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  1. mplsgrl86

    30 yo Husband diagnosed with YOPD

    Thank you Pathfinder. I truly appreciate your advice and support. That would be difficult working through both Parkinson's and Dementia together. As far as exercise, the first neurologist we saw that initially diagnosed my huband (before any testing was even done) said that exercise and diet would matter. I am very happy we got a second opinion and was told of the importance of exercise for our current MDS. My initial post was fairly dramatic, but my unfamiliarity with this topic has created a lot of fear and uncertainty. I will work towards educating myself more on this disease like you advised and I hope it will help me as much it has helped you.
  2. mplsgrl86

    30 yo Husband diagnosed with YOPD

    DaveN, I appreciate your advice. I really am trying to put a positive outlook on this, but it hasn't been easy. I am hoping that you are right and that more promising options will be out there for YOPD treatment as time goes on. My husband has been building in time for exercise to his daily routine as our MDS advised. So we are hoping that will help progression as you suggested. Andrea
  3. Hello, After a month of many tests, my husband was officially diagnosed with YOPD this week. We knew this was a possibility as we were going though testing, but the official diagnosis knocked me off of my feet. We are in the early stages of the disease and just started the Neupro patch yesterday. He is still able to function fairly normally, but has difficulty with writing and typing. We are hoping we can put off Levodopa as long as we can. My husband is only 30, we have a little boy who is a year and a half and were contemplating having another child - and then this huge life changing diagnosis has sent my view of our future in free fall. Our friends and family have been very supportive, but no one knows what to say or how to help. I wouldn't either if I were on their side of the situation. The future is so unknown and some of the posts I have seen on these message boards have really worried me on what we could face down the line. I feel so selfish that I am concerned about how it wil affect me, and not how it will affect my husband. I am all over the place with this post, so I do apologize. I am just hoping someone out there can relate to this post somehow and will be able to give some advice or words of wisdom as we embark on the terrifyingly unknown path that YOPD has in store for us. Thank you.