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  1. Hey Superdecooper seen you are on how things going. Been wondering hope well. Tom
  2. OCW I agree with not looking to self diagnose on internet. But from what it sound like your doctors are thinking your new position at work and stress are your problem.. Now I am no doctor but the lose of some grip and your talking of hand problems. I know you had a EMG to check nerve conduction throughout your body. I would try a good chiropractor. When you go in say notion of anxiety, stress and new job. Just tell him about your hands and grip strength. A good chiropractor will take a good look at your cervical spine with x rays. It would surprise you the knowledge a chiropractor has of the spine. With this said please don't look up c-spine. I found going in blind and just state symptoms works best. Please don't take what I have said as if I think you are a basket case. I do not! But pinched nerves make you tense up and can make things worse. One thing you will know after a chiropractor looks you over he or she will see a pinched nerve. I am only trying to give you another avenue to check out. Tom PWP


    Hello Gardener I am 64 now and if I would of gotten to the right doctor would have been diagnosed long before 59. I now Take a total of 900 mg sinemet a day. But to be honest I think even without Parkinson's our exercise level of tolerance changes as a normal part of aging. Not everyone will change at the same rate. I can speak in my case wear and tear physically is part of my feeling worse after exercise . Getting back to dosing over my 5 years has been adjusted. The dosing time between doses moved to less time between doses and increased to control symptoms. (stiffness, cramps, slowed movement and tremor ) My muscle mass is less, my strength is less, and my stamina is less. But I am 9 years older than I was at 55. After reading your workout I think you sound to be doing pretty darn good especially for 8 years in. Starting off 3miles per hour 30 min. and 3 degree incline is a good pace. My wife is your same age and that is her daily walk.(no PD) Next exercise try a shorter warm up and then do your arm presses and legs presses first. Then walk 20 min.. Make a comparison. See if you were able to do more reps arms and legs. Fatigue is a part for most a symptom of parkinson's. ( You are not old at 63) and believe me I know it is a taboo to mention. My wife lets me know! But for almost everyone our Max capability at 55 and 63 will change. Fact of life. Another fact I think even without parkinson's ones stamina (fatigue level probably is not the same at 55 and 63). I think you are IMO ( also at Rock S boxing observation of people in our age group men and women) are doing great. Keep working out check with your doctor to see if a change in dose and timing might be tried. It could make a difference. I hope noting I have said has offended you in any way. That was not my intention! I can tell you this since I have had my diagnosis my goal has been to fight PD. There are days that are better than other ones. But we can only live one of those days at one time. Thinking about the negative only fuels negative. As a listener I have read positive in your post. You are fighting back by working out. Take one day at a time. And also observe others without Parkinson's. I bet you will see your performance is pretty darn good in com๐Ÿ˜Šparison. Tom PWP
  4. Linda There are still people with good values. I just went to the bank and delivered my wife some money on her lunch break. At my wife"s work a fellow worker came in and told about a retired couple that live in Glenwood ,Iowa. They have lost everything from the flooding. They have nothing left to even change into . The husband needs a lift chair it was also gone. They lived on SS as their only source of income. They have no flood ins. The employees at her work are of many different faiths and some that don't attend church. It is like the movie (Pass it on) Everyone is pitching in. The retired couple are complete strangers. They are not related to the person taking up the collection to help out. That same person that started the collection is letting them stay in their home. And now is helping them to see if they can get into low income housing. ๐Ÿ˜Š I didn't sleep much last night. But the above kindness has been the best pill today for my parkinson's symptoms. In fact the last sentence of this post is the first time I even realized I have parkinson's! Since my wife text me to go to the bank. Tom
