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  1. Chava

    Struggling a bit...

  2. Exercise definitely helps with my stiffness. I usually rest for a bit after coming home and showering but I'm not wiped out for the rest of the day. I do feel like my sinemet gets "used up" more quickly so I notice it starts to wear off sooner during the cycle where I've exercised. So if I usually go 4.5 hours between doses, I need to shorten to 3.5-4 hour in order to not go too far "off". I've learned if I go too long between it takes longer for sinemet to kick in which can really throw a wrench in my day.
  3. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Good morning! Checking in after a couple week hiatus. I think I tried to push my diagnosis to the side as far as letting myself process it emotionally. In Nov I was relieved just to have an answer and I took the bull by the horns, becoming very proactive with regard to meds, lifestyle changes etc. I did grieve some and struggled with some denial but thought I'd "sailed through". Kept busy over the holidays, plus work, PT, etc. Then a couple weeks ago - bam! More reality that was always there but I kept pushing to the background really hit me. I guess what I've been doing is stuffing it all inside. So, I've wrestled a bit, struggling to come to terms with my new reality, the past couple weeks. Decided a few days ago I have to let myself grieve, get mad, etc. it's part of the process. I'm certain I'll come out better for it in the end - but it was definitely easier to ignore my emotions, fears, etc, rather than face them I'm thankful for this forum and other support! On a lighter note, we're having a rather warm winter thus far (even by Florida standards). The snowbirds (winter residents) are here in full force making traffic a mess, longer waits at restaurants, etc. I keep reminding myself they are good for the local economy but I'm always glad to get the roads back come late April Been going to the gym faithfully and find it makes a positive difference in symptoms and attitude. Hoping to try a tai chi class sometime this month. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
  4. Chava

    Good morning!!

    That is a cool collar!
  5. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Good morning and belated Happy New Year! Took a short road trip with hubby on 1/1-2 to the Miami area. Our main goal was to see the Wynwood Walls. A decade ago this empty, run down warehouse district was turned into a "place" by a visionary who saw the windowless walls as canvas and invited some of the best street/graffiti artists in the world to paint huge murals. It's grown to be an art district with shops, restaurants, galleries, etc. I have a whole new appreciation for graffiti. The whole area had a very cool vibe. Did a lot of walking and it was hot, so yesterday was my recovery day. Back to work today as my school's holiday break is over. I usually work from home on Wednesdays but have a meeting this afternoon on campus. Have a great day!
  6. Chava

    New here

    Welcome - so glad you found us I'm new to all this as well and thankful for the support here. It's starting to feel like "Cheers" where everybody knows your name. My biggest challenge is to keep moving - I can't believe how much difference exercise makes! Chava
  7. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Morning all Last day of the year! I'm ready to put 2016 behind me. I'm trying to look forward to 2017 with hopeful expectation. Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah so we're headed to a party at our synagogue Everyone brings their menorahs and it's so beautiful when they are all lit. There will be lots of unhealthy fried foods and sweets and dreidel playing too. I've already planned for an afternoon nap to "recharge" so I can stay up for all the revelry The party will be over by 10pm and then we'll head home. Most likely won't stay up to ring in the new year. I have found it arrives whether I watch the ball drop or not I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!! Chava
  8. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Great news, Tom!! Love this dog on the yoga mat - our cat does the same thing with anything left on the floor. Dianne, I hope that infection and head cold clear up quickly! Another warm, sunny week in FL. Decided to join our hospital system's Wellness Center so I can take some classes in their warm water therapy pool. That meant I needed to get a new bathing suit (mine is quite literally falling apart). Trying on bathing suits is not my favorite thing to do. By the time I was done getting in and out of several options, I was exhausted. I did prevail and found one I can live with, so all was not in vain. I hope everyone has a good day
  9. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Good morning! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. I tried to keep everything "normal" and keep up with family activities. Paid the price but it was worth it. Took four days off from the gym - definitely getting back at it today. The last couple months have been rough - I'm looking forward to a fresh start in 2017! I definitely want to look to the future with a positive attitude. I hope you all have a great day Chava
  10. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Tom, you've definitely had your share of repair issues. Living inFlorida, I have sometimes wished for a pool. My husband always says they are more trouble than they're worth. Hopefully, after it's all done you will have many years of enjoyment Our repair nightmare today is our central air unit. We're trying to get another year or two out of it. DH took a couple hours off work to deal with the fan. Our unit is on the roof so it's especially "fun to work on when it's 90 out. He got it going for now but said his fix was temporary. He'll be up there again when he gets home. I'm thankful for a cool house and a hardworking husband! Did I mention it's hot here? yes, I'm whining a bit We hit an all time December High of 91 yesterday. My northern PWP are welcome to send some cold this way. This morning my PT "graduated me" (2 weeks early). Apparently I'm a fast study She was my first human contact after my diagnosis - saw her less than an hour after leaving the neurologist - so she helped me emotionally as well as physically these past several weeks. I doubt I would have processed things as well without her listening ear and her experience/connections.
  11. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Good morning! I've had a couple long nights with little sleep. I think last night's issues had to do with too many carbs (late dinner). Looks like a nap is in my future Attended a staff Christmas brunch at a local tea room this morning. We fill the place so we have to start early (8:45). It was very pleasant as always. I work with a lovely group of teachers and support staff. Decided not to go to synagogue after brunch. I'm feel kind of "bleh". Not sure what's up with me. I have a lot of sewing to do for gifts that need to be mailed on Monday. Guess I find some motivation and get moving!! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!
  12. Chava

