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  1. Pathfinder

    hallucinations !

    My husband has Parkinsonism and vascular dementia and hears music and voices as if a radio was playing. It was occasionally happening for brief periods, however as of this weekend he hears it almost non stop. He says it is annoying, just bothersome to deal with. It is always the same thing, music from the forties and fifties. He had a rough weekend of high blood pressure, headaches, and weakness in his arms and had difficulty walking. I have portal messaged his Nuero about these symptoms. I hope he returns to his usual self soon.
  2. Pathfinder

    Caretaker emergency!

    No Saint JB, he would do the same for me. I just wish I could ease his anxiety.
  3. Pathfinder

    Loss of confidence

    Miracle, nice to see you on here. What you do is hard, but so rewarding to know you are doing everything you can for your precious Mother. My husbands PD is about the same, very slow progression for him and I am so grateful. OMT keeps him moving, helps with flexibility, etc. and is an asset in our plan to deal with his issues. His Dementia has progressed, again slowly, no big changes. Recently I was hospitalized for a week and he was stressed to the max. He slept for three days when I got home and the house emptied out. His way of dealing with things is sleep and more sleep. Keep posting friends! We need each other more than ever!
  4. Pathfinder

    Caretaker emergency!

    I had to return to the ER yesterday for more IV solution. I’m much improved today. Hubby doesn’t deal well at all when I am sick. Miracle, contuined good health to you. Things are much calmer today, he will sleep the day away.
  5. Pathfinder

    Caretaker emergency!

    Wow, we have been on a wild ride this last week. Ten days ago I got really sick with pain and nausea in my midriff on the right side. Sick both Friday and Saturday night, it got so bad on Monday night I had to drive myself to the ER at 3am because I was in so much pain. I woke hubby up and told him I was going to the ER and I would call our daughter around 6 am and he would be fine. He went right back to sleep. They decided to keep me and transfer me to another facility. My SIL came to stay with hubby during all this transfer part and DD went with me. Turns out I had stones, sludge, in my bile ducts, gallbladder, and my pancreas. They had no time for a surgery spot for me. Giving me fluids perked me up a bit but I had to eat a small meal so I could go home. Discharge was fine, but on my way home after that tiny meal I was sick as a buzzard again. Off to the ER again. Sent me to a different hospital again. Saturday I had the procedure to break up the stones and place a stint. That was so painful. Had Gallbladder surgery on Monday. Home resting now. A few takeaways, our emergency plan worked to perfection. Family, friends were there the second I needed help. The real issues were with reassuring hubby that it would be fine. He panics when I’m sick and this set him back a bit.they brought him to the hospital daily, I phoned him daily, all in all he handled it well. Moral of the story Caretakers have your plan ready, periodically review and see if those outside the family are still in the plan for you. Hubby’s anxiety was off the chain a few times, walk-in the floors etc. he wanted car keys so he could drive😳. They would divert, change the environment up a bit and got him through. Take care everyone!
  6. Pathfinder

    Shower fall!

    That’s the exact style I used and it’s made the biggest difference. The loofah is very sturdy and they are typically wider too.
  7. Pathfinder

    Good morning!!

    Checking in! Boy does life get hectic. I’ve been battling lots of my own health issues like a sudden acute kidney injury in March from high BP that left me in stage four kidney failure. Through diet I’ve got back to stage three, having to make so many changes. Diet is so crucial to avoid dialysis and Phosphorus and Potassium are in everything. Also, my diabetes tanked because they took away the effective drugs cause...kidney failure. Hubby fell in the shower, but he’s doing pretty well. Some more cognitive issues have shown up, but the PD is sort of on a hold, not any worse thank goodness! I do read here daily and wish wish you all well. Thank you for thinking of me!
  8. Pathfinder

    Shower fall!

    He has used a shower chair before, further unsteadiness and we’ll go back to it. I replaced the bath mat, cut and fit two together to make a better pad for him to stand on. Much better, he had his confidence back today.
  9. Pathfinder

    Shower fall!

    Sunday hubby fell while I was giving him a shower. Happened so quick! Scared me to death, luckily he was just shaken up, not even a bruise. He has been unsteady for about a week more so than usual which contributed to the fall. He was convinced he couldn’t get up, when I explained his options fire department non emergency call or our SIL, he figured he’d try. Two attempts and he got up with no problems. Glad that was over and so happy he wasn’t hurt. Never a dull day is there?
  10. Pathfinder

    Space is your best friend

    We are fortunate to have two full bathrooms and hubby can still use either one. I am in stage four kidney failure and rapidly approaching home dialysis, now the issue will be where to put 30-35 boxes of dialysis supplies every month! 😜We will manage, like you, we will just do what we have to do!
  11. Pathfinder

    Good morning!!

    Awesome to see your post JB! Heal. Rest. Wishing you the best!
  12. Pathfinder

    Good morning!!

    I may not reply very much on the forum, but I read it every day. Warm thoughts to both of you during your surgeries.
  13. Pathfinder

    The period at the end of the sentence.

    I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. My thoughts are with you, may you be comforted knowing that you gave him your devotion and care to the best of your abilities. Hugs.
  14. Pathfinder

    Parkinson's Disease & Dementia

    Tom, I am so sorry for your lack of support. Know that others care and we are here for your journey.
  15. Pathfinder

    Parkinson's Disease & Dementia

    Maral please accept my condolences on your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.