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  1. chuck172


    I was originally diagnosed 2 years ago. They say I have tremor dominant parkinson's. The tremor started on my left hand and progressed to the right about two or three months later. I've also had a datscan which confirmed the parkinson's. No meds seem to help the tremors.
  2. chuck172


    My tremor is constant, both hands. Sinemet doesn't seem to help much at all. Nothing seems to help. To be honest, it's driving me nuts. My neuro wants me to look into DBS, but I'm just not ready for that. I keep reading that if levadopa doesn''t help then dbs will not work. My dr. says that's just not true. It all started about 28 months ago.
  3. chuck172


    I was up to three 25/100 three times a day with no effect. All my Dr. does now is recommend DBS.
  4. chuck172


    I don't think so, my dr. was treating me for essential tremors with no good results. Then had me take the datscan which according to her, ruled out essential tremors and positively verified pd.
  5. chuck172


    No-one has hand tremors that sinemet doesn't help?
  6. chuck172


    I have hand tremors. I think they are severe. I've been to three Neuros. My latest says nothing seems to work (meds) and wants me to look into DBS. I have had a positive dat scan so there is no mistake, its' pd. The tremors are both hands and constant. I think I've tried every drug including sinemet. Nothing seems to touch the tremors. Has any med out there helped anyone with a problem like mine? I don't want dbs. yet.
  7. chuck172

    Life after DBS

    I'm a very physically active 65 year old man. I own a tree farm with the chores that go with it. I was told that DBS is my only hope in relieving my PD tremors. How much of a normal(to me) life can I expect after the procedure? Will I be able to continue to use a chain saw, split wood, hunt etc?
  8. chuck172

    dbs candidate

    I've taken three 25-100 sinemet pills three times a day, with no relief. That would be what you consider a high 300 mg dose, correct?
  9. chuck172

    dbs candidate

    I keep reading that to be a good dbs candidate: " Clear evidence of motor improvement with sinemet, with good motor function in the best on-medication state. A good screening test is the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) part III, performed in 12 hours off of medication and repeated following a supratherapeutic sinemet dose. We require at least a 30% improvement in this score with sinemet. I am tremor dominant. The tremors show no improvement from sinemet. My neurologist has basically given up on me saying dbs is my only hope to stop the tremors. Is it?
  10. chuck172

    dbs candidate

    I'm tremor dominant pd. positive datscan. Diagnosed for two years. I have not had felt any tremor improvement with any drug. I've tried many. Am I a good dbs candidate?
  11. chuck172

    sleep aid with primidone

    Thank you for your very informative reply Mark. I've tried practically every pd med including sinemet with no response to the bilateral tremors. I've only been on the primidone for less than a week. 25mg. twice a day, going up to 50mg. twice a day after 1 week. I've tried the beer test and it takes about a full 6 pack to see any effect on the tremors. I just can't sleep with the tremors, gonna try the benadryl. Thanks again.
  12. chuck172

    sleep aid with primidone

    No pd meds work for my tremors. My dr. put me on primidone I'm sure to rule out essential tremors. I have insomnia, the tremors keep me up. Can I take benadryl, ambien, or rozerem with primidone?
  13. chuck172


    My MDS is really pushing the datscan to me. I'm unresponsive to pd drugs, including sinemet. Now I'm trying primidone. My main symptom is tremors. My tremors haven't responded to any drug yet. I'm not a fan of the datscan test but I'm afraid my dr. will require it.
  14. chuck172

    Trying Sinemet

    That's good advice Stump. My next appointment is this Friday. I'll discuss it with my Dr. What do you think of trying Artane or Mirapex again. Do you think it might work better for tremors than Sinemet?
  15. chuck172

    Trying Sinemet

    I started out with 25/100 3x per day. One week later my Dr. doubled the dosage to 2 pills 3x per day. Seemed to me the tremors worsened. For sure didn't help. I only stayed on sinemet for a total of 2 weeks. Dr. now put me on Amantadene. No help here either.