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  1. Good morning Twitchy.  I am looking up Carnarvon.  No idea where that is, Big province, Ontario is.  How long do you spend here in in the summer?

    1. Twitchy mama

      Twitchy mama

      Hi JB, on hey 35 north of Minden. We spend 5-6 months here and winters in north port Florida. No winter for this parkie!! Whoops that is Hwy 35 and we're on Boshkung lake. Are you near Summerhill or Summerville near the Quebec border?

      i have lots of supports down south but not much up here. I don't know how long we will be able to manage two places and the travel.

      thanks for the email, and you are brave going for dbs. There is a new medication coming out that is instead of duopa or dbs. I will try to find the article and send it to you (but I'm technically challenged)


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