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  1. Mizsmitty

    Voice weakness

    You seem to be very knowledgeable on this, I truly thought I researched prior to DBS surgery but clearly there is much more to know than l understood. I have STN even though my symptoms are almost all on one side. Do you know if there is any benefit to turning off the stimulator on the side that was/is not so affected?
  2. Mizsmitty

    Weird Symptoms - anyone have these?

    I shiver from head to toe when I get cold. It usually takes a hot bath to get over it.
  3. Mizsmitty

    Voice weakness

    I have struggled with speech since dbs, including slurring & weak voice. This was not a problem prior to dbs. I discussed this with the neurologist who made adjustments which did help but speech is still a problem.
  4. Mizsmitty

    A year& a half after dbs

    Hi, I had dbs August, 2015. Definitely helped with tremors and dyskinesias. I have struggled ever since, however, to get meds right. It's a constant problem. Also, I sleep far more than before. Just wondering what others have experienced. Thanks in advance!