  5. There are many things to cut. Politics is one thing that gets people to disagree. My little 20 dollar donation doses little to influence the outcome of where money is spent and where it is cut. That is the sad reality in almost all decisions. If 1,000,000 people donate 10 dollars each for a certain politicians election cost. They get that much air time to put their views out. If another person gets 20,000,000 from a certain Corp. for their air time. Who gets heard most. Then what we hear as their views. When they are elected. Seems odd how they end up many times voting on their original views. It is known as pay back time. Both parties do it. Been doing it for a long time since I started voting. That is why there has to be cuts. This is why we are where we are now. Parkinson's and other diseases don't get to vote. The people with diseases (Not all) through the years payed their taxes based on what your employer payed you. The corp. donate large amounts of money (not all) mostly not to have laws made to keep the population healthy and strong. But to keep the money flowing in their direction. In our case we do not know what exactly caused our disease or others with their certain kind diseases. (Air ,water, chemicals, or just part of aging) I gladly payed my taxes and figured it would be used for the betterment of the whole. I worked two jobs most of my life. So when the cuts are made and the money flows for the out of control budget. Past performance gives me a good idea who is going to see the biggest cuts. Even if They don,t cut areas designed the help the betterment of the whole. Our medicine, and our health ins.( if parkinson's disease is even covered by it) will probably go up. For I only have 20 dollars to donate for air time. When you don't sleep much. ( and I am not alone) Certain subjects when brought up conflict with the way I was raised. That, being people mean way more than money. Sorry for flipping out. It is getting harder to sleep as time goes on. But my values stay the same. People over money. Tom
  6. Hello Pathfinder I hope things with your own health has been going well . You speak words of wisdom. Caretaker are special in our lives. They don, get to hear THANK YOU as far as I feel near enough. Tom
  7. Sounds like you do get around real well. 3 months solo trip and drive a RV. We are are all different. Our wives and husbands are all different. Besides taking her to your next Doctor app. Try seeing if a dual trip might show her as well. In my case exercise has slowed down my progression. I wish my progression wouldn,t have a negative effect on our trips. You are very lucky where you are at 65 and 11 years in. To be honest from my observation of others 11 yrs in and 65 you should post what you are doing to fight Parkinson's. Maybe it could be something helpful.
  8. I plan on getting a card and money hope others might show their appreciation. It isn't much! But without the coaches there would be no program. It is the right thing people should do in the first place. To help out where it is needed. It is the way I was brought up. This time I happen to know the person. The next time my wife and I may not. We come from the old way. Where Me first gets put on the back burner allot. Tom
  9. Hardheaded my wife is right. One thing about Parkinson's things change the longer you have it. That being said each day is not always a bad one. The next day could of had a much smoother result. I just want those us that are progressing to know being a hard head will not stop a off moment. No plan for help can turn something small into a big problem. A fall, A ride home from someone dressed in blue, or worse. I kid no one even though you are 64, when it happens there are 90 year olds that get around better. Progression is reality. A persons life is not over with it. Be smart. I know a guy that will be next time.
