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  1. bard

    Summer adventure season starting

    Have a great trip Stump and family
  2. bard

    Good morning!!

    Good to hear JB hope it continues to get better Bard
  3. bard

    Good morning!!

    Glad that you are back JB and doing well. Hopefully the shoulders will come along fairly quick Bard
  4. bard

    Good morning!!

    That's great JB. Will look forward to your stories when you are feeling up to it. Bard
  5. bard

    Good morning!!

    Thinking of you JB. Hope everything goes well Bard
  6. bard

    Good morning!!

    JB best of luck and thoughts and prayers will be with you Bard
  7. bard

    The period at the end of the sentence.

    Genden My thoughts and Prayers are with you Bard
  8. bard

    Good morning!!

    Happy Birthday JB Bard
  9. bard

    Good morning!!

    Diane Thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a very resilient person with all the things that have happened to you in the last year or so. Will be thinking of you Barry and Marsha
  10. bard

    Good morning!!

    Dianne Thinking of you and your family Bard
  11. bard

    Good morning!!

    Sorry using my wife's laptop have no idea where the lines came from Bard
  12. bard

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning Everyone We are busy looking after our 3 grandchildren (ages twins 6 little guy 2) for 10 days while their parents vacation in Mexico some trade i'm telling you. They are still in bed so have a little time for the computer. JB we are hoping we don't get any snow this year Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and will pop in when I can Bard
  13. bard


  14. bard

    Good morning!!

    Dianne My thoughts and prayers are with you Bard
  15. bard

    Good morning!!

    Morning Good to hear you are ok Jb. I don't post much but do read everything and you were missed. Good luck with the D B S Bard