trail , I would love to do it next spring but have teenagers that are very active, in ice hockey ,baseball and other kid things . Plus leaving the family for 5 or 6 months not an option right now . It's all up to you as time frames go ( personal goals ). I like others don't want to put things off for fear of progression ,but at the same time can't cram it all in in a day either . My belief is that if you control the PD and stay positive ,exercise , eat right and not let the fear of having PD consume you that you might have a bit of a say in how fast the PD progresses . (My belief ) . It will progress but from all of my personal research I believe it can be kept at bay for a long period ! And it appears you have no problem finding ways to stay active . Another one of my goals is to do one more half marathon ( done 8 ) . Good Luck, Dan
  15. Hunter Dan

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    I use rasagiline Dr says they believe it may slow down the progression of Pd and supposed to aid the other drugs to prevent the wearing off effect as your dose wears off . I don't use any of the others though . Dan