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    Need medication advice for a newbie

    My husband has been taking Sinemet for a few years now at a rate of 4 or 5 per day. His Doctor wants to start him on Exelon 4.6MG/24H Patch as he didn't score as well on his memory test as he has in the past, and he wasn't walking as well either. Also he has had 2 falls this year, but is a very active man of 81 years old. We have 20 acres and he likes to get out and mow and walk around. He has heart issues and takes Carvedilol 12.5mg once daily. I did read about the Exelon and it mentioned possible problems with the Exelon and Carvedilol. Is that a common risk? Also, I wanted to ask if it has been your experience that Exelon has good results for memory and movement. I did get the prescription filled and it was VERY expensive. If it helps a lot, it would be worth taking, but if it didn't help that much, it wouldn't. Your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks.