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    Loosing My Mind

    I am not considering divorce. That last part was a failed attempt at a joke. I followed it with a ;-). I took it out to avoid confusion. Sorry about that.
  2. Shakes

    Loosing My Mind

    Hello All, I'm 43 and was diagnosed at 40. I'm married and have two school aged children and have been unable to work since Jan of last year due to cognitive issues. Last fall I tried going to a local center for PD patients but almost everyone there was in there 70's and 80's. There were a few younger people but they were in their 60's and had children my age or close to. Everyone was really nice but I couldn't relate to them. As the title states, I feel like I am loosing my mind. I used to have a really great memory (better than most) and was articulate (or so I was told). I could joke and make conversation with people fairly easily. I had an intellectually challenging job and worked my way up to a really good position within a large company. All that is gone now though. Now I feel like I am on an island. I've been able to maintain some of my pre-parkinson's friendships but the cognitive issues are really affecting me socially. I loose my words and train of thought during conversation. I recently have been unable to follow when people give me too complicated of instructions or speak too fast. I am having to limit the things I do for the family, ie. complicated paperwork... this was the first year I couldn't do our taxes. I got lost driving to my movement disorder specialist's office a couple of weeks ago. When I told her about it she said it was probably due to my Parkinson's meds wearing off. She sent me twice for neuropsyc testing over the past year and they say I have issues with executive functioning and slow processing but my memory is good (meaning it gets in and I can recall after a delay). I feel like a complete moron now a days. I am always behind in conversations and don't get a lot that would come to me easily. I freeze at times when I speak. Sometimes words pop into my head but I do not use them because I cannot remember what they mean until after the conversation is done. Likewise I am always remembering things... concepts and so on, after conversations are done. To top things off my wife still wants to socialize with other couples. Overall she's been very understanding, patient, and always there to help with with anything I need but she is a social person. As is my youngest child so I seem to always be around people feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Anyone else experiencing issues like this?