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  1. ndlanman

    Amino acid therapy

    That's very good to hear that you are fairing well on the Hinz protocol. When you say it is working better than conventional medicine , could you elaborate? I'd be very interested to hear more.... Also would it be possible to let me know which clinic / doctor you are following the Hinz protocol with? Thank you so much.
  2. ndlanman

    Amino acid therapy

    Thank you for your reply, which I read with great interest. The webinar discussion on alpha synuclein protein sounds very exciting.
  3. ndlanman

    Amino acid protocol for PD

    I have recently been diagnosed with PD at the age of 48, and have been doing a lot of research around alternative therapies. Dr Marty Hinz's amino acid protocol has caught my eye. I have read his paper entitled "Amino acid management of Parkinson's disease: a case study' by Marty Hinz et al, published in the International Journal of General Medicine, and what he says in it seems plausible, and the anecdotal evidence for amino acid therapy is very positive. There is no concrete evidence (in the form of double blind randomised controlled clinical trials) however that it actually works. I would be interested to hear your views on it, in particular the apparent imbalances created by taking L dopa itself, and the whole idea of carbidopa interfering with B6 metabolism, and subsequently causing dyskinesias in patients taking Sinemet over a long period of time. I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. ndlanman

    dyskinesia free l-dopa

    I was recently diagnosed with PD at the age of 48, and am very interested in starting the Dr Marty Hinz Protocol. Can you recommend a reliable clinic that offers this protocol?I have been researching the various clinics, and most of them smack of commercialism. I also wondered if it was known whether or not there were any long term side effects from following this protocol?
  5. ndlanman

    Amino acid therapy

    I have been newly diagnosed with PD at the age of 48, and have been looking at alternative therapies. Has anyone heard of or even embarked on the amino acid protocol pioneered by Dr Marty Hinz for relief of symptoms? If so, what has been your experience, and what are your views on the claims made for this therapy. I have been looking at several of the clinics that offer this therapy, and most of them smack of commercialism. Can anyone recommend a reliable/legitimate doctor/clinic that offers this therapy?