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    Shot in the dark

    Hi Chris, just a thought...If you are thinking to buy any kind of Insurances, do it now prior being diagnosed in your medical recod. I was either rejected for my Life Insurance or rocket prices. Take Care, PD
  2. pinkdaisy

    Early PD and vigorous exercise

    Hi, I have been doing treadmill about more than 2 yrs , heart beats in 130-150 ranges 1hour, 5days a week. I have been doing well, PD symptoms are pretty stable since being diagnosed. I also add playing ping pong with the machine, bouncing basket ball on wall/floor on my PD hand for 10-15 min. Fibit is one of the best thing to keep me motivated. Just want to share my exercise routine, anything that would make you sweat and stick with it is good. Good luck.
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    Just got the news 😕

    Hi Bluelion, Its normal that you found yourself consoling to your friends. I remember when I had my routine 1:1 with my manager , I was collapsed in tear , non-stop through out the meeting. This was 1.5 year ago. Now I feel way much better, you will as well. I don't cry anymore. Time will easy your anger and sadness, keep yourself busy. I'm doing fine since being diagnosed, no change in term of functional status. I am still medication free. You take care. It takes time to accept. Now I am in stage to read and educate myself. PinkDaisy
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    Just diagnosed at age 40

    Hi Amy2beth, I was in your shoes about 2 yrs ago. Emotionally I am feeling much better than then. You definitely will as well. I am healthy 48, diagnosed with Parkinsonism Sept 2015, diagnosed with PD Mar 2016, MDS confirmed May 2016. I am still doing things as before, no less even more, but mentally speaking I am not the same. How could I feel the same when you have early set of PD with annoying symptoms. But I feel way much better than when initially diagnosed. I am doing excise, vigorous types which I never had before. The best thing is I got a Fitbit which motivated me daily. Working full time, looking after two kids; but I try not to skip my exercise more than 2 days per week. I am medication free for now. You take care, believe me you will feel way better after you accepting the diagnosis. It took me about 12 months to reach this stage. PinkDaisy
  5. Hi all and Mark, I have been in a dark tunnel over last week with the news of having early stage PD with signs of less arm swing, slight tremor hand/ thumb, stiffness/ pain fingers, slow movement with thumb and index finger-tap. Will have MRI and f.u with neurologist in 2 months. I feel so scared, very scared and lost , waking up at night by jerking movement of arm/leg. I have to control my tears in front of my two kids. Keep telling myself to be strong and can't change the fact that I have PD. But I can something do to control the disease progression. Here is my plan and PLEASE tell what else I can do 1) exercise i.e. running treadmill 5-7w 45min 2) stretch exercise my left arm, try to use left arm more 3) take vitamins -- B complex, Mag, CoQ10 TID 200mg, Calcium, Vit D, coconut oil/MCT , fish oil--Mark Pharmacist PLEASE tell me your recommendation , am I on the right path? 4) eat lots of fruit and fish which I have been doing over last 10yrs 4) I have been taking Lyrica 50mg BID for pain at left fingers Many thanks Pinkdaisy,
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    Getting IBM's "Watson" involved

    Thank for sharing. Proud to be Canadian
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    Newly Diagnosed and scared

    Hi TheCount, Just wanted to say few words, first welcome to the forum. I was in your shoes exactly a year ago. I know one thing for sure is emotionally you will feel better. I was lost and scare, in tears+++. Now I feel better, less feeling poor me moment. Some mornings I still woke up and didn't believe I have PD , wished it was a dream. Try to keep yourself busy, time will fade your darkest feelings. I am working full time with two kids, I just have time doing exercise at home i.e. pushing myself to run on Treadmill about 5w and playing table tennis with the robot and bouncing the basket ball on floor. It all works out well since my dx. I am still ok, not taking any medications. I was told Just focus on the now and enjoy just being; because this present moment is a part of the future I used to worry about and soon it will become a part of the past. I am trying very hard to train my mind in this path because I am a future freak type of person. Take care yourself, PinkDaisy
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    This works for me...what works for you?

    Hi LAD, Just tried it, so great . Thank you for sharing.
  9. Hi all, I am a new lost bee seeking for support and any recommendations. I am 45 y-o female.I saw my neurologist last Tues and confirmed I have showed of early stage of PD i.e. less left arm swing, stiffness fingers , slow tap of thumb and index fingers, painful slow typing movement fingers, twisting thumb. Plus I have some internal tremor in my left leg. I will see him again in 2 months , has ordered MRI. Deep inside myself I knew I have all the classic signs of PD. I am feeling so lost, depressed yet after many months of searching the information I have decided to fight this disease. I must come out from the dark tunnel. I have two kids, a husband and parents and a full -time job. I have been trying to hold my tear in front of my 10 y-o dtr. who has attached to her mom like a glue. PLEASE TELL ME what to do to delay the progression of PD, anything you could think of PLS. Sorry, English is my second language. I have starting running threadmill daily, strengthen exercise on left arm, taking Q10 200mg TID, Mag, fish oil, Tumeric, Calcium, eating healthy. PinkDaisy.
  10. Thank you Melissa and LAD for your support and tips. I have to check out Bryan Grant Foundation. POSITIVITY is all we need. PinkDaisy
  11. Hi all, I had 6 months follow up with my MDS today. All went well and will see her in another 6 months. My symptoms are still mild, no need for medication except my exercise. My hand cramp has been improved or I just get used to it; I have stopped taking Lyrica. I hope my progression will be slow..slower..slowest., a positive case in this forum to lift up the spirit of any young new members.. Warm wishes to all my dear friends and keep fighting. PinkDaisy
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    Welcome Sean, I guess we are heading the same journey but I am about 10 yrs older than you. I had similar symptoms in 2015 plus left hand cramp and diagnosed 2016. I am doing ok, nothing change. Emotionally I am feeling better, somewhat accepting PD after 9 months I have been doing exercise almost daily at home and pushing myself to continue even I have two kids, full time job, full time wife , I will see my MDS , 3rd visit again in 2 weeks. Likely will no need medication base on mild symptoms I have. I have been told the progression is very slow, so be positive ( struggling with this) and exercise is the key for general health well-being that we can do. Good luck.
  13. pinkdaisy

    new invention for tremor story

    Just found this video , hope you can open it. Click on the link and slowly scroll down to watch it. Beating Parkinson's disease - how a new invention has changed Emma's life. (Via BBC Stories) bbc.in/2gD7FRW
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    How many other YOPD people are out there?

