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  1. Good morning Twitchy.  I am looking up Carnarvon.  No idea where that is, Big province, Ontario is.  How long do you spend here in in the summer?

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    2. jb49


      Hi Janie,,  

      How are you today?  Are you American or Canadian? American I thought, or rather presumed.  Hurricane Irma is supposed  to be coming up through Florida in a couple days.  Will your place in Florida be ok?  Must be a worry for you.  I hope your place will be fine. My wife is supposed to go to Sanibel, (Fort Meyers) for a Parkinson convention of Researchers on Friday the 15th, next weekend.  She is waiting and hoping that it gets cancelled.

      Summerville, where did you get that place?  Nope, my address is Frankford. About 7 miles north of Trenton, which is on the hwy 401 about 100 miles east of Toronto. There we live on a small farm. I looked up Carnarvon.  I have driven through that area, Bracebridge,. Orilla, Lindsay, and Haliburton. Your town is about a 3 hr drive from here I think. 

      I did have an MRI done in Belleville 2 days ago.  Next Friday, I meet with the neurologist  in Toronto.  I am surprised that I am getting the DBS done, but I do have too much off time.

      Take care Janie, hope the hurricanes leave you untouched. Good health to you. 


    3. Twitchy mama

      Twitchy mama

      Hi JB, I am Canadian born in Middleton NS. We have lived in the US since 1994. Florida is a big question mark but if the house blows away to Kansas we can stay here. Don't know why I thought of Summerville- don't know why I think of lots of things!! Do know Belleville and Trenton (my dad was Air Force).

      if we ever get down that way, we'll try to find you - I have a brother in Montreal 

      there is a new subcutaneous delivery system for c/l . I can't figure out how to post it here but if you give me your email address I can forward the article.

      is your wife a PD researcher? We are just an hour north of ft Myers hope her trip is smooth and safe

      your positive attitude is such a gift to me and many others! Keep up your good works,JB 



    4. jb49


      Hello Twitchy,  I think that CFB Trenton is Canada's biggest Base. It was in place prior to WW2 and served as a training field.  It is home to a search and rescue squadron and the centre of air transport.  It is a major player in local economics. I picked up a cd of my MRI from the hospital in Belleville yesterday.  I will take that to my DBS consultation in Toronto next Friday.  My wife and a friend in Trenton have recently had DBS surgeries with good results.  I am heading down that path I think. Thank you for the input about the new delivery system.  I do know that many people with pumps are happy with the delivery of medicine.  My wife is expecting the conference to be postponed. Doesn't make much sense to be flying into an area that has been evacuated although the meeting is not until the 15th of September. She is not a researcher, but sits on a board as a dbs patient advocate.  That would be great to meet you if you were down this way sometime.  Have a good weekend TW.  jb