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    Young Onset - a difficult road

    Hi Rob P. I am closer to your age and I have experienced brain fog and got lost while driving before,just like you.I was diagnosed roughly 3 yrs ago and currently on sinemet 25/100 mg 4x/day.I have kids like you in college and high school and cannot afford to let PD take over my life.It has been a tough battle,but we can never give up.As they say,hope is on the horizon,maybe one day,there will be a breakthrough for a cure during our life time.I am yet to try any antidepressants,but will try cognitive behavior therapy first.Welcome on board this forum.It is warm and pleasant here,your questions will be answered as you wish by fellow parkies based on experience.Also medical experts are always available to help.Keep exercising.
  2. Dear Doc Okun. Here I am again seeking your advice.I recently increased my sinemet 25/100mg dose to 1/2 and a 1/4 tab ,four times daily at intervals of 3 1/2 hours.But after every dose I tend to feel tired,to the extent that people ask me on the phone if I feel sleepy from the way I sound.Please doctor what can I do to manage this problem,apart from taking a nap? Thank you for your time sir.
  3. Hi members, I need your support on this particular topic,if you have been on Levodopa for up to a year or more.Did you have balance problems as one of your symptoms before you started medication,especially Levodopa?If so,do you think,it made your balance worse?I have read various studies and article online that says,it does not improve balance,So from your experience with this drug,could you share?Also how do you manage this problem?I do daily aerobic and anaerobic exercises.But aerobic exercises like running and fast walking increases the tendency to fall,after stopping the exercises,I mean when stationary.So please help with your opinions.Below is a link related to this problem. https://www.apdm.com/levodopa-is-a-double-edged-sword-for-balance-and-gait-in-people-with-parkinsons-disease/ Thank you for your kind response.
  4. otolorin


    @ McCall. Your husband may benefit from balance exercises,which could be recommended by a Physical therapist.
  5. otolorin

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Hi everyone. I have not posted here in awhile.However I have some questions,could it be some wives of pwp are just too depressed and afraid to be intimate with us anymore?Because we are not who we used to be anymore,and not attractive to them like before we were diagnosed.So what do you do if your wife is too afraid to go to your neurologist's visit with you,or even the Therapist's office for counselling?
  6. otolorin

    longvida curcumin & nilotinib

    Dear Pharmacist. Thanks for your compliments and your support on this forum.
  7. otolorin

    Mucuna Pruiens

    Thank you for your timely response to my question. I really appreciate it.
  8. otolorin

    Mucuna Pruiens

    Dear Pharmacist. From your experience,at what dose can Mucuna puriens cause dyskinesia? I understand it can also cause dyskinesia. And how does one deal the cognitive and sleepiness side effect of sinemet?
  9. otolorin

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    Christian V. Cheer up brother, while waiting for your appointment,push it and force it while you are still young,exercises has been proven to help.Don't let the symptoms pin you down.I felt exactly the same way when I first noticed my symptoms,filled with fear,until I got my diagnoses,after a waiting period of about 7months.The waiting period for my MDS initial appointment was tough,but I pushed through it.Yes you can! Good luck.
  10. otolorin

    Strange "electrical nerve" sensations

    I get all types of buzzing in my Left arm and leg,sometimes painful,sometimes not painful,they are worse during wearing off periods.Sometimes I get them during my on periods.Gardener you are not alone.
  11. otolorin

    Shot in the dark

    ChrisS. The earlier you get diagnosed the less stress you'll have.Make an appoinment asap as per Linda's advice.
  12. otolorin

    Good morning!!

    jb. Thanks for your insights as you heal.Get some hot packs for your shoulders.
  13. otolorin

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    Thanks, Dan and Golden01. I will discuss extensively with my doctors.
  14. otolorin

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    So I would suggest that it is better to go for SS disability screening when you are "off",for all the symptoms to be present.I understand that they consider the age of the PWP too,because at a certain age it may not be easy to secure a job outside one's profession even without PD,how much more with PD.
  15. otolorin

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    Hi Dan, may I ask why you were denied,despite the fact that it wasn't safe for you to continue working,and considering all the falls you had.I am also considering applying,as my short term disability has expired.I have balance issues too.
  16. otolorin

    Good morning!!

    jb: Our prayers for you.
  17. I am just curious if anyone knows where to buy the best quality of mucuna puriens powder.To pwp using mucuna, has it been effective since you have been using this powder?What dose is most effective for you?Since mucuna is not FDA regulated,I am a little wary about the online sale.Please give your insight if you have been using this powder effectively.Thanks.
  18. otolorin

    Mucuna Extract vs Mucuna Whole Herb

    Hi Karunapod, I thought you tried the Mucuna whole herb too.Sorry for the misunderstanding.I wanted to know which one worked better.You were right,what worked for one person may not work for the other.Thanks for your insight.
  19. otolorin

    Mucuna Extract vs Mucuna Whole Herb

    Hi Karunapod, the nutrivitashop Mucuna powder, is it really 100% L-dopa as they claim?Did it work for you without the herb?Please confirm.I have tried some other brands which didn't work for me.Thanks again.
  20. otolorin

    Mucuna Extract vs Mucuna Whole Herb

    Karunapod, thanks for sharing this information.Lol.
  21. otolorin

    New to Sinemet

    Nosoupforyou, I feel exactly the same way with sinemet,the mental non motor symptoms of PD are not managed by sinemet,thus the uneasy feeling and a thousand thoughts going through your mind.I agree with Beau's mom,you can contact your MD for advice.He might adjust your dosing,timing or refer you to a mental health practitioner.Good luck.
  22. otolorin

    Mucuna Extract vs Mucuna Whole Herb

    Hi Karunapod, I am interested in getting the mucuna extract with 98-99% L-dopa.Please share the source.Worried about side effects of Sinemet.
  23. otolorin

    Dyskinesia vs Akinesia

    Hi Gardener,I am just curious,what type of dyskinesia have you experienced and have you been able to treat it successfuly?I am also non tremor dominant.
  24. otolorin

    Just Deny Everything

    I left the island of denial over a year ago.Couldn't cope with the demands of the job,my job was physically demanding.Still searching for a less physically demanding job.Listen to your body,it will let you know if you have to continue to deny or disclose.Remember PD affects everybody differently.
  25. Hi Debsten, you should try and occupy your time with something that takes your mind off PD.This way,you will be able to manage your anxiety and depression well.First you have to accept the disease.This I struggled with at first,when I was newly diagnosed.And be strict with the timing of your medication,because the wearing off of medication anxiety symptoms could be very uncomfortable,at least for me,compared to the anxiety due to stress.