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  1. jul

    Interrupting Parkinson's disease

    This is a really interesting article. Here's another one by the same researchers https://www.alzforum.org/news/research-news/lysosomes-take-center-stage-parkinsons-and-frontotemporal-dementia. The comments at the end are interesting. Here's an article from 2018 w a picture of Dr Krainc - https://news.feinberg.northwestern.edu/2018/05/early-synaptic-dysfunction-found-in-parkinsons-disease/ It has more about the toxic effects of oxidized dopamine.
  2. jul

    Acupuncture and Parkinson's

    Years ago i suffered from pretty bad insomnia. i didn't want to take drugs for it. acupunture worked really well for my sleep problems. (placebo says my husband - I say, ok, I'm happy with placebo if it lets me sleep!) I would assume that acupuncture can help with PD symptoms. i kinda doubt it can slow PD progression except possibly by contributing to overall energy and health.
  3. jul

    Tremor when nervous?

    I resisted taking the meds because of some things I had read. My neurologist talked me into them. I am very happy - tremors are almost gone, my hand no longer feels like clay, I type better, I walk better, I have more stamina. Tremors do return when I am stressed, but the tremors aren't too bad.
  4. jul

    10 good years???

    Hi Maral - I also thank you for sharing. Please take extra good care of yourself - it is what your husband would have wanted for you!
  5. jul

    Feeling worse with Rasageline

    I am interested in learning about anything that helps dystonia
  6. jul

    PWR! Retreat - 2018

    Is the retreat appropriate for people in the early stages of parkinson's?
  7. jul

    crossfit for daily exercise?

    My local Y has a lot of classes. I try to mix it up. Cycle classes are great because it's easy to get a good workout without hurting yourself. At the same time, you can choose to hold back and go at your own pace. If I walk in the door of the cycle class, I'll do a vigorous workout for an hour. At home, chances are I would quit after 15 minutes. There are also cardio, zumba, step, and kick boxing classes that to me seem to be good for coordination and using lots of different muscles. It is super important to prevent injury - you can put yourself out of commission for weeks! I am not trying to work out to 100% of my ability. I figure 80% more days a week is better.
  8. jul

    Parkinson's Disease & Dementia

    This is good advice, but I am a little wary of the herbs. what does your doctor think of the herbs? thx!
  9. jul

    Early PD and vigorous exercise

    I've become something of a gym rat. This was a less good week - I only made it to the gym 4 times (work was insane). My eating has gotten worse because I don't feel like cooking when I come home. And my house is pretty messy. Sometimes when I'm in spin class or yoga class or whatever, I just feel thankful for what my body is able to do. I wonder what lies in store but hope for the best. My neurologist said - if you come through my door the diagnosis you want is Parkinsons - we know how to treat it, you might be lucky and have slow progression. So... may all of us be lucky!
  10. jul

    john pepper

    Thanks for sharing!
  11. jul

    Parkinsons and sugar intake

    Here's an article on sugar and alzheimers: link. I can't believe sugar is anything but bad for PD, my own weakness for sugar not withstanding. I've found that substitution makes it easier to forgo sugar. Lately, I eat Lara bars - they are delicious and their sweetness comes from dates!
  12. Hello - In mid-December 2017 many articles appeared saying a new study found vigorous exercise seems to be neuroprotective for people in the earlier stages of PD. Here's a link to the study and here's a link to a good article in the NYT. By vigorous they mean 80-85% of maximum heartrate on the treadmill 4 times a week. Well, that inspired me to join a gym. Right now I'm not doing the treadmill - I'm doing spin classes and will probably branch out to other cardio classes. 80-85% heart rate for me is about 150 beats per minute. Whew, that seems high, especially to sustain. But, according to the article, people who did this sort of intense exercise for 6 months showed no worsening in PD symptoms. I'm wondering if others have been inspired to take up vigorous exercise after reading about this. What kinds of exercise works for you, what does your doctor say, have any problems arisen? Happy New Year!
  13. jul

    New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Here's another article about exercise. It says *strenuous* exercise seems to slow Parkinson's progression for those in the earlier stages. nytimes I've been exercising, but not always strenuously. (And my feet don't react well to running.) I am going to up my game by joining the local Y - I'm going to buy some personal training in order to avoid injury. And I am going to take they Y's high-intensity classes. That is my plan. Maybe it doesn't slow the progression - but what are the alternatives?
  14. jul

    Goodbye to Caffeine for a while - ET

    If you start drinking decaf, go with water processed. Apparently the chemicals used in removing the caffeine are nasty. Who knows if they are bad for PD brain cells, but why take a chance. Here in Maryland, it's easy to find Zeke's coffee - their decaf is excellent!