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  1. ozziejane


    Thank you. Should I persist with the Sifrol, are side effects likely to abate?
  2. ozziejane


    My Neurologist has prescsribed .375 Sifrol ER. They made me nauseous, heavy headed and have trouble sleeeping. My Gp suggested Sifrol .125 and gradually increase until I could take .375 ER. Tolerated that reasonably well although had to take last dose early or couldnt sleep. I am now trying Sifrol ER .375 again, slightly better but heavy headed until mid afternoon and bit nauseous. Neurologist would have preferred Azilect but Im on 200 mg Zoloft and he didnt like interaction. Will these side affects improve, its been three weeks, or do I just have to toughen up? What dose of Zoloft is safe with Azilect? Slight tremor, slow movement left hand, tightness left hand and arm. Side affects worse than symptoms. Thank you for taking the time to care.
  3. ozziejane

    First treatment?

    Once again thank you. I am seeing my GP but your input helps a great deal. You are a treasure to all in the PD club.
  4. ozziejane

    First treatment?

    Well I finally started the Sifrol ER.375 last night and had the worst night in a long time. Im usually a good sleeper but I kept waking every hour. By 2am I had awful nausea followed by vomiting. A headache thats taken all day to go and I never get headaches. I took it at 8pm about an hour after dinner. Is it something Im doing or side effects. I would rather put up with tremors, which are fairly slight. Is this a typical response to Sifrol.
  5. ozziejane

    First treatment?

    Thank you, you are most kind, not too many would take the time to give advice as you do. It means a great deal.
  6. ozziejane

    First treatment?

    Initially diagnosed 7 years ago with ET but MDS suggested he thought it had always been PD. Slowness on left arm, tremor left side, some stiffness, left hand clumsy. No sleep, smell, constipation isses. Hes prescribed Sifrol ER .375 one morning, followed month later with addition Madopar 50/12 twice daily. Staying away from Azilect as I take Zoloft 200mg daily. Any comments regarding meds?
  7. ozziejane

    Azilect and zoloft

    Was diagnosed with PD 12 months ago with some slight changes in symptoms. My tremor (which Ive had for 7 years) is more noticeable, arm movements slow and my hand has less dexterity. Am thinking it may be time to start treatment. You often recommend azilect as first place to start but ive been on zoloft 200mg for 20 years. If i lower the dose to 100 the tremor improves but I crash into anxiety. Very keen to avoid that! Can these drugs be used together.
  8. ozziejane

    New here.

    Couldnt agree more. God bless you Dr Okum.
  9. ozziejane

    New here.

    Diagnosed with Essential Tremor 8 yeas ago. Tremor in left hand /arm only. Magnesium helped initially. Worse with anxiety or stress. Started taking 10mg Propranolol with some affect but not eradicated. Resting tremor but tremor worse when arm fully extended Some days more pronounced than others. Twitching left index finger, thumb and ring finger during this time. About 18 months ago diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and excellent response to thyroxin but last test showed need for increased dose. Taking 200mg Zoloft for last 12 years, after starting on 50 mg in 1996. About 12 months ago noticed decreased flexibility in left hand. Unable to tap with left foot or left hand with same speed or flexibility as right which is unaffected. Noticed stiffness in left leg lately when walking but that only lasted a few days. Can still stride out for my morning 40 minute walk. GP noticed reduced arm swing on left side. Emotions are all over the place since her concern, prior to that had reduced Zoloft to 150mg without problems. No smell problems, no constipation, sleep well. If I settle in bed with arm in right place, tremor stops and only restarts when I move. What to do next?