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  1. NeverGiveUp

    Need your opinion...on Retirement disability

    Thanks Stump for the advice. Dr. has changed my meds to Levodopa four times a day. I went two days with no meds and could not believe how bad I felt. Just more confirmation. I would love to be in the low 200s, dont know if possible, I was a in shape, no gut 200 in 9th grade. But your right as well, my family Dr. has been telling me to lose wieght for 10 years, turns out he was treating me for High Blood pressure with all the wrong meds. I was diagnosed with a rare Kydney diesease (ALdosteronism) that causes High Blood pressure and low potassium. I have a lot of issues and i agree being several pounds lighter would help in every way. Thanks again for discussing this with me.
  2. NeverGiveUp

    Need your opinion...on Retirement disability

    I appreciate the reply. Yes, I could stand to lose a few pounds. But I have the Diabetes under control, sleep with my cpap every night. I graduated high school at a lean 290 lbs. I am an old washed up athlete...lol. Your right, weight loss will help everything.
  3. NeverGiveUp

    Need your opinion...on Retirement disability

    thank you for the reply, I really don't want to retire but want to work at a less stressful occupation. I think I would be able to get another job as long if it is not in education. Something I will have to check on. I go back to Dr. on Thursday and I will discuss these meds with him. Thanks again
  4. Alright, Please help me decide whether to talk to Dr. about retirement disability. I am 43. 6'2 350 lbs.. Very Active, Played college football. not your typical 300 pounder, I move good and love sports. PE teacher for 10 years, now Principal. Diagnosed in May with Early onset PD. (several symptoms and abnormal dat scan) taking 8 mg Ropinrole ER..helps but symptoms seem to be coming back. Diagnosed a year and half ago with Rare Kidney Disease (Primary Aldosteronism)-taking eperolone. High Blood Pressure- On Coreg, enapril, 2 81mg ecotrin Thyroid problems- under active- taking levadale..spelling may not be correct Sleep Apnea-wear cpap every night. Diabetes- controlled no medicene I have been in the education field for 20 years, Teacher for 10 and an administrator for the last 10. Currently, I am an Assistant Principal over the discipline of 750 teenagers. I love being around the kids and coworkers but we are a week into the school year and seems like my symptoms worsen with stress. I cant find my words when talking in an assembly and hand tremor in situations like talking to parents and on intercom. Biggest factor is fatigue, very tired..have to pull over and power nap for 15 min. on the 50 min.commute every morning. By mid day, I feel out of it and not myself, very tired. Co-workers ask me if I am ok. During the summer, I was able to get on exercise program, eat right, and if I was tired, I took a nap. Blood pressure is also been running real high...average 175/95-100. Financially, I am as good if I stay home as if I worked, because I have 20 years experience and have disability insurance which I have never used in 20 years. I guess I have guilt that if I can walk for exercise, camp, fish, hunt and do recreational things to keep moving to take care of myself, i should be working. If I stay home, i would look at it as a new start in my life, not giving up. Should I work on? or concentrate on my Family and Health.... thanks for all your help, Stu
  5. NeverGiveUp

    Internal Tremors

    Natasha, Anything that i can do to get my mind off the internal tremors help. Constant movement is the best, Esp. riding the lawn mower because of the vibration the mower gives off, it overpowers the anxious feeling inside. Sometimes I can set in my recliner perfenctly still and it feels like I am moving all over. Hard to explain, like when somebody leaves the hot water running and you can hear it but not see it. I can feel it but noone else can see it. Hope I made sense, Stu
  6. NeverGiveUp

    Internal Tremors

    Be newly diagnosed, I feel that I have had internal Tremors for a long time now (year or so before diagnoses. People will ask me how I feel and I always say good, but inside is a different story. The only way I can descibe it is like "white noise", You know on the old Tvs when you hit the wrong input or a late night program would sign off. A never ending, restless, scramble of feeling and silent noise. I am curious how everyone else that has Internal tremors how they feel and how do you explain it? thanks
  7. NeverGiveUp

    Sinemet, Requip ER,,Azilect

    i am on the Ropinrole er, I am on the last week of doubling it and up to 8mg. Will I be able to go higher or is this the max? Seems to be working but I am so new to all this I dont know what to expect. I have good days (feel good, not too stiff, shake very little on right side) and then I have not so good days ( cant hardly get out of bed so stiff, shake violently when yawning, tremor on right side when nervous and just feel very off. Inside feel like white noise, ( you know, how the TVs would go off after the late program. I know I am rambling, but can you help me understand how this Ropinrole er should make me feel? thanks
  8. NeverGiveUp

    This works for me...what works for you?

    Call me weird, but I like to mow the yard. I mow about 4 acres and would mow everyday if I had time. Today, I am completely caught up. But the best thing that just hit me today (ironic) is why I enjoy mowing. I always said it give me time to think, tru but also the sound and the shaking of the mower over powers the unstable interior tremors I have. (newly diagnosed, still trying to figure out what every feeling is). Mowing to me is really peaceful and gives me a nice sense of accomplishment and easy to see progress. My wife just don't understand and my neighbor thinks I am crazy, but that is OK...lol. its all GOOD.. thanks
  9. NeverGiveUp

    Hand tremor when nervous, anyone else?

    copy of the diagnosis, that is a good idea...thanks
  10. NeverGiveUp

    Hand tremor when nervous, anyone else?

    thank you for the reply, I am newly diagnosed and am trying to figure things out. This forum has been Great, thanks again...
  11. NeverGiveUp

    Morning Stiffness?

    Thank you for all the replies, I too thought the 40s are killing me. helps to understand it is not my age. But hurts to know what really is.. Sometimes I drive myself crazy trying to blame on another condition, just hard to accept. thanks, NeverGiveUp..
  12. I have right side hand tremor when I am speaking in front of a crowd, big or small. Example: doing announcements at school, my students even ask me, " are you ok Mr. Cook? I had to take over the phone with my left hand. I just smiled and went on. Also starting tremor when holding hands in a prayer circle. I apologized to the lady when we were finished. She know my situation and understood. Does anyone else experience this? thanks
  13. NeverGiveUp

    New to Parkinson's

    Hello, I am 43 and just diagnosed about two months ago. I am an Assistant Principal at a High School and over all the discipline of 700 teenagers. I have sit down with the assistant Superintedent and explained my situation. Told him we are taking it day by day and hope to be ready for the start of school. Medicine is helping but the fatique is terrible. I agree with LAD, I dont annouce to everyone, just explain when needed and if they dont understand so be it. going to be good talking with you being we are both 43. thanks
  14. NeverGiveUp

    Morning Stiffness?

    Diagnosed in May 2017, I am 43, (symptoms for about year and half to two years) Does anyone else have this? when I get up in the morning, I am extremely stiff. Like I had been riding in a car for about 24 hours. I played college football and felt sore after a game all over then, but this is different, I have done nothing strenuous the day before. Takes me awhile to get moving. It is even hard to put on clothes. This is a little better since taking medicine, a few months ago it was very hard to get up and go to work. Curious on your thoughts...thanks
  15. NeverGiveUp

    New Diagnosis-YOPD-Ropinirole er

    thank you for your response, I will check with my Dr. on this. thanks again...