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  1. Wrkjnky13

    Las vegas is hopeless

    I had dbs now my wife 3month old son and I are in trouble. Help
  2. Wrkjnky13

    Las vegas is hopeless

    Need an mds now. As close to las vegas, Seattle, Denver, pheonix , or Casper wy as possible. The Hellof las vegas is not just the heat it's also medical.
  3. Wrkjnky13


    Well the story gets better. The mds Dr. Farbman and his office really suck . I got turned on by dr. Bess chang. Thinking She Was THe Person I Needed To HELP me. WRONG. THE MEDICAL TEAMS IN LAS VEGAS SUCK... I'M GOING TO GET HELP AS MUCH AS I CAN. GOD HELP THE PEOPLE IN VEGAS. CAUSE NO ONE CARES. MEDTRONICS IS THE ONLY PERSON THAT CARES. BESIDES THAT IM OUT.
  4. Wrkjnky13

    DBS and the future

    Are you serious. ACA is a scam. After I couldn't work my insurance lasted 6mo from my employer. COBRA for 1k a month from a retirement plan paid for another year. My wife makes 60k a year which put us at a horrible rate. $650 a month on ACA $50 month discount. $50 a month per prescription I have 6. And a 12k deductible. Really how is that cost effective. I believe anyone on ACA really can't afford 13k deductible. I know I can't. That's one trip to the ER for anything semi serious I went with private insurance for 650 a month and 25 per script and 3k deductible. I know dening preexisting conditions needs to be covered by all insurance. But don't agree with the most of ACA.
  5. Wrkjnky13

    Social Security Disability...who has been denied w/PD?

    I have applied for Social Security and denied twice. I'm 42 and my Parkinson's progressed quickly. The reply was at my age I should be able to do some kind of gainful work. Never referred to a social security doctor. Appealed for a hearing. Not old enough to retire early from my union although I can no longer do that work. There's no on the ground job for an ironworker. When/if SS finds in my favor I can retire from the union. The stress of supervising work is not an option. Tremors and dyskinesia would run wild. Anxiety is also the issue. I've been trying for a year. Security lawyer to help with the situation. He said a hearing could take 19months. I haven't worked in almost 3 years. Really a struggle. I qualify for dbs but not disability. I agree with Dan days I feel great like I should be at work. Then the next day or even hours later I have a hard time walking. It was really hard to admit I couldnt go back to work. Maybe at McDonald's with the salt shaker.jk My suggestion apply as soon as possible. Make sure you submit a daily log of your symptoms or off times. I found this out after but heard it helps. This is what Imakes going through. A pilot I know had no problem the first time. While othersome are still fighting.
  6. Wrkjnky13

    Dr Glickman

    Has anyone used Dr Glickman in Las Vegas Nevada? Due to the size/ shape of my head , I need a frameless procedure. Dr Glickman uses the nexframe design. Looking for some background information on him and the nexframe design. Due to a failed procedure and a lack of options he is the only option besides traveling. Im trying to avoid another failed procedure Go figure Dr fails to measure my head and procedure gets cancelled and my insurance gets bulled 13k. In which I have to pay the deductible and coinsurance. And pay for sn additional procedure Any help is appreciated Don Las Vegas Nevada
  7. Wrkjnky13

    Frameless deep brain stimulation

    As my head is elongated do you know where I can find the dimensions of the frames?
  8. I was at the hospital all pre-op requirements completed, waiting to have the halo secured to my head when he found it wouldn't fit. My original MRI noted a elongated cranium, no surgery. So he said the only option was a frameless design. Didn't know when of if he could get it. I have lost confidence in my neurosurgeon. Now Im concerned that he has no experience with a frameless. Being referred to another neurosurgeon, they tell me he uses the frameless design. Is it more difficult? I have asked several facilities about frameless procedures. They don't know it even exists. Could you tell me the difference between frameless and framed, is there higher risks with frameless? Any help is appreciated
  9. Wrkjnky13

    Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Im sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with PD. I hate it, it hates me. I was diagnosed in jan 2015. At 40 yrs old. My first Neurologist was a disaster. Just a horrible experience. I was on carba/leva 25-100 1 pill 4 times a day. The depression from the diagnosis had started. Went for a second opinion a MDS. My first visit he prescribed lexipro. My moods were out of control. It helped but not enough. He increased the lexipro on the next visit and started me on an progression of increasing carbadopa till i was comfortable. Finally some relief. I was in a bad way, It took me several months to get out of my chair and away from the TV. My wife forced me to get up and do things my brother had to do all he could to get me out working on my truck. It took my family to get out of my funk. I was hiding from everyone and everything for 8months till it clicked. And my local support group helped, it was a simple brunch at Mimis cafe. I had a dat scan to confirm PD. But as I have learned more I dont believe that its an accurate test. My opinion from information that I have been given and what I have researched. Join a support group listen to the stories and tell your own. Check the meet-up app/website. Increase the meds as necessary with help from your doctor for QUALITY OF LIFE. No need to be struggling with this anchor. I have learned my YOPD is progressing at a different rate then in older people. Not trying to scare you. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. No ones symptoms are the same as well as no one can fix it for you. Get a free book from the Davis Finney Foundation. And learn as much as you can. Dont put anything off do it today because you might not feel like it tomorrow. Don