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  1. My DH takes glutathione. I can't remember the dosage, but it's recommended by his naturopath (who specializes in PD).
  2. How about starting seeds indoors? It's too early now (at least where I live) but it's not too early to plan. You could get something like the Sunset Western Garden Book (or the equivalent for where you live) and plan out a seed starting schedule so that when the time comes to plant you're ready. Maybe research different varieties of seeds (there are a ton of seed companies online) and plan out next year's garden (vegetable or flower - not sure what type of gardening you most enjoy). Take a master gardener class? Join a flower or other type of garden club?
  3. My DH is on Azilect. I don't recall worsening of symptoms when he started it, but it did take a long time (months) to kick in. Over time, though, he started noticing small improvements and began feeling really good. It wasn't enough on its own, though, so he also takes C/L. He sees an MDS and an ND. The ND is a PD specialist and researcher and a huge proponent of rasagiline for the potential to slow progression.
  4. My dh takes both. The way I understand it is that Azilect helps keep dopamine from breaking down whereas levodopa helps the brain create dopamine. (Not sure what carbidopa's role is without googling, other than it supports/complements the levodopa somehow.) Also, as a couple people noted above, there are some reasons to believe that Azilect might slow progression of the disease. DH's ND (who spends 75% of her time on PD research and 25% seeing PD patients) is a strong proponent of it.
  5. When my dh started Azilect it kicked in very gradually. Initially there was no major change but over time he'd realize he was moving in a way he hadn't been able to for a long time. It took months to really kick in, but he has been very happy on it. He eventually needed to add cd/ld but he still takes rasagiline. His insurance won't cover it. Before I could get him on mine, there was a coupon from the manufacturer that made it affordable, but it expired a few months before the generic came out and we had to pay out of pocket. And the generic isn't a whole lot cheaper than the name brand. Thankfully he is now covered by my insurance.
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