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  1. msm

    Azilect with mucuna

    Thank you so much Dr Okun for your kind reply
  2. msm

    Azilect with mucuna

    Dear Dr Okun, first thank you so much for all your kind care & help in this forum My father was doing fine about 8 months now since he started mucuna 120 mg once daily & azilect 1mg daily Since then I was checking BP & was ok yesterday he had headache nose bleed & BP 180/90 so I didn’t give him Azilect today & I want to stop it do you think it is from Azilect & it’s a good idea to stop it? if yes can I stop it suddenly or it is safe to withdraw? i’m just afraid of this hypertension!! thanks again
  3. msm

    Azilect with mucuna

    Thank you so much DR. Okun
  4. Dear Dr. Okun

    please I need to take your opinion about "Vinpocetine"?

    I want to try it with my father with PD, what do you think?

    I read a lot about it, there is some links below

    but he is already on 81mg aspirin protective daily

    & they don't recommend it with blood thinner & antiplatelets

    do you think I can give him every other day alternating with aspirin?

    I mean one day aspirin & next day Vinpocetine and so on?

    Thank you so much Sir for your kindness & great help



  5. msm

    Azilect with mucuna

    Thanks a million Dr,Okun for your kind reply So I kept him on 1mg Azilect at night & I started mucuna with 2tab in the morning (total dose =120mg L-Dopa) almost 1 week now & he doesn't feel any better I'm thinking to increase the mucuna dose would it be a good idea to give him 120mg in the morning & 120mg in the afternoon? Thank you so much Sir for your Kindness & care
  6. msm

    Azilect with mucuna

    thank you so much Dr.Okun I will start him on mucuna today, unfortunately Azilect is giving him hard time with constipation so I will reduce its dose from 1mg to 0.5 mg/day, I hope this will help him thanks again Dr.Okun for your kind reply & great help
  7. msm

    Azilect with mucuna

    my father has PD he is on Azilect (Rasalgine) for one month now with little effect, and I read a lot about Mucuna Prurines & I want to try it with him but I read some comments that Mucuna should not be giving with Azilect but I don't know why? if anyone is taking them together? please let us know your experience or if anyone knows why they should not be taking together please let us know thank you so much
  8. Dr.Okun ,

    first thank you so much for your great helpful posts!

    I am a physician, and my father 78 had signs of PD for 5years now (bradykinesia, PD gait, very little tremors). he was doing well though, so I wasn't keen to start him on any medication, only CoQ10, supplements & exercise and he was doing ok

    this last year his bradykinesia is getting more & unable to walk & exercise as he used to,

    last month I started him on Rasagiline 1mg/d with little improvement, now I want to add Sinemet

    After I read a lot about Mucuna prurines I decided to try it instead of Sinemet

    my question is: can I add it with Rasagiline or better to withdraw Rasagiline then introduce Mucuna?

    Thank you so much!

    1. msm


      I mean is it safe to take Rasagiline 1mg/day with Mucuna (2tab=120mg L-Dopa/day )

      Thank you so much