  10. John thanks for sharing your thought on working out feeling. Pills don't unlock any of the outward causes of our depression. I have a close family member and it is a guessing game the doctor tries with balancing the chemical imbalance in a person. Not an easy thing to get right sometimes. That is what this forum is for learning how to deal with Parkinson's. It helps us all. Thanks again keep posting. Tom
  11. Hey Lad I had mentioned about a long winter. Well our floods in Ne. 64 of 94 counties declared flood emergency. 11 Bridges washed out, 3 dams destroyed, too numerous to mention hyways with roads washed out in areas so you need to drive alternate routes. All the homes lost. Guess I am lucky I live in the highest elevation in Omaha. And the small creek in my back yard only washed away the nuts the squirrels buried. I hope is all well in your neck of the woods. I guess my point is there are worse things then parkinson's. PD is just a small thing. I think our rock steady boxing coach got flooded. So I am going to make it a point to give her a big tip next class, and see if there are things I can get her family to help out. Tom
  12. Back up plan? Yesterday I was looking forward to going to RSB class. It was cancelled. The Instructor Lives it a nearby town Fremont, Nebr. that has been flooded. A week ago On Wed. she could not get home because water surrounded her town of 20,000. (yes 20,000) There are three rivers that flow around the town and all went over their banks. The little airport there was open so a pilot with a small plane was getting those with children back to their homes on high ground flying them in. I really feel bad for her almost a week and still surrounded by water. Wow, To say the least it is a mess! Anyway it has been a long winter. Yesterday was beautiful day out and I thought get out the trecking poles and go for a walk. No one was home and it was 3:00 o'clock. Sometimes you heart is bigger than reality. Off I went last fall I had a 1 hour walk that most can do in 1/2 hour. It is hilly and I liked it for that reason. Makes me have to push myself. Things started out great moving faster than a turtle. Eager and reaching the 1/2 way point. Then things suddenly changed my legs got heavy and stiff, and my arms and hands were cramping. And to boot my brain seemed foggier than usual. Crap it sets in I a off! Tried to get my cell phone out of my pocket (forget that) Just get home. You know if you stop you might freeze. Your pace is somewhere between dead and slow. AND IF YOU FALL! You are just going to be down. At 5:30 my gets home from work. She sees me trying to get up the steps to the front door of our house. And yes I peed myself earlier. I guess what I am trying to say is advise. Make sure there is someone that knows your route and if you aren't home by a certain time to go look for ya. Being hard headed can also be not wise. Make sure you have a back person or wait till you do. Tom
  13. Hello John and Maverick Maverick I don't know to much about DBS. Congratulation on passing the pre testing. Those on the forum are pleased on their function after. I just picked my Clonazepam. (Take small Dose REM S D .5 MG) Never read the insert before. My Doctor (she ) wanted to keep my dose low. She Told me it was benzodiazepine and my thinking speed was slow anyway. Through time it has seemed to lose it's effect. I think it is one of those type of drugs you have to be taken off slowly. I just read the side effects and it says to call your health care provider if your depression gets worse. We all are all different on what helps our symptoms. So this one of those heads up on the drug. Depression sometimes is worsened in my case when I get little sleep. I remember back before my when walking was much better. Just getting out of the house and go for a walk helped. A person also is apt to get drowsy from Clon as well. It takes allot of consentration to do tasks. So I could see it making your parkinson's worse.(John) If you still take the drug it might be wise to get ahold of your doc. Maverick again I am happy for you. Let us know how things go. One thing about being on a list you move forward. And this forward move is going to improve things.๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. You are correct about struggle and being human. I blame no one for bad things that happen. Many things can not be explained. Having a purpose in life makes it easier to get up each day. The truth is in my case when my day comes. I want know that in order that I have done the best for my family, friends, and complete strangers to help them through the struggles in their life. Do I accomplish that everyday. No! There are days I am selfish putting myself first. Where I am angry about how crappy I feel and think too much about what has been lost. Ones believing in a higher power or not, is not a requirement to get through struggle. There are many things we will never be able to explain. One place that has helped many in learning about working together so all get through struggle can come out of a belief. A set of rules how we should go through life. In my case and my ancestry the rules came out of a church. Where do people find the heart to donate to find cures, stop to help a stranded person, feed those that are starving, go into harms way to fight for human rights, and learn me first is not always the answer. Do unto others as you do unto yourself. I think those that are not taught the rules learn by the examples they see in life. So maybe it is ok to believe in a higher power. It can't hurt. Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day. One day at a time. One of the pills I take comes from those rules. It can hurt.
  15. Linda Garren Saw a great movie at our church tonight.( Titled: If I could only Imagine) My wife is part of the church counsel and we are trying different things to keep attendance at church. It is a true story about a young man that wrote a song that Amy Grant wanted to sing. I know you like the music. The movie shows how people that never say never or I Quit and trust in God will get through bad in their life. Parkinson's is like that. If we quit and say never and it doesn't hurt to trust in God. The people with PD and those around them suffer the consequence of giving up. Tom
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