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    Need research and testers for a PD app

    Hello! I am a US high school student looking for some help. I developed an Android app for Parkinson's research (and a little bit of user record keeping also). It is nowhere near perfect, but I would greatly appreciate any use of the app. Whether you have Parkinson’s disease or not, simply taking less than five minutes out of your day to do a measurement and or survey would give us a lot of data that we desperately need in order to make conclusions on our research. Ultimately, the goal is to use machine learning algorithms to help in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s and to simply get more information about the disease overall. Again, taking five minutes out of your day to install, test drive, and contribute to research on the app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buckley.robert.parkinsonszero&hl=enwould make a huge difference. Why not take part?