    Unexpectedly stressful visit to PCP

    Wow! Lots of helpful advice right there - thanks so much! I think I've overdone it at between the gym and PT this week so decided to take a break today. I had a very rough night. Lots of pain/stiffness on my right side. Finally, after laying in bed in pain (3 Advil didn't help), for a couple hours, I realized I had forgot to take my night dose of CR C/L - Duh! So I hobbled to the kitchen and took it. After about 30 minutes some of the tightness left and I finally fell asleep. I have some sore muscles from the gym but that is all relieved by stretching and ibuprofen. The neck, arm, shoulder pain last night was the worst I've had in a while. Wondering if the soreness from exercise is more amplified on my "parky" side?
  13. Chava

    Unexpectedly stressful visit to PCP

    Re: placebo effect While I agree the mind is a powerful thing, I did not know what to expect from c/l and didn't expect it to help until I'd taken it for several days/weeks, so when I could write legibly and move my arm more easily after two doses I was shocked. It Took a few more doses at the titrated level to reduce my jaw tremor. I seriously doubt I could control all the outcomes/improvements with my mind for a sustained period of time. My husband can feel a difference in my rigidity/muscles stiffness in my neck and shoulder when I'm on the sinemet, as can my PT. Can that be placebo effect? I am hitting the gym everyday! I'm slow and weak (lifting only 10 pounds on the arm machines) but you've got to start somewhere, right? Doing treadmill and looking into yoga or tai chi classes as well. Tom, I have to use a cane some mornings. I have some joint damage from my RA so I guess I'll always have the pain/stiff joints that comes with that condition (although Enbrel helps a lot). I am enjoying being able to not move in slow motion once the c/l kicks in.
  14. Chava

    Unexpectedly stressful visit to PCP

    Thank you all for your insights and words of encouragement. I've only been living with this diagnosis for a month. So many emotions, so much to learn. Yesterday threw me for a loop. I decided I don't need to make any immediate decisions about whether to keep or change PCP. I usually see her once a year. If I'm sick, she's usually booked and I see a nurse practitioner or PA. As I evaluated things today, I told myself that I wouldn't have had these thoughts/doubts had I not had that conversation. The reality is NOTHING has changed, they are just words. I am going to keep walking in the "light" I've been given. A qualified specialist diagnosed me, I am responding amazingly to c/l. My PT specializes in PD gait/balance issues and has provided additional confirmation of my neurologist's findings. I am going to keep moving forward, learning all I can and treating myself gently as I work through the waves of emotions that come with this diagnosis. I had already planned to see a MDS sometime in 2017 (waiting for new health insurance to take effect). Thank you again for the wisdom shared - I appreciate "straight shooters" who are also compassionate and empathetic Chava
  15. Chava

    Good morning!!

    Good morning! After a very unsettled night as a result of my PCP visit yesterday (I wrote about it in a separate post if you're interested), I am up and trying to shake off my frustration and get a better attitude. It is very foggy this here this morning. This time of year is typically drier so I don't know what's going on with our weather. We're having a warmer than normal winter so far. Last night DH and I ate pizza by the beach and took a stroll on the pier at sunset. He was trying to help me unwind from my PCP visit. Stopped at our favorite ice cream place for dessert on the way home, so all was not lost I know some are dealing with lots of snow, so I guess I best stop,complaining about it being so hot here! I promise I'm not trying to rub it in...well, maybe I am just a little LOL I need to get myself moving this morning. I have work to do in my home office and really need to get some sewing done as gifts need to be put in the mail by Monday. I'm glad I don't have to go into my work (school) today. Dianne, I hope today finds your pain diminished. I agree, red tape is so frustrating! Our insurance is changing again in January and I'm wondering if I'll have to get new authorizations for my medications RA and dry eye meds. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, right?