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  1. kronron

    Neupro 6m any Advise?

    My Doctor has asked me to try neupro. I'm not sure if it works well. Seems to work only part of the time for me. Any advise or reviews on neupro. It seems to make me freeze more. Carbo/levo is still my favorite Ron
  2. kronron

    What helps with Dyskinesia?

    whats a Duopa pump? I want that too
  3. kronron

    What helps with Dyskinesia?

    So all you take is Mucuna Pruriens and you can go to work and function ok with energy?
  4. Cannabis is legal in my state . If there any benefits for using it with PD? I see how it could change your mood.
  5. kronron

    What helps with Dyskinesia?

    How come you stop taking Azilect? Did it help at all?
  6. So just wanted to find out if there is medication that helps with dyskinesia? How fast does PD progress. Ive had it for 2 years.
  7. kronron

    My DAT Scan what do you think

    Thanks I haven't seen the doctor to read me the results. but after flipping thru all the images thats the largest amount of color i could find in the pictures. I'm 41 with PD symptoms . I been taking carbo/levo for two years. Anything I can take for the uncontrollable head movement after my meds kick in?
  8. I just got a DAT scan. I have a good idea of results. I just wanted to see what you thought. https://goo.gl/photos/wp3MfeKFWobqyfn78