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  1. Hello. My partner was diagnosed 15 months ago and was taking azilect, Sifrol and recently levodopa/car. Due to an extreme drop in blood pressure upon standing, his movement disorder specialist is weaning him off the sifrol and has introduced artane. The purpose my post is to learn more about artane because I have concerns about the possible risk for dementia? I read on this site that it's a risk to be considered. Can you provide some more information please. Thank you.
  2. Mical

    Levodopa not really working

    Hello All. My partner is 57 and was diagnosed about 15 months ago. 3 months ago Levodopa/car was added to azilect and Sifrol. Levodopa does not seem to be helping his tremor. His right foot tremor is barely noticeable but his right hand tremor is still significant and I don't think it's helping this at all. How efffective should it be at controlling his hand tremor? Of course I'm now terrified he has a Parkinson's plus type. He's otherwise going along well. If only this damn right hand tremor would get under control you wouldn't even know he had PD.
  3. Mical

    Medical Marijuana

    My understanding is that CBD is legal everywhere because it's so low in THC?
  4. Mical

    Pls help re medical cannabis oil question

    Thank you very much for your reply, Patriot. Do you find that it helps? My partner's tremor is still quite mild but I'm hoping it helps with his sleep. If it does that, we will consider it a success.
  5. Hi all. What sort of cannabis oil do I need to source for DP? I'm so confused. Should it have THC in it or not? Or a tincture? Does anyone have a resource where I can find this information please? Thank you.
  6. My 55 year old partner was diagnosed with PD in August. The Movement Disorder Neuro said he's in the early stages. He also had an onset on depression before his diagnosis. I'm so worried about it being LBD. I've kept this concern to myself. My partner finds it hard to concentrate, to multitask. Sometimes someone can be talking to him and he's not really focussing and needs them to repeat what they said. He also doesn't sleep well and is very tired through the day. Does anyone else spend their time worrying about a misdiagnosis?
  7. Mical


    Hi all. I feel a bit deceptive posting here because I'm not a caregiver yet. My partner was only diagnosed last month and is only in the early stages. He has a tremor that doesn't bother him too much but gets very, very tired and has also been diagnosed with depression. I just have a couple of questions about coping. My partner is 55 and I'm 44. We have 2 young boys, aged 4 and 8. I think I'm coping ok with my partner's diagnosis but just before he was diagnosed with PD, my 36 year old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was very focussed on supporting her. Then suddenly I was also supposed to be coping with DP's Parkinson's too and I've been going along ok but suddenly don't feel so good. What do you all do to get by? I can't fall in a heap because my sister and kids need me. My partner is actually coping ok with his diagnosis atm, aside from his tiredness and exhaustion. Thank you.
  8. Mical

    What does this MRI result mean?

    Thank you. I'm feeling a lot more relaxed now. I've been highly anxious because just before my partner was diagnosed with Parkinson's, my 36 year old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was spending so much time supporting her and then this happened. With a 4 and 8 year old children I think I've been running on adrenalin and have now crashed.
  9. Mical

    Severe tiredness.

    Hello all. Sorry for a second post today. My partner was diagnosed in late August and is quite young at 55. A few things happened at once. He was diagnosed with depression and started an antidepressant and then 3 weeks later he got his Parkinson's diagnosis. The neurologist says the Parkinson's has caused his depression. He does not sleep well at all and is tired all the time. He falls asleep throughout the day if he's not at work. We're wondering if the antidepressants are contributing to or causing his tiredness?
  10. Mical

    What does this MRI result mean?

    Thanks all. Does it mean normal? I was worried because she said non specific. I thought if there was nothing to worry about she would have said it was normal. Thanks for the reassurance. I'm feeling calmer now.
  11. Hello everyone. My partner was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago now but the neurologist wanted him to have an MRI of the brain just to rule out other causes. He had this on Saturday and will be seeing the specialist again for a follow up and the results tomorrow. DP is friends with his GP and she also received a copy of the MRI results. She sent him a text message today saying that his MRI is non specific. She followed it with two thumbs up. I've been so worried about a brain Timor that I've hardly slept or eaten since he was diagnosed as we have young children. Does anyone know what a Non specific brain MRI means? He will speak to neuro tomorrow but the wait is killing me and Google isn't helping. I just feel so sick. Thank you.
  12. Mical


    Our oldest just turned 9 and we also have a 4 year old. We're not telling the kids yet because it's meaningless to them atm, while DP's symptoms are so mild. We've told close relatives though.
  13. Hi everyone. I'm new here so I hope it's ok to post this. I live in Australia and this news was released today. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-14/parkinson's-disease-trial-injects-stem-cells-into-brain/7844674?pfmredir=sm
  14. Mical

    Partner diagnosed

    Thanks to everyone who has responded. He will continue to exercise so that's positive that it can help. Is 55 considered young? I read that often younger people have a slower progressing disease. I've also just read that SSRIs can increase symptoms and my partner has been given Lexapro for his depression. Should we request another antidepressant?
  15. Mical

    Partner diagnosed

    Hello everyone. My partner aged 55 was diagnosed just last week. His father also had Parkinson's, as well as his father's sister. It's been a shock because the tremor in his right hand is an action tremor so I was just thinking he had an essential tremor. It turns out the very fast right foot shaking that he does is also a tremor and we both thought it was just a bad habit because he can stop it once he realises he's doing it. It starts up again as soon as he stops focussing on it though. Neurologist also noticed a slowness about his movements and he's been recently diagnosed with depression. The neurologist gave him some medication but told him it is up to him if he wants to start taking it yet. He also gave him a form for an MRI scan and now I'm terrified he might have a brain tumor and not Parkinson's. Does anyone know how often a brain Timor is misdiagnosed as Parkinson's? He can't get in for a scan for another month. I'm so worried he will die or become debilated before our boys (age 4 and grow up. We were told that diet and exercise can't slow the progression but we have a very healthy lifestyle and he's a fit man for his age so surely that will help to keep him healthier? sorry for rambling. I have so many questions. Thanks for listening.