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    Startle Reflex

    I was diagnosed about a year and one half ago and have noticed a worsening startle reflex. As an example, I’ll be reading and know my wife is making coffee, but I still startle badly when she turns on the coffee grinder, or shuts the cabinet, or whatever. I’ve tried searching to see if this is due to the PD or to the Mirapex I’m taking and have found anecdotal evidence for both. Is an increased startle reflex common in Parkinson’s, or it is yet another unfriendly side effect of the Mirapex? Thank you very much
  2. Fred Kunzinger

    Second Opinion

    I was clinically diagnosed with PD a little over a year ago and put on pramipaxole. It does a fairly good job of managing my symptoms although I’m not pleased with the side effects. I would like to get a second opinion from a movement disorder specialist (my current PD doctor is a general neurologist), but how does one evaluate Parkinson’s if the patient is already on a medication that helps to control the symptoms. The display of my PD is not the same now as it was before I started taking the pramipaxole.
  3. Fred Kunzinger

    Parkinson's and exercise

    Is it possible to exercise too much with Parkinson's? After forty years behind a desk and newly diagnosed with Parkinson's, I'm try to exercise as much as possible. It's clear that when I push myself hard two days in a row, I pay the price on the third day. Besides the problems associated with symptoms flaring due to over exercise, can I be doing more harm if I go too far?