    Welcome Lena, I'm new to this as well, not taking PD medication. My symptoms are mainly on my left hand . I will have my third follow up appointment with my MDS in 3 months, still struggling with accepting the diagnose at times. We briefly talked about Azilect because I brought up the subject. I am trying to run on treadmill daily but can make about 5 days a week due busy working, looking after my kids. I also enjoys playing ping pong with the robot. I like to have 8 hrs sleep at night. I keep myself busy until I go to bed. You take care, Pinkdaiy
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    Hi Stump, My kids are 13 y-o boy an 10 y-o girl. I have not told them my diagnosis yet because my symptoms are very mild. I would like to keep it with me as long as possible. Just wanted to share this, my daughter saw me in this Forum a lot prior being diagnosed, she told her two teachers that I have P.D. I corrected her that it's still under investigation, mom just has some pain and left thumb moving when mom gets nervous. It seemed like they forget the whole thing over last couple months. My boy does not pay attention. Perhaps you could tell them the symptoms which come and go and don't say PD. I feel regretted of telling my parents. Whenever they see me , they always ask how is my hand? Any better ? Do this ? Do that? I m tired of answering the same thing . Once you disclose... the chance people not to tell others is %0.1 or less PinkDaisy
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    Agreed, I am new to this forum and have found Discovery is a very caring person. I can feel her warm and caring support to me when I first joined this group. PinkDaisy
  17. Hi all, Just wanted to update my second visit with my MDS. All goes well, no need medication. Continue with EXCERCISE i.e. cardio exercise is recommended, the more sweat+++ the better. I parked my car and walked an hr to and 1 hr back from MDS . I will see her in 6 months. When I asked her about Azilect, her response was she has that back in her head but she would not prescribe it today. She mentioned there has been a 5 yr study on Azliect x since 2011. Hopefully will get more confirmed information on slowing the disease. Have a wonderful week-end. PinkDaisy
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    Possible Young Onset PD?

    great news that u didn't notice a difference. Rigidity --u would feel stiff, tender, kind of swollen feeling. Again hope this help. I was in your shoes couple months ago , searching every corner for info.
  19. pinkdaisy

    Possible Young Onset PD?

    I' m new to P.D. Maybe others can provide you better and reliable info. My thumb moves when resting, or typing or even walking. To answer your question I don't think so. Doctor will look for stiffness/rigidity of your hand. Doctor will look for slow movement of fingers. Try to tap your thumb and pointing fingers together fast and big, see any difference from left hand and right hand. My left hand would not move as fast and wide as the right. I have presented 1)slow movement of fingers, 2)hand tremor, and 3)hand rigidity = PD PinkDaisy
  20. pinkdaisy

    Possible Young Onset PD?

    Hi Nortstar 35, It does not sounded like PD base on what I have gone through. I am recently diagnosed with finger stiffness, cramp hand and feet, some hand tremor (mainly thumb twisting) all in left side. I feel fine most the mornings after I am up but evening I feel bit more cramp. I feel full of energy as before. I have no balance issue still running daily. Hope this ease your anxiety PinkDaisy
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    vocal exercise during playing a sport

    Thank you so much Dr. Mahler Yes an evaluation from SLP is a go for me. Pinkdaisy
  22. Dear Dr. I am recently diagnosed with EOPD and my speech and swallowing are ok for now. I would like to be pro-active in terms of my mouth/throat/vocal exercise. When I play a sport i.e. hitting a ping pong ball, or bouncing a basket ball, I like to work on my vocal status as well i.e. shouting out very loud words " yes", "no' ' revenge" "what". Do you think it's good ideas for me to continue to do this? If yes any words that you would recommend for me to shout. I play a sport with a robot as such I can scream as loud as I want Thank you PinkDaisy
  23. Hi all, just quick update I finally saw MDS and has diagnosed me with early stage of PD. She seems very nice and I do get the feeling that she is someone I will trust and guide me through this journey. She has decided it's not time to put me on any medication. EXCERCISE is the only thing she has prescribed for me and continue to carry on with my daily activities. Will see her in 3 months. Here is my daily regime , please feel free to share any advice. Am I doing the right thing? Taking supplement : Q10, fish oil, Vit D, Calcium, Turmeric, drinking green tea, fruits and almond, green vet. Exercise Regime: have small black coffee before power jogging 1hr almost daily, playing ping pong with the robot mainly on left arm for about 30-45 min daily, just attending local Tai Chi 1W, stretching hand exercise while working at my desk. Force use/exercise left hand if remember. Try to aim at least 12000 steps daily. PinkDaisy
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    Hand Tremor Survey

    age 40-59 is missing ?????
  25. Thank Texas Tom and Murray-- My neuro #1 did send me for head MRI and all the blood work i.e. for heavy metal---all are normal results) The bottom line I have to see this MDS . PinkDaisy