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  1. Twitchy mama

    ropinirole - dizziness

    I get dizzy and brain fog with ropinerole er so I take it at night and it doesnt seem to bother me as much. Good luck finding a solution that works for you. Twitch
  2. Twitchy mama


    I think it helps smooth out my symptoms and I now take it at 9 pm so the side effects are minimal. However, I think it has caused weight gain which is distressing, so I am wondering what would happen if I stopped taking it. I will have that conversation with my mds next visit. I am coping quite well with my pd and I don't want to mess that up. Exercise seems to be my best friend and c/l allows that to happen.
  3. Twitchy mama

    Good morning!!

    Jb49, your cheerleaders are ready al around the world. God bless you and keep you safe. We will all be praying for you! Twitch
  4. Twitchy mama


    I started on 2 mg Ropinerole ER when first diagnosed and then moved up to 4 mg. When that wasnt enough I tried 6 mg but started having hallucinations and terrible brain fog so I went back to 4 mg and added carbidopa/levodopa 25/100 3x a day and its working well for me. Good luck on your journey. Twitch
  5. Twitchy mama

    Loss of Smell?

    Smell is gone and just noticing diminished taste - and we eat really spicy food! I miss smelling the coffee in the morning, and a nice wine in the evening.
  6. Twitchy mama

    Good morning!!

    And dont forget the Robert Munsch books - I!ll love you forever!
  7. Twitchy mama

    Good morning!!

    Thornton burgess fables of the green forest ? I remember those stories!
  8. Twitchy mama

    Good morning!!

    Niagara Falls is lovely, so is Niagara on the Lake. Toronto is a beautiful city, if you like cities! Tobermory if you like getting away from the hustle and bustle. Gosh, there are so many wonderful things to do in Ontario, I don't know where to start. good luck, twitch
  9. Twitchy mama

    Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    I was started on Ropinerole ER 2mg when diagnosed and then moved up to 4mg. Side effects were terrible but the worst was having constant brain fog for months - I couldn't tolerate it. My dr recommended taking it at night and that helped somewhat, but when my dose was upped to 6mg I started hallucinating and I cut back to 4 mg. then I added sinemet, 1/2 tablet 3 x a day and life became so much better. I am now on 1 tablet 3x a day and still take the Ropinerole ER 4mg at night and doing quite well but I won't try taking more Ropinerole. if anything helps me feel up, it is the sinemet and exercise! Keep moving! twitchy mama
  10. Twitchy mama

    Good morning!!

    Merry Christmas to all and may we all do our best to support one another in the new year! Twitchy Mama
  11. Twitchy mama

    New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Hi Super - the only time I get tremors is when I am waking up and they are getting more pronounced lately - more like flapping hands and arms, and sometimes my legs go too. I often feel shakey inside but these are not visible - not sure if they are internal tremors. My PD is mostly stiffness and rigidity. after 2 years I am starting to accept my diagnosis and move forward - there is joy to be found in each day! All the best to you - twitch
  12. Twitchy mama

    Summer adventure season starting

    You are such a cool dad!! And hurray for your daughter!!
  13. Twitchy mama

    Good morning!!

    Hahaha what a fabulous journey that penny has taken! And now it is my turn to start a journey, not nearly as exciting but heading from Ontario to Florida so I get two thanksgivings! Be well and find a little joy in each day and keep on smiling! twitch
  14. Twitchy mama

    Summer adventure season starting

    Have a wonderful trip!
  15. Twitchy mama

    Summer adventure season starting

    Way to go, Stump! Quite an achievement