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  1. pdmanaz


    Im seeing a pulmonary doctor in a couple of weeks. I know other pwp have same symptoms. I will update when i have more info.
  2. pdmanaz


    Format: Abstract Send to Semin Respir Crit Care Med. 2002 Jun;23(3):261-5. Respiratory complications of Parkinson's disease. Shill H1, Stacy M. Author information Abstract Patients with Parkinson's disease are at risk for pulmonary complications as a consequence of both the underlying disease pathology and the side effects of medication. Degeneration of the substantia nigra and subsequent loss of dopaminergic neurons may produce changes in ventilatory parameters. Upper airway obstruction and chest wall restriction are both common, and both may respond to levodopa. However, therapy for Parkinson's may also contribute to pulmonary morbidity. Overtreatment with levodopa causes respiratory dyskinesia that may be difficult to differentiate from complications of the disease itself. Therapy with ergot derivatives may cause pleuropulmonary fibrosis. Pneumonia resulting from the respiratory complications remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in Parkinson's disease.
  3. pdmanaz


    Does anyone have difficulty breathing or catching their breath? Is humidity amd/or heat an issue?
  4. pdmanaz

    Mired in Muck

    I noted there is a link for religion. Thank everyone of you for keeping that out of these discussions as well. IMHO religion and politics should be taboo when dealing with the general population of questions.
  5. pdmanaz

    Mired in Muck

    It is my understanding the United States is a Republic, or supposed to be.
  6. pdmanaz

    Mired in Muck

    I dont thing you are along regarding your feelings about the future.
  7. pdmanaz

    Nitrous oxide

    I need extensive dental work and considering using nitric oxide to ease my anxiety. Are there any issues regarding Parkinson's Disease? If not that then what would you recommend?
  8. pdmanaz

    Missing Meds

    Dealing with the Veterans Administration. I have an appointment with my MDS. I need an accurate diagnosis of my current symptoms so i can be accurately assessed by the VA for benefits. I cannot do that on my meds as they mask my current level on Parkinson's and the VA pays more based on more aggressive symptoms. My question is can I safely not take my meds for 24 hours prior to my MDS appointment? I am on 2 - 25/100 C/L 4 times a day for a total of 800mg of Levadopa a day. I am not taking anything else. Thank you.
  9. pdmanaz


    I take 2 25/100 4 times a day and it works for me.
  10. pdmanaz

    For those that think C/L causes Dyskinisia ?

    Not everyone developes dyskenisia.
  11. pdmanaz

    non tremor dominant

    I understand that tremor dominant persons with PD may have DBS in their future. What do non tremor dominant persons have for relief In their future? Is treatment different for these two groups and if so what is the different in treatment?
  12. pdmanaz

    Morning weakness

    In my mind and experience weakness is not the same thing as being tired or exhausted. I understand both. I felt a lot of weakness in my upper chest, arms and legs when first diagnosed. With medication most of that went away. My biggest issue now after being diagnosed about 3 years is chronic fatigue. Nothing much seems to help.
  13. pdmanaz

    A Flutter or A Fib

    More information. When I walk I have to walk slow or my chest tightens and breathing becomes more difficult. There seems to be some GI issues associated with this like gas or stomach discomfort. I take Mirilax daily and it works really well for what it is intended. Is there a max dose of sinemet I can take daily? I am currently on 2 - 25/100 4 times daily. 6am, 11am, 4pm and 9pm. I've started taking 1 xanax .25 mg and it seems to help some but not eliminate the issue. This is the meds I'm on. Again thanks.
  14. pdmanaz

    A Flutter or A Fib

    Yes that does help. Thanks
  15. pdmanaz

    A Flutter or A Fib

    My symptoms are more internal than external and i dont think I'm tremor dominant (externally anyway). I am having symptoms of either aFlutter or aFib. I do have an appointment with a cardiologist in a few weeks. But, i just finished a complete heart screening about 6 months ago and everything was ok. I had a few symptoms then but not the day of testing. Seems like the symptoms are getting worse. I won't go into ever detail of my feelings but the chest fluttering is very uncomfortable and see to be associated with Gi issues (gas). All this is very difficult to pin down. Is aFlutter or aFib a product of PD or Sinemet? I've been feeling so normal with Sinemet with the exception of Fatigue, chest fluttering, flip flopping in my chest, weakness, reduced ability to exercise. shortness of breath and some dizziness. The more i walk the more fluttering seems to happen. What do i do Doc? Regards