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  1. devildog89us

    Sinemet 25-100mg

    Dr. Okun, I was told to stop taking the Sinemet that I didn't have PD. I thought was strange I still have the small handwriting. I still have the tremors. I cannot hold onto to anything without it falling out of my hand.
  2. I am going to start just going to an MDS once a year.
  3. devildog89us

    Kids of Today

    When we were younger. We always honored our parents. Irregardless if they were right or wrong. After the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. My oldest son threatened to kick my keester. I just said. If you froggy. Jump. Don't wait until you clocked out. I didn't talk to my parents that way. I asked my wife what's up with him. She said times are different now. I said the only thing that has changed is the clothing. My youngest son understands.
  4. devildog89us

    Made a Mistake

    I have noticed a big difference since I haven't been able to work on how my wife is around me. I mean yeah we survived before. I have noticed the least little stresses me out now. A lot of times. I would go in the bathroom at take 5 minute break away from the craziness with my daughter when she doesn't get away and throws her terrible 2 fits. I told my MDS about the mood swings. He increased my Sinement 1.5 pills 4 times a day instead of 2 pills 2 times a day. My Requip stayed the same. I remember you saying you have to pick your battles. She's going through the change in life. When it comes time for bed. She takes our daughter to our bedroom and she of course tells her youngest son good night, and love you. She used to say that to me, but anymore she doesn't to me. I have a lot of high school on Facebook. I would talk to them. I would also would tag her name into the pictures and videos. She fussed about that, so I get rid of Facebook altogether and messenger. She never does anything to me. She never takes pictures with me or anything. Yesterday, I got aggravated at my youngest stepson about walking on me when the door is closed, and not knocking. I just got out of the shower.
  5. devildog89us


    The Neurontin is for my nerve pain. The medication is based on a 120 pound man. I am also getting referred to having gastric bypass with the sleeve. I already got a referral. Just waiting on the phone call for an appointment.
  6. devildog89us


    You got a point. I wasn't seeing that. You're both right about who wants to listen too Debbie Downer all the time. I got nothing to hide, I was up all night thinking about it. I am man enough to admit my mistakes. It's hard to see that on the inside looking outward. I burned bridges by being a PD downer all the time. I got no shame to admit that. My wife sent me a song, it hit home. The country music singer is Tim McGraw, and the title of the song is, "Better than I used to be".
  7. devildog89us


    I'm taking 2 Sinement 25-100 2 times a day, and Requip 4-1mg 3 times a day once in the morning, another at lunch time, and 2 at night, as far as PD meds. Neurontin 300mg 3 times a day for nerve pain. Valium 5mg 2 times a day. Doxepin 10mg to help me sleep, Celexa 40 mg 1 time a day I take it at night. Flexeril 10mg 3 times a day to relax my muscles when they start to go through spasms.
  8. devildog89us

    Made a Mistake

    On the bottle of the Regular Sinement it says to take with food. I feel like I have an off time. It was on a Wednesday. I was 1 hour past my time to take my medications of the evening. I was having a hard time talking it was so low pitch voice, and my face felt like it was a masking feeling. I was even having poor posture sitting in the passenger seat. My wife couldn't hardly hear me talk and I was sitting next to her while she was driving. What about Requip? Does it compete with protein trying to get in the brain?
  9. devildog89us


    Has any of you PD'ers ever have mood swings with the medication you take. I'm starting to develop mood swings. It's starting to affect my marriage and it's a wake up call for me. My wife even told me she's getting sick and tired of hearing about Parkinson's.
  10. devildog89us

    Made a Mistake

    Texas Tom, I stretch before a workout, and after a workout to prevent lactic acid building up in the muscles. I went to see my Neurosurgeon the 2nd day of June. He has recommended me to have bariatric surgery. Because I am taking 2 calcium channel blockers, and 2 diuretics.
  11. devildog89us

    Made a Mistake

    Texas Tom, what I do not understand is this I am taking 2 Sinement 25-100 twice daily, than to take 1 Sinement ER 50-200 twice daily. I was dialed in on the Sinement ER. As long as I didn't go past the 14 hour mark on Sinement ER, I was okay. It's the same thing, but I would only be taking 2 pills daily instead of 4. The strength is still equally the same if only take Sinement ER, as to oppose to take 4 pills of the regular Sinement. I could understand if the strength was different. If I take 4 pills total in one day of the regular Sinement, it would equal the same strength of the Sinement ER with 2 less pills to take. My APRN is a guy, and he said, "That's what your MDS ordered me to prescribe". It doesn't make any sense. If that's what my MDS wants me to take. That's what I will take. My lawyer is looking at everything as far as my disability. If it doesn't work then I can have a valid argument with my MDS.
  12. My MDS didn't like it that I was on Sinement ER. He said it's too early. Obviously, my APRN didn't have a lot to say to me when I went and visited him today. My MDS wants me to take Sinement 25-100 twice daily, along with my Requip 4mg three times a day. 1 in the morning, 1 at lunch, and 2 at bedtime.
  13. When I take my 1mg of Requip and my Sinement ER, I am usually dialed in within 1 hour from taking my PD meds. I have the poor posture, rigidity muscles, and slow gait, and after I go out running errands for about 2-3 hours, I get really tired.
  14. In the morning, I generally take my PD meds first and foremost. I take them with juice or soda. I do notice like when I eat protein because I am waking up and I get hungry. I will take an extra Sinement just so the brain blood barrier will accept the artificial dopamine along with protein. When the brain sees the two coming to the brain blood barrier. The brain recognizes the protein before the artificial dopamine. One thing, I do notice is Dyskinesia is really noticeable until the dopamine levels out back to the baseline. It generally takes about 3 hours for me. After I get through working out. I notice my tremors is more noticeable until it returns to the baseline, which is a normal reaction, which, I read that on the National Parkinson's Disease Foundation's website.
  15. devildog89us


    Honestly, it didn't hurt at all to me. They used a lot of Lidocaine on me. I did feel a little charge go down my left leg when they grazed the nerves next to the spinal cord, before they got into the spinal fluid. The only trouble I had was when they had to do 2 CT Scans, because of the anatomy of my upper back. I am very broad shoulder kind of person, so they tried a technique that worked in order to get the second CT scan to work, because they use the maximum amount of whatever they did with the contrast, and they almost thought it was gonna be a complete failure. The second time they tried this technique and it worked to get the contrast up closer to